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Hello Ladies - New Stephen Merchant Sitcom


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Here's the second tease trailer for this:




Some info:




The trailer has been released now:




UK - 16th October 2013 - Sky Atlantic

US - 29th September 2013 - HBO

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Entertainment Thread Random News and Comments


Been reading some reviews of Hello Ladies. Universally derided by all the critics. Literally, all of the ones I've found haven't got a single positive thing to say at all. Whatsoever. However all the regular bums like us universally love it.


I thought it was bloody funny. Nowhere near the heights of cringe as The Office (UK) but, in some places, not far off. No spoilers here, but the bit with the car door was brutally hilarious.


A smudge formulaic in set up, but then again a lot of comedy is extremely comfortable and familiar. It's a funny, funny show indeed.



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I watched the third episode last night. Again it was funny, a bit cringy in places, genuinely guffaw out loud in others (look out for the line, "he's had a bump on the head, he's not a f*cking moron", just bloody incredibly well timed/delivered). And, like much comedy, it's comfortable in its formulaic set up. This isn't a bad thing.


I think there's something a bit odd about it though. As funny as it is at times, it could be funnier, it could have depth. There's something missing from it. I think it's the fact that Merchant's character is a total a$$hole, I mean a fudging horrible, nasty piece of work.


Merchant is us. He's the gangly, specky tw@t who's quite intelligent, a nice guy, but totally out of his depth when it comes to the dating scene, to dealing with hot women and their vacuous friends of both sexes. There are times where, dammit, you feel/share his frustration because he's so normal and average and he's got to share his existence with vapid, pretty dingbats. GRRRR! And that's where the comedy comes from.


A bit like the UK Office, the humour comes from the mundane averageness dealing with trivial sh*te.


But Merchant's character is such a d*ck it's hard to completely invest yourself into him. He's funny yes, but he's incomplete.



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The awkward shtick in general is overdone but there are quite a few fantastic moments in this, Cypress Hill to the key throwing, the limo turnaround etc. Merchant is quite funny looking and he works his glasses well so he has that going for him. He goes too far, being an asshole wise, a lot of times though, the girl in the limo, the waiter etc. Some of it is indeed trash but I still think it's been kinda harshly treated review wise.
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This has been dropped by HBO but will be wrapped up with a special. The relevant bits:


Hello Ladies dropped


Stephen Merchant’s US comedy series Hello Ladies [has] been cancelled. HBO... is to draw Merchant’s Hello Ladies to a close with a one-off finale.

Hello Ladies had... trouble finding a substantial audience, even for the premium cable channel, opening in September to 463,000 viewers, and subsequently slipping.


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