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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - September 20, 2013 from Cincinnati, OH (#735)


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United States: Friday Night, Sept. 20, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, Sept. 20, at 10PM on SkySportsHD3



U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH


Confirmed Matches/Events


Vickie Guerrero to Make a "Major Match Announcement"


Night of Champions Fallout

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing This Week


A recap from Night of Champions and RAW is shown first. Vickie Guerrero is in the ring to open SmackDown. Loud boos when she says "Excuse Me!" She welcomes us to SmackDown. As the General Manager, she needs to make this show the most thrilling, best ever. She's here to introduce to someone. She repeats the WWE Championship title holder streaks. She introduced Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he would much rather be champion for 1 day then be a corporate suck up. Vickie says she is his boss & giving him an opportunity to come clean. Daniel says they both know he did nothing wrong. Vickie questions it & said he needs to come forward & tell the truth. Daniel asked if she wants the truth, and gave her it & said he kneed Orton in the face & the ref could have counted to 20 because Orton was knocked out. He said he should still be WWE Champion. Vickie says she could have fired Daniel & hopes he never becomes the face of WWE. Daniel said everyone here should be happy Vickie has no power. Vickie said Daniel deserved to be beat up by The Shield. She shows us photos of all the superstars who helped Bryan on RAW Monday. She said we will have all 10 superstars plus Bryan in an 11 on 3 gauntlet match. One man will face all 3 members of The Shield at once until that person is defeated. She said she's saving Daniel for last & laughs victoriously. She leaves & the crowd chants asshole.


Ryback will be in action later tonight.


WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Naomi is up next. Cameron is at ringside and Natalya is on commentary. AJ gets the win by submission.


Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella is up next. Zeb Colter cuts a promo before the match and says Swagger's opponent is an immigrant. Santino ends up winning with a roll up.


Ryback comes out with Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel. His opponent is some local guy named Nick from Cincinnati. Paul Heyman speaks and says that we know the big news - He's the best in the world. He would like to give credit to CM Punk for giving him all he could handle at Night of Champions. He says our hero at Night of Champions wasn't CM Punk and the winner of the match was Paul Heyman. He could not have done it without his hero. Ryback says Paul is gracious and doesn't need to be picked on by Punk. Ryback said he hates bullies. Ryback says Nick tried to intimidate little kids and wants him to intimidate Ryback. Ryback squashes the guy & picks up the victory in less than two minutes.


Randy Orton comes out. He says at Night of Champions, Daniel Bryan & Scott Armstrong conspired to steal the WWE Title from him. He takes all the blame and says the last two years he went deep down and thought we and the company wanted him to be like John Cena. He said he locked the way the viper because he thought that's what everyone wanted. He said he want back to the viper that he was 3 years ago and made an example out of The Miz so we'd know who he really and truly is. The recap from RAW is shown and Orton said let that stand to a warning to anyone who thinks they will get in his path. He said after Battleground he will be champion and he is going to end the war between himself & Daniel Bryan. He promises to be our, no, not ours, once again promises to be his WWE Champion. The Shield comes out for their Gauntlet Match.


The Shield's first opponent is Darren Young and they destroy him. Titus O'Neil is out next and he fights them off but eventually they beat him down and pin him.


Dolph Ziggler is out next but he also gets overpowered. He finally fights back and takes them out one by one but gets counted out and loses after a spear from Roman Reigns.


Kofi Kingston is out next. Reigns tries to attack him on the ramp but Kofi dodges him. Kofi takes out Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose with dropkicks. Reigns takes Trouble In Paradise but the pin is broken. The Shield take back control and pin Kofi after Dean Ambrose hits his finisher.


Rob Van Dam is out next while Reigns is still down. RVD takes on Rollins and Ambrose. RVD hits a double Rolling Thunder and goes up for the Five Star Frogsplash but Triple H's music hits and out he comes, calling the match off. Triple H argues with Vickie at ringside as the fans chant "this is bullshit" Triple H sends everyone to the back and it appears the match is over.


Backstage segment with Triple H yelling at Vickie backstage. Vickie says she thought the Gauntlet Match was best for business. Triple H tells her to make a six-man match - Daniel Bryan and The Usos vs. The Shield.


Triple H is backstage with Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel. He says they are talented. They want some competition. Triple H sends them to the ring and says he will find them some competition. Out comes Luke Harper and Erick Rowan with Bray Wyatt. Rowan and Harper win the match. Bray attacks Ryder after the match and says he will continue to take people out for Abigail.


Rob Van Dam is backstage. Triple H walks in and apologizes for Vickie putting him in the gauntlet match. Triple H gives RVD a rematch against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title. Del Rio runs in and attacks RVD.


R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio is up next. Del Rio gets the win by submission.


The Shield are out first for the match followed by The Usos and Daniel Bryan. The Shield dominate most of the match on both of the Usos. The Uso in the ring is finally able to tag in Daniel Bryan & Bryan cleans house. The Usos take out Roman Reigns & Rollins jumps on them. The other Uso then jumps on all four of them and it's down to Bryan & Ambrose. Bryan locks in the Yes Lock but Ambrose gets to the ropes. Bryan hits him with the knees for the win!




Post-show, Randy Orton came down and attacked Bryan but Bryan got the upperhand and sent Orton to the back.


Not a great SmackDown at all for me, some bits had me scratching my head, but maybe it will pllay out better on TV.

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You are absolutely out of your mind FS, this show was AWESOME.


I mean, holy shizzballs guys, Hunter's Evil Genius Mastermind Plan for World Domination has entered Phase Two: Kill Them With Kindness.


The way that Vickie literally lined up all of the rebels in a row to get beaten as punishment, before Hunter makes the run-in (in a COMPLETE COINCIDENCE, right at the moment where RVD could have beaten the Shield) fighting on behalf of the poor babyface rebels being unfairly treated by that tyrannical meanie poo poo Vickie G. Hunter White Knighting for the rebels is mofoing GLORIOUS.


"They need to feel like they are in a fair competition." (as opposed to actually being in one)


The backstage conversation he had with Gabes and Zack was amazing, because he was TOTALLY acting like he had never conversation with these f*cking geeks in his entire life.


Holy sh*t I love Hunter.


I also love the Shield. They were immense, immense men today. They had SIX matches in total and were great in every one of them. The Lambs Led To Slaughter Gauntlet was ENDLESS fun, because The Shield are about the best in the world in terms of making heel offense interesting. The way that each guy put up more and more of a fight, the Shield got a little more tired each time, each rebel got closer and closer, and just when RVD was going to snatch it, BAM, Hunter swans in and saves RVD from the bad guys. Apparently.


Also the main event RULED THE MOTHERF*CKING WORLD, it got eons of time and everyone involved is excellent. The babyfaces came in with a plan to basically ape the Shield's own gameplan: isolate, isolate, isolate. But eventually The Shield take over, and then continue to be incredibly interesting on offense for the SIXTH TIME in one show. Bryan's hot tag was typically other-worldly, and the entire finishing stretch was awesome.


The other thing is that JBL has completely turned me around, he is awesome again. His utter disdain and exasperated pen tossing whenever Cole suggests the slightest possibility of corporate collusion is amazing. As is his ironic love of R-Truth's entrance.


I motherf*cking love EVERYTHING.

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What a great episode of SD. From start to finish this was excellent.


Good show opening with Vickie and easily in my opinion her best work in a long time. Also have to give plaudits to Orton who gave his best promo in quite some time. I hope after Monday nights actions and this promo that Orton really does adapt to his old psychotic self and start giving out harsh bearings to who ever he chooses.


Until it came to an abrupt stop I loved the 11 on 3 gauntlet match. As always the Shield were amazingly impressive, Rollins and Ambrose have always impressed me but I have to say that I'm beginning to really like Reigns as a stand alone character, he has a big future in WWE.


And then what can you possibly say about the main event, from the opening bell this match was terrific. All 6 men performed brilliantly and gave it all they had. Even in defeat the Shield look good and it only enhances how good they are. Great show

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So' date=' does anyone else think that this is the start of ADR's joining to the corporation? Not only the attack on RVD moments after the match was announced, but is it me or did he change his ring attire to black also (could be a colour for a suit).[/quote']


Doesn't he always wear that color ring attire?


Anyways, I think that, much like Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero, Ryback (pre-Heyman alliance), and a few others, the fact that Del Rio is the "cowardly heel" type makes him more of an occasional assistant for Triple H and company because it works for the character.


Does anyone else find it odd that Ricardo Rodriguez was not with RVD at any point on SmackDown?


"I will once again be my WWE Champion". I found this Orton line quite funny. I can't believe someone actually scripted that line for him.


Swagger, Cesaro, Colter, & Santino all need to be locked in a hole somewhere and never seen or heard from again. Swagger has somehow become even more horrible virtue of his Three Stooges haircut, Cesaro's WWE career is beyond saving at this point, Colter's gimmick went from stale to unbearable months ago, and Santino is a guy who should have been fired years ago. The booking of The Real Americans and the fact that they book Santino at all, let alone give him a winning streak is one of the many examples of how deplorable WWE Creative is with the majority of the angles they come up with.


Call me crazy and it may be because Del Rio is such a boring champion, but the match with R-Truth on SmackDown made me give thought to Truth as the World Champion and I came to the realization that a Truth title reign could be quite entertaining. Of course, I know better than to think that this will ever happpen.


With that said, I'm really hoping they give RVD a run with the World Title. Van Dam is way over right now and, surprisingly, has had consistently good matches since his return and, since WWE has become obsessed with burying Dolph Ziggler further and further every week, RVD is the only one who can really bring something new and interesting as the champion. Even though it's a bit off-topic, I still think they are going to, eventually, have Rodriguez screw RVD out of the title.


Does anyone remember the last time they did the local jobber gimmick for a match?


I've mentioned it a couple times on Twitter, but the direction of the Heyman character makes me very uncomfortable. They seem to be turning him into some sort of homosexual character or something. Telling CM Punk that he "loves" him for the last number of months is one thing, but having him kiss Ryback on the cheek was just gross. Now, I'm not a homophobe or anything like that, but the fact that it is Paul Heyman just makes it very disturbing to me.


Speaking of disturbing, what has been the deal with The Wyatt Family lately? The group hasn't done anything progressive since SummerSlam and have hardly been booked at all the last couple of months. It really seems like they called the three of them up for the sole purpose of the feud with Kane and that was the only idea they had.


Ideally, I would like to see Harper & Rowan be in the running for the tag titles. I'm really pulling for a rivalry between The Shield and The Wyatt Family. I don't care of they're both heel groups, the rivalry would be so awesome.

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Now, I'm not a homophobe or anything like that, but the fact that it is Paul Heyman just makes it very disturbing to me.
So you just don't like fat people? Or Jewish people? ;)


Oh, and the whole "I'm not a >>INSERT PREJUDICE<< , but..." always validates an argument. :lol

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The booking of The Real Americans and the fact that they book Santino at all, let alone give him a winning streak is one of the many examples of how deplorable WWE Creative is with the majority of the angles they come up with.


Uh, Santino's just returned...and since the real americans are kinda treading water and not doing an awful lot right now, a loss to Santino really doesn't matter in the slightest - they can make that win back easily.


Losing to Santino's not the end of the road for anyones career, seriously.

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