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WWE Battleground 2013 Discussion Thread - October 6, 2013 from Buffalo, NY


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Guest HH-Evolution

It's likely better to be working that night at all rather than not.

Ask any of the guys which they'd prefer, and they'd probably just be glad to be doing SOMETHING.

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Guest Jimmy Redman
I would personal disagree with you. I think its better to be on the show than not more people will see you perform it gives the match more attention and it will feel more important. i am not saying its a burial its not as it could be. if you were a serious upper mid card player you would be in the main show all the time in that position. if your not then your not.


It's definitely better to be an important upper midcarder than what Dolph is, but that has nothing to do with him being on the pre-show.


You're being too simplistic with the off/on the show thing. Big Show isn't on this PPV. Does that mean he's being mistreated or isn't an important player? No, of course not. He's just not on this particular show. Do you really think it's better to be like R-Truth just because he happens to have a match on the actual card?


I'm not saying it's the best gig in the world or anything, but people crying about how this match is such a "burial" or "mistreatment" of Dolph are being ridiculous, since the pre-show is a relatively pushed match from the WWE's point of view and isn't used to bury or mistreat people. You need to shed whatever your pre-conceptions of a "pre-show" are, because that isn't how WWE views the Kickoff shows. They treat it as part of the show.


I mean, of ALL the things to complain about regarding Dolph...this isn't it.

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From Wrestling 101:


3 WEEKS AGAIN?! Really WWE? Really? Not wanting to sound like The Miz (because not even The Miz wants to sound like The Miz) but really? As if contending with playing GTAV, catching up on Breaking Bad, and, y’know, working wasn’t enough I have 3 solid weeks of WWE actually being cool and watchable to slot into the schedule. Yeesh. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Let’s get on with it, Trevor’s only half way through flying school and I’ve got to finish his education.


> WWE Battleground 2013 Preview

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Guest Ruderz

Seconded. I was on the edge of my seat throughout and thought the Shield were going to win several times!


EDIT: I predict that hundreds of internet meme's will be made of that creepy ass crawl that Wyatt just did...

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Surely the Hell in a cell will be to keep Big Show from getting involved. Bit odd for then to torment the guy and treat him like a Knucklehead week after week, only to have him given a title shot for ruining the main event. But this is WWE so who knows.
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The ending of the main event is actually booked perfectly, just not necessarily for anyone who wanted Bryan to be champ. To me this just re-enforces both DSR and I's assertion that they are considering Bryan to be their Road to Wrestlemania. I fully expect Orton to pick up the title again before the rumble with DB being told he's got no more chances meaning he's got to win the rumble. The lomng term payoff I think is going to be worth the odd dusty finish PPV along the way.


There is another option and it would be great (but almost completely impossible to happen) is for Cena to return and be part of the corporation. Still playing the super-Cena gimmick, still saying WWE is the only thing he lives for etc but just throwing his lot in with Trips. I love the idea that Cena would "think" he's still being the good guy and acting as such, almost oblivious to the fact he's really being the heel, almost art imitating life so to speak in that this is how he's actually been for about the last year or so.

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