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Who are you and what do you do?


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I always like to start this thread when I join a forum as it's nice to get an idea as to what variety of members there is on a forum. I'll Start:



24 years old



I work as a Design Engineer and design sprinkler systems for industrial and domestic purposes. I also do freelance design such as graphic design, web design and mobile app design. I enjoy martial arts and have been doing TMA since I was 8 years old I have also trained as a catch wrestler and been into pro wrestling since I was a boy.


What about you?

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Martin (Ruderz or Rudz for short)


In a relationship


Currently at University doing a social sciences course, hoping to end up majoring in Psychology. Have played video-games all my life and they still are my main hobbie. I did Karate for years, and was so close to becoming a Black belt, but financial problems meant we had to stop. My music taste is all over the place from Eminem to Disturbed xD I've been an on/off wrestling fan since before 2008 and am currently unsure what to do with my life, career wise. And I have a ginger beard, but dirty blonde hair. Weird huh xD I guess it's the Scot in me!

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In a relationship.









I work in a theatre.

Im married but seperated. I am in a new relationship with a girl I am turning into a wrestling fan.


On here it says you are 32 lol.

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My name is Robert Paulson


The rest I'm not supposed to talk about.









































































































Okay for the reals.


My name's Dave, call me Maxx or Maxximus or Dave.

I am 38 years old. A man child if you will.

Professional Internet


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Ok so for reals,






I work for Ladbrokes and I absolutely love my job. I have a degree Business and will be doing my management training in the next couple of months so I can have my own shop and earn more cash. Sport is pretty much my life, hence why I love my job and you'll usually find me hanging about the Other Sports forum here. Occasionally I'll nip into the General Chat or US Forum if someting peaks my interest. If found in the Entertainment or Video Games forums, I am lost and please return to Other Sports.

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Scott. 22. Shacked up.


I'm currently working part time in a supermarket, and like Magic, I'm on training to go that bit further (albeit not management level yet) Ideally I'd get another job soon, but the way it's looking, I'm going to be there until at least Christmas. Not ideal, but at least I'm not signing on.


Don't really post here pften, but still love reading the boards, be it for the banter, or just getting Redman to make me fall in love with wrestling all over again, although these days I only watch NXT religously, watch Raw now and again and never seem to watch SD!

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