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Punk vs Lesnar or Cena vs Bryan?

Jimmy Redman

Better Summerslam match?  

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  1. 1. Better Summerslam match?

    • CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar
    • John Cena vs Daniel Bryan

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Both 5 star matches but Punk/Brock just didn't let up ever, every moment was super aggressive and it felt like a proper grudge match, I bought it 100% where as the Cena/Bryan match by comparison was a beautiful choreograph that was insanely enjoyable if a little less "real".
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Had to go Punk/Brock. Considering the greatest moment of the Cena/Bryan match was the aftermath which has nothing to do with Cena.


I'm sure I said this at the time, but to me the aftermath was the least interesting moment of the entire main. And that isn't even a knock because it was a great angle and they milked it wonderfully. But I found so many things to love about every second of the main that I don't think the cash in would even cross my mind when thinking about it.

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