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Just who did HHH bury?


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Booker T is the most obvious one. He's buried Orton at least twice, did a damn fine job on making Sheamus look like a chump for no reason, he buried every single employee of the company that wasn't the Undertaker at one low point.


Trips' problem is often misdiagnosed as burying people, but that's not the main thing. He doesn't care about making other people look bad, he cares about making himself look good, all the time, no matter what, for no real reason. If people's careers get ruined, or if future main events get shoved back down to the mid-card, or if entire company's main event rosters stagnate for half a decade, then that's just a side effect of just how indescribably important it is that a 40 year old man looks very, very good at a fake sport.

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Booker T is my favourite example as well, their WM19 feud was embarrassing long before the match itself, and the fact that the very over babyface in the end didn't overcome the heel who had insulted his ENTIRE RACE was baffling. Let's also not forget that the time between HHH pinning Booker in the WM19 match after hitting the Pedigree was longer than the entire DanieL Bryan/Sheamus match at WM28.


What JH said about him making himself look good is probably right, the fact that as a semi-retired executive he still has to protect his finisher like he did at SummerSlam is the perfect example.

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Hunter didn't "bury" Punk exactly, but the fact that he did pin the guy on PPV - no matter how much interference - two months after MITB when Punk was the hottest new thing is pretty ridiculous.


It depends on how strong you want to use the word "bury" I guess. Careers survived in the end, but if you want to make this Guys Who Looked Really Bad At The Expense of Triple H, then it is a long, long list. I even made a similar one a couple weeks ago I think, but I can't remember in what thread. But just think,



- CM Punk

- The whole roster during the COO/Walkout angle

- Sheamus in 2011

- Orton in 2009 (all McMahons involved)

- The Smackdown midcard in 2008

- Didn't job to Flair in Charlotte during his retirement run where he had to win every match...

- ...in order to squash Regal the week after

- Carlito

- King Bookah

- Londrick and/or Cade and Murdoch (which team did he squash by himself?)

- Spirit Squad (He and Shawn)

- John Cena during WM22 build

- Randy Orton post-Evolution

- Eugene

- Goldberg

- Booker T

- Scott Steiner

- Kane


- Chris Jericho


I'm sure there's more.

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Some of the names mentioned are ridiculous. Certain unpopular wrestlers, such as Triple H, Hogan, Nash and others, get held to different standards and are falsely accused of burying any opponent they went over, regardless of whether they actually did or not. The one opponent who I think was treated wrongly would be Booker T, and that's it. I don't even think he should have been given the belt either, so Triple H beating him wasn't an issue for me. Bringing up names like Steiner and Goldberg is absurd. Triple H beat them but there was nothing even close to them being buried.
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Well like I said my list wasn't so much the BERRIED but guys who looked bad or worse at the expense of Hunter, or who shouldn't have lost to Hunter when they did, because HUNTOR.


In Steiner's case it wasn't that he beat him, but more that he tried to work his fantasy NWA Champ long title match with him and it sucked and it made Steiner look like sh*t after he came in with some decent heat.


Goldberg is mainly for the Chamber.


Let's not forget in 2004 when he was traded back from SmackDown! for not just one person, but three people. Not just three people, but a 5 time WCW champion and one of the most successful tag teams in the history of wrestling.


Oh f*ck, I forgot that one. That was excellent.

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