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Should ADR go Corporate?


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With all the buzz surrounding Corporation 2.0, between Randy Orton as the Corporate Champ and Triple-H now taking on the Vinnie Mac role of demented tyrannical boss, I have an idea.


Turn Alberto Del Rio Corporate, as well.


Seeing as how he's one of the front office's favorites along with Orton, it would be a logical step. Despite being no so over, he is still effective in the ring between the running inziguri, the Backstabber, and the cross-armbreaker.


However, here's the rub. Many are talking that Ricardo Rodriguez should turn on Rob Van Dam and go back to ADR. I disagree. After the way the ADR-Ricardo split has been teased, up until it happened, it would be a waste of storyline to reunite the 2. So, that said, Ricardo should stay a face. Or better yet, a tweener. And here's my other idea.


After ADR goes Corporate, have Triple-H, in a moment of fury, *kayfabe* fire RVD and order Ricardo to go back to ADR as his PRA. Ricardo says he'll think about it, and is given until the last segment of the show to make up his mind.


The last segment arrives. The Corporation is standing in the middle of the ring, awaiting Ricardo's answer. However, it's not the answer they want. He unloads with a pipebomb of near-CM Punk proportions, in which he calls them all out on their shit. Among other things, he could state publicly that the reason guys like Orton and ADR get pushed is because of nepotism - i.e., Cowboy Bob Orton, Mil Mascaras - and that guys like him, Daniel Bryan, and others who have been buried aren't given a chance despite their hard work. He could take digs at all of them, even Stephanie, which would really piss Triple-H off.


What would happen from there?


I guess we'll have to wait and see what'll happen, should this happen.

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Would it though? I kinda like the idea of a "WWE Universe-wide" angle, where you ultimately have to pick a side. Are you with the bosses, or against them?


It kinda makes sense to me that the McMahons would want every champion in the company under their control. Hell, I'd even go as far as having them show up on NXT to hand select their champions and carry it over to those shows too.


I doubt that will happen because of NXT's recording schedule, but it could be a good way to make a couple of folks stand out on their jump to the main shows. Have Graves & Neville, or maybe even Paige refuse to become a "corporate" champion, then have them appear to help someone out on Raw or Smackdown against Vince and Trippers and their nefarious schemes.


You know what, the more I think about it, the more I'm totally up for a roster wide angle that gets EVERYONE involved.

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Then make that part of your end game? Have Del Rio constantly mess up and not live up to the McMahons expectations of a champion. They strip ADR of the title and award it to Orton, making him the McMahon approved Undisputed Champion.


Then Bryan beats him at Mania to become undisputed WWE Champion.


I think this angle could work well for unifying the titles, then hopefully dragging the IC belt or the US title (or some amalgamation of both) back to what it should be, the title that shows you're getting ready for a move to the main event.

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