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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - September 2, 2013 from Des Moines, IA (#1058)


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Guest Fatherof10minis

Does anyone think Kane will play a significant role in this storyline at some point?


Also is there any chance of this being the ultimate moment to make the cena heel turn? I know I'm gone get laughed at and it's gonna get blown off as rubbish but WHAT IF... This time with cena gone is the chance to replace cena with Bryan as top face and then cena plays the ultimate swerve and screw Bryan in a match upon his return. Far fetched I know but fans would go ape??it I believe.

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I agree that this is actually the most opportune time to turn him heel. It would be awesome, would make total sense, and no one would see it coming because Cena has been heralded as the ultimate face forevers.
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Guest HH-Evolution

The funniest thing is Cena doesn't even need to change who he is over it, just has to come out the following week saying that DB is overreacting, and that the company is in stronger hands than ever...that DB doesn't need to be rebelling in this way, when he could just be going with the flow.


Just have him come out and be a totally natural Troll Cena about it in the vain of Triple H.

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It would nicely play off of all of his "WWE is the only thing worth doing" speeches he was giving and he literally wouldn't have to change a single thing about his character for it to work. Plus we're all just at the stage now where we're all resigned to him never turning which is always as good a point as any to consider a turn, especially as it's a turn that no one is going to be all smarky and cheer for him.
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Guest Ciaran The King
Someone like Reigns maybe?


I was about to slap you in the face, whenever I see Reigns I instantly think about Luther Reigns. Now why would you talk about a Luther Reigns interference?! :D


Roman Reigns could do the job. :)


Luther Reigns NO, Roman Reigns YES

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