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WWE Superstar Names...

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credit pwinsider A number of WWE developmental talents have been officially re-christened with what look to be their new official WWE ring names.

Stephen Cole has been renamed Cole Andrews


Britney Fetkin has been renamed Devin Taylor.


Erika Hammond has been renamed Veronica Lane.


Smith James has been renamed Bull Dempsey.


Lexi Kaufman has been renamed Alexa Bliss.


CJ Perry is now LANA.


Rebecca Quinn (the former Rebecca Knox) has been renamed Becky Lynch.


Adam Scherr has been renamed Braun Stowman. Interesting they would rename him as he's got a bit of a name in the bodybuilding world, having won the 2012 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships.


Australian talent Matt Silva has been renamed Buddy Murphy.


There should be some additional name changes in the days ahead as well.

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I'm past the "why the f*ck did they call him that stage" as long as the wrestler behind the name is allowed to work and is not jobbed out.


Dolph Ziggler's name was the biggest joke in town, Sami Zayn caused net-rage because WWE dared to rename / unmask El Generico and changing Bryan Danielson to Daniel Bryan had people in a twiz too.


Nobody bats an eyelid over those names anymore and I'm sure it'll be the same for the new guys too.


Not to mention Buddy Murphy is a fantastic name for a wrestler... especially if he's a friend of Sheamus from the old country.

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