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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - August 30, 2013 from Las Vegas, NV (#732)


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United States: Friday Night, Aug. 30, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, Aug. 30, at 10PM on SkySportsHD3



Thomas & Mack Center at the UNLV in Las Vegas, NV


Confirmed Matches/Events


Build to Night of Champions

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing This Week


SmackDown opens with The Miz and MizTV. His guests are Big Show and Dolph Ziggler. They talk about what happened on RAW. Triple H interrupts to confront Show and Ziggler. He announces Miz vs. Randy Orton for later. He also announces Big Show will be on commentary for Ziggler vs. The Shield in a handicap match.


Randy Orton defeated The Miz with a RKO. After the match, The Shield runs out for the attack on Miz. Daniel Bryan makes the save with a steel chair.


Backstage, Vickie Guerrero is upset at Daniel Bryan for running in for the save. She calls him a bully and makes Bryan vs. Ryback for later tonight.


Rob Van Dam beat Damien Sandow. After the match, Alberto Del Rio comes out and cuts a promo on RVD and Ricardo Rodriguez.


Dolph Ziggler vs. The Shield in a handicap match is up next. Roman Reigns hit a spear to get the pin. After the match, The Shield taunted Big Show, who was on commentary.


Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel cut a promo on CM Punk, talking about the handicap match at Night of Champions.


Luke Harper and Erick Rowan squash Tensai and Brodus Clay while Bray Wyatt watches. Wyatt comes in after the match and nails his finisher.


Ryback vs. Daniel Bryan is up next. Bryan wins by DQ when Randy Orton interferes. The Shield come down after the match and beat Bryan down. Big Show comes down but is stopped by Triple H getting in the way. Orton and The Shield continue to beat down Bryan to end SmackDown!

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For the people who always say "I don't watch Smackdown because nothing happens", this show is for you.


And it was also for me because "Big Show, go out there and Act for two hours"?? Yes please!


JBL can f*ck off though, he's getting back to unbearable levels by continually talking over Cole with his heel character bullsh*t and not letting the guy do the necessary exposition for the angle.

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This was a fantastic show top to bottom. Every time I thought big show was gonna snap I was on the edge of my seat waiting for it to happen. It sucked me right in. I haven't wanted big show to kill anybody so bad in my life.


HHH should always be a heel. It comes so naturally for him. Again I got sucked in wanting someone to get there hands on him. His smirks, his expressions, his arrogance. I haven't liked HHH this much since the McMahon Helmsley era. The best part if this is we will get minimal matches hopefully from him and he can just be the mouth piece.

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The moment Big Show hits the WMD on Triple H, the place will go nuts.


I said this elsewhere and I'll say it here, I think we could be seeing the seeds being planted for Survivor Series. The Shield & Orton (maybe with one more) v Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Big Show & Dolph Ziggler (again, with maybe one more).


Also, it's ironic that Michael Cole is now DB's biggest cheerleader.

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Brilliant episode of SD I reckon. Was basically an entire show dedicated to the Bryan/Orton storyline with the odd segment from Heyman and a couple of matches that weren't exactly show stealer's. RVD and Sandow could have been better if they had more time, but the Wyatt match wasn't that great. Personally I'm already starting to worry about the Wyatt's despite how early on it is with them.
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