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New Gimmick For A Certain Ex-PRA? Your thoughts.


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After the beatdown he took on the Aug. 5 edition of RAW, I've been wondering how WWE is going to repackage Ricardo Rodriguez, if at all. The more I thought about it, the more the ideas came.


That said, here goes.


A. Bring him back as Chimaera. Pre-Ricardo, Jesus Rodriguez was a highlight on the indy circuit as this high-flying luchador badass, so could a return to those roots be possible?


B. Have him swerve ADR. Everyone is expecting that, and some have come up with this idea...


C. Have him swerve Christian. And still, a lot of folks are expecting that. That said...


D. Have him switch things up altogether and swerve both ADR AND Christian. Then have him adopt something no one would expect - an anti-hero gimmick that would keep everyone guessing.


Any takers?

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