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Your Favourite SummerSlam match

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The Bret Hart v Owen Hart match from SummerSlam '94 is my favourite, with Brain Busters v Hart Foundation from SummerSlam '89 a close second.


A special mention must go to the Jailhouse Match between Big Bossman and The Mountie from 1991 as it was a hoot from the first segment on the show to Mountie being hauled off to jail.

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I love the sequence after about 10 minutes of the Triple H/Michaels match, where Michaels has been dominating, goes for a superkick and Triple H ducks under his leg before delivering the most perfect backbreaker you could imagine. It's a very simple moment but it's something I remember well. The whole match was great but that small sequence along with the sledgehammer shots at the end were amazing.


I'd certainly have that match near the top of my list.

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I recommend it.


I vaguely recalled making a Top 25 list for Summerslam, and yeah it was around the time of last year's show. So for nobody's interest but my own,


25. Rey & Kofi & Morrison vs Alberto & Miz & Truth - 2011

24. JBL vs Batista (No Holds Barred) - 2005

23. Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio - 2002

22. Rock vs Brock Lesnar - 2002

21. Randy Orton vs Undertaker - 2005

20. Demolition vs Hart Foundation (2/3 Falls) - 1990

19. DX vs Legacy - 2009

18. Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels - 2005

17. Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett - 2011

16. Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton - 2004

15. Rock vs Kurt Angle vs Triple H - 2000

14. TLC I - 2000

13. John Cena vs Edge - 2006

12. Mark Henry vs Sheamus - 2011

11. Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler - 2009

10. Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly - 2011

9. Randy Orton vs Christian (No Holds Barred) - 2011

8. Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk (TLC) - 2009

7. John Cena vs Randy Orton - 2007

6. John Cena vs CM Punk - 2011

5. Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero (Ladder) - 2005

4. John Cena vs Chris Jericho - 2005

3. John Cena vs Batista - 2008

2. Undertaker vs Edge (Hell in a Cell) - 2008

1. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels - 2002


Like I said, I've watched Cena/Orton a few times since then and it is easily #1 now. From 2012 I'd probably throw Cena/Punk/Show in one of the lower slots, I really liked that. I also once again completely forgot Bret/Owen existed, that should be in the Top 15. Cena/Edge looks a tad high, and Angle/Rey is WAY too low, that should be up at the 10-12 mark.


Still I guess the point is, there have been a sh*tload of great matches at Summerslam. I haven't even included most of the major 90s stuff - Bret/Perfect, Bret/Smith, Shawn/Razor II, etc.

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