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UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis

John Hancock

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August 31st

BMO Harris Bradley Center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Benson Henderson © vs. Anthony Pettis

Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett

Chad Mendes vs. Clay Guida

Ben Rothwell vs. Brandon Vera

Eric Koch vs. Dustin Poirier


Jamie Varner vs. Gleison Tibau

Louis Gaudinot vs. Tim Elliott

Pascal Krauss vs. Hyun Gyu Lim

Chico Camus vs. Kyung Ho Kang


Yoel Romero vs. Brian Houston

Soa Palelei vs. Nikita Krykov

Ryan Couture vs. Al Iaquinta

Jared Hamman vs. Magnus Cedenblad



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I'm a dummy, the press conference is tonight. Ignore my ramblings.


As for the poster/OP mix up, the poster's Australian (only one I could find with the right pictures, because the main event got changed), and I guess, because of the time difference, it technically starts on Sunday in Australia, but, for us in the civilised world, it's Saturday night.

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind a bit of Aldo/Pettis either.


Not all that sure what the fuss is about with Barnett/Mir. I mean, yeah, the stoppage was early, but it was only a matter of time, Mir was out, he was limp and had no guard. Josh could have got a good two or three shots off because Frank could do anything about it, and then it really would be over.

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I thought the stoppage was fair too, it was probably a flash KO but that's still a KO, and when you've been punched in the head as many times as Frank Mir has it's probably best to try and save him from more.


The show itself was actually really good from top to bottom, one of the best cards of the year in my opinion.

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Pettis/Aldo! Get it done.


Ariel Helwani, who knows absolutely everything, is saying that the current plan is to do Pettis vs. TJ Grant, because the UFC's apparently interested in seeing what their absolute minimum buy-rate is out of morbid curiosity, and, if Pettis wins that, it's Pettis/Aldo.


Speaking of buyrates, UFC 161, which was headlined by Evans vs. Henderson, two legit guys, did 150,000 buys. That's f*cking WWE numbers. Everyone is hopefully roundly embarrassed. Silva/Weidman "only" did like 500,000 too (Silva/Bonnar, which was basically a public execution, did 400,000, and Silva/Sonnen did 900,000 by comparison), and Aldo/Zombie did 170,000. UFC 100 was a looooooong time ago.

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