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Most Annoying Diva EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Is Emma the most annoying Diva EVER??  

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  1. 1. Is Emma the most annoying Diva EVER??

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She's a complete muppet. She looks shoot spastic and she can barely pull her self up through the middle rope, it looks awful. She is useless, green as goose shit.
That's part of her gimmick and was an evolution from when she started and she couldn't manage it at all.


It's why the fans cheer her when she does it now.

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She seems alright. I don't think the gimmick is a bad idea because it makes her seem likable and fun, which will endear her to fans. Wrestling fans seem to always like women who have a gimmick which makes them attainable, like Maria with her mistakes a few years ago or AJ recently, with her crazy gimmick. Fans like seeing beautiful women acting in a way that if you met them in a bar, you'd have a chance because their personalities are unusual. Not every female wrestler has to be like this, of course, but there's a healthy audience for it too.


On a side note, I really enjoy the heel work from the Divas in the WWE. Trish, Eve, Candice and most recently Layla have all been excellent in their roles as a heel. Eve's run before she left the company was the best character in the WWE at the time, and I'm already really enjoying Layla. I don't know what makes them so good at it but yeah, they're excellent. They act out their characters well and the booking is usually good too.

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So I can't dislike something in wrestling??


You can but you've not acknowledged that your own poll says nearly double the number of people who find it annoying like it. You can dislike it as much as you want Ciaran but just because you don't like it don't wander about acting as if you are the sole bastion of what's good in wrestling.

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I think his point, which isn't wholly without merit I think, is that when he says he doesn't like Emma he is accused of taking things too seriously and not being able to have fun (like in deeser's post), whereas I think his argument against Emma isn't "wrestling should be serious business and no comedy" but "I don't like Emma". Just because he doesn't like one particular comedy character doesn't mean he, or anyone else, is against comedy in wrestling or a joyless sack of sh*t. They just don't like her.


And I say this as a huge fan of Aussie Emma the Australian. But it's OK to not like her.

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F*ck's sake, I was only supposed to be making a jokey comment about people taking things too seriously and calling wrestling "serious business".


I'll make sure I put the f*cking emoticon in next time to signify I'm joking around. F*ck.


Here you go:


Oh Ciaran, i feel sorry for you always having to have wrestling as "serious business" :lol ;)




Jesus. I'm really starting to think I need to take a break from the Internet.

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