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One will protect you, the other eight will then try to kill you. Choose wisely...


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Vader. All day. Who else can get off world? A Predator? Good luck against the Galactic Empire. Even if the rest of those chumps could get off world they'd be smoked by the Death Star.


Come at me, Logan. Have fun with your unbreakable bones when you're getting force choked to death every 15 minutes.


Terminator and Robocop would be reprogrammed to be my body guards.


Marv might kill 100 Storm Troopers but 1000? 10,000? Same with Hellboy, same with Dredd.


The Batman? You got force lightning repellant on that belt, asshole?

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I was going to pick Terminator, but Wolverines claws could cut through the Terminators skeleton, so he could behead him with one swipe. Game over Terminator. Same with Robocop. Same with Batman. Predator was beaten by a human so he stands no chance.


All this plus Wolverine regenerates quickly, he got shot in the head many times and within a few seconds he's up and running again.


So I'd have to pick him. The only thing Vader has to make me even consider him is he could probably use the force to twist any of them into a pretzel.

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Think I may be over thinking this a tad BUT, the way I think of it is, you can choose one guy to protect you, now, If it was choose a champion to duke it out with the other guys I'd have to go Wolverine as he's pretty much unkillable and the others are not, however if it a case of you're being hunted down by the others with one guy being your last line of defense I'd want someone who can attack from a distance and keep me out of harms way.


Who I wouldn't want after me would be Vader as he could force choke you to death and the protector wouldn't be able to do a great deal there, I'd say he could kill almost all the protectors barring Logan with his light saber but he could chop him down to size and in the time he heals Vader's more than likely killed you. Which by default makes me want Vader as my protector as I don't want him after me.


Deadliest warriors would have had a top season right here :lol

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Anyone think Magneto could manipulate the force?


If it was Magneto vs. Vader, Magneto could just crumple his suit up like a tin can and squish him, or just pull it off so he choked to death.


Actually, Magneto would f*ck up pretty much everyone on the list. Terminator, Wolverine, Robo-Cop, Judge Dredd and Vader are basically made of metal, or at least surrounded by it, all Batman's stuff is metal, Marv use guns and knives, so f*ck that, Predator has a metal self destruct button, so that would last about five seconds, only guy with a shot is Hellboy, unless there happens to be any metal in his hand.

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Magneto can also surround himself with a magnetic force shield and fly.


I'm pretty sure Vader's suit is some kind of poly plastic type armor. His bionics are metal though I'm sure. Not only that but Magneto could just pull all the solder from the electronics and watch Vader suffocate. That stuff's magnetic right? Anyway Vader doesn't stand much of a chance against the Master of Magnetism.


As for Hellboy, Magento would convince him that's he's a mutant and not an extra dimensional demon and recruit him to the Brotherhood where he would be used to further protect you.


Some additional good ones for the list would be Lobo, Preacher, Doctor Doom and Darkseid.

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