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Is a follow up to Red Dead Redemption on the cards after all?


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Much in the same way Batman: Arkham Origins was originally revealed (although not under that name), it seems that a Take-Two conference call may have let slip that a follow up to Red Dead Redemption is one step closer to being a reality.


I first read the story on IGN, but there are plenty of sites running with the story.


Of course, as this was a transcript from a conference call, no details of what the game will entail or who it will feature is known. However, it's widely accepted that it will be for PS4 / X-Box One and may not be released on the current generation of consoles.


With Red Dead Redemption being set at the end of the cowboy era, it'll be interesting to see if it is a straight follow up (with Marston, Jr.) or a completely new set of characters.

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RDR follow up will be great, Rockstar will also do a Bully sequel too. If they are as good as GTA V it will be great but that quality takes time so don't expect it out soon.


The vast majority of time is spent on the engine, so if they use the GTA V engine for RDR2 etc, then they could be relatively soon (like 1-2 years instead of 5 years)

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