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X-Men: Days of Future Past


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There is also a site up for Trask Industries that has a lot of detail on the Sentinels, including that the ones we have seen so far are the 9th generation of the Mark I design. This could mean that they have been made smaller and streamlined from the original versions, so the massive 30ft first-run robots could make an early appearance.


From the website (which you should go to for some great images) -:



The Sentinel Program

In 1973, Trask Industries introduced the first Sentinel production model, the Mark I. Bolivar Trask’s groundbreaking research in AI, robotics and autonomous ballistic systems laid the foundation for the world's most capable anti-mutant defense system. Since the program's inception, we’ve continued to advance our founder's cause through eight additional generational upgrades and enhancements.


As we celebrate five decades of achievement, we also bid farewell to regular production of the Mark I and shift our efforts to full-time manufacturing of the Mark X — our first complete overhaul of the Sentinel line. These highly anticipated units will combine next-generation nanotechnology and bioweapon breakthroughs, promising an even brighter future for the human race.

Sentinel Mark I (9th generation)


Between 1973 and 1996, Trask produced 8732 Sentinel Mark Is for the governments of the United States, China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, India and the United Kingdom. The Mark I is still in service and current generations include the following features:


On-Board Technology




Boliver Trask

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Some more info and images -:


  • Trask Industries was founded by Bolivar Trask in 1967.
  • The first Sentinels (Mark I model) released in 1973. A year later the government allowed them to be deployed in highly populated cities and to serve as part of the President’s security attache (beginning with Nixon).
  • Between 1973 and 1996, Trask produced 8732 Sentinel Mark Is for the governments of the United States, China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, India and the United Kingdom.
  • Production on the Mark I has shifted to the new Mark X: “These highly anticipated units will combine next-generation nanotechnology and bioweapon breakthroughs, promising an even brighter future for the human race.”
  • Trask Industries is also responsible for the development of Mutant Detection Devices (featured in all Sentinels) and Inhibitor Collars (see images below).
  • If not for the 50 years of work by Trask Industries, 50% of the world’s population would have the X-Gene and by 2030 the homo sapien species would be “eradicated.”



Bolivar Trask discovering the X-Gene



Mark I Sentinel being deployed in 1974



Mark I Sentinel deployed to a riot in 1974



Mark I Sentinel as part of The President's security



X-Gene Inhibitor Collar


The confirmation of the collar could mean that Genosha is somehow going to be involved.

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The Bent Bullet


If you go to The Bent Bullet site, you can find out why Azazel and Angel / Tempest are not in this movie. Also, it's a brilliantly constructed site that looks as authentic as you can hope for.




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BABY COLOSSUS! And is that supposed to be Toad in the Zapatistas? I can't think of another male bad-guy with yellow eyes.


The website itself also has Colossus more explicitly, as a non-baby, and a wonderfully terrible photoshop of Quicksilver. Also, more interestingly, it looks like they're rebooting the William Stryker character from the comics, but giving him a new name to avoid it conflicting the movie version who was in X-Men 2, and was nothing like the comic version. The last bit of the website also looks a little bit like the Morlocks.

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Yeah that was pretty brutal. I was never much a Beast(fuzzy or unfuzzy) fan so I'm not that bothered by it. In fact I never cared much for any of the original X-Men. Bobby was okay I guess.


Man, that baby Colossus is so cute. I wonder if there'll be any mention of Illyana and/or Mikhail. I'd love to see a big screen version of Darkchylde and Limbo.

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In unbelievable (and potentially huge in regards to the future of the franchises in question), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have a mid-credits sting relating to X-Men: Days of Future Past according to this article from Total Film.


Of course, Marvel have the mid- and post-credit sting down to an art, but with Spider-Man being a Sony franchise and X-Men being a Fox property, the two are not with the same studio, so the idea that one is now (however tenuous the link may end up being) associated with the other has some far-reaching potential down the road.

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It's important to make sure that people are aware the clip is completely separate from TASM2 and is just there to promote the new X-Men movie... but the fact one studio's Marvel franchise is promoting another studio's Marvel franchise is at the very least a start in the hopes of there being a larger shared universe.
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Yeah I know that. I meant with everyone involved not just the Avengers. Honestly I'd rather see a full blown Secret Wars with the Beyonder.



Looks like Bryan Singer might be in serious trouble if the allegations are true.


‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Assaulting Underage Boy


“X-Men” director Bryan Singer is being accused of drugging, raping, and using his power to exploit a teenage boy in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, according to court documents obtained by TheWrap.


According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Hawaii, plaintiff Michael Egan, who was named in a press release by his lawyers, was 17 when he was forcibly sodomized by Singer, among other accusations.


During the first Hawaii trip, Singer allegedly “put a handful of cocaine against Plaintiff's nose and forced him to inhale it” and “provided Plaintiff with a beverage which he drank which significantly impacted his consciousness and his motor skills” before anally raping him twice.


More at: thewrap.com

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In some weird and upsetting news,


X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer’s name has been all over the news of late in connection with a scandalous sex abuse lawsuit. Now Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg has confirmed she’s been working on a documentary about Hollywood sexual abuse that contains allegations regarding Singer and others.


The Daily Mail claims that Michael Egan, the 31-year-old man who filed the civil suit against Singer in Hawaii, has been cooperating with Berg on the documentary. Berg has been working on the doc for the past two years, though it’s unclear how long Egan has been involved or if he was interviewed for the movie. Variety was able to confirm that the documentary includes allegations about Singer, though Berg expressed surprise that Egan had come forward with his lawsuit.


Berg’s previous documentary credits include 2012’s West of Memphis and Deliver Us From Evil, which focused on sex abuse allegations in the Catholic Church and earned her an Oscar nomination in 2006. Berg’s narrative feature Every Secret Thing opens at the Tribeca Film Festival this Sunday.


Egan’s lawsuit, which seeks unspecified money damages, alleges that Singer, now 48, forcibly raped him in the late 1990s when Egan was a teenager. Singer would have been in his early 30s. The civil complaint goes on to allege Singer flew Egan to Hawaii multiple times, provided him with drugs and alcohol, and promised him movie roles. The claims made in the complaint include battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy.


Singer’s attorney has responded that the claims are “absurd and defamatory.” Singer has cancelled upcoming appearances at WonderCon and the Creativity Conference in Washington intended to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past, which premieres on May 22 in the U.K. and May 23 in the U.S.


The Daily Mail piece goes on to describe the alleged abuses in detail, including allegations that Singer was involved in a ring of pedophilia orchestrated by convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector, a former digital media entrepreneur. In the Variety piece, Egan says the FBI was informed but did nothing, a statement an FBI spokeswoman vehemently denied.

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Deliver Us From Evil is an absolutely brilliant documentary, although it'll make you openly cry for about four straight days, before going out to burn down a church like some Norwegian black metal guitarist. West of Memphis is amazing too. If you want to be really, really angry an conservative establishments, watch them back to back.





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