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Attention: Double Double E Spies!

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As we all know full well by now, WWE clearly has hordes of spies that trawl the boards for our great ideas and suggestions that they then steal and use on television as their own. Millions of dollars. I often find myself invoking them with certain complaints or requests, but perhaps having one catch-all thread will make things easier for them to find.


So use this thread for anything you want to say to the lurking Double Double E Spies. Any suggestions, a great idea that needs to be seen on TV, complaints about something or other that needs fixing, requests for matches or pushes, things they're doing right, doing wrong, anything that they need to know. They will thank us later I'm sure.


Mine, for example, should be passed on to whoever is in charge of Dolph Ziggler. It's great that he can bump really big and sell a lot and make other guys look like a million bucks. Super dooper. But for the love of God, get the man some Shawn Michaels tapes or something and explain to him the concept of shine. If he never gets any offense in he will forever look like a jabroni. I don't ask for much out of a 3 minute TV match, but I do ask for something other than the babyface No. 1 Contender to the World Title selling for 90% of his match with Darren Young or Jinder F*cking Mahal.


Thank you.

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Don't hire Matt Morgan.


Xavier Woods is the future. Adrian Neville is good to go to.


Consider that NXT has more matches and less segments and try and implement that into RAW.


And for God's sake, if you're going to bury Ryback just get on with it. I really enjoyed the face Ryback and spending so much airtime to jobbing him out or winning by the shittiest methods is just pathetic.


Pull the trigger on whoever in the shield you want to take one of the world titles, move them on a stage whilst you establish the Wyatt family. We suggest Dean Ambrose but either of the others is good.

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Dear Randy Orton, c/o Double Double E Spies,


For the love of God, if you're going to be the "pretty" corporate champion for image-conscious management, shave your ugly neckbeard.


Also, I know how hard you worked to become an awesome babyface worker, but if you're going to be the corporate champion for the evil corporation, please start working like a heel again. The eye poke was a good start, but keep going. You need more chinlocks and less babyface comeback routines and building to your crowd pleasing moves.







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