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Current Top 5 pure wrestlers in WWE right now?

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My five in no particular order are...


Dolph Ziggler - in ring skills, golden


Cm Punk - the man has a legion of fans who know him as the best in the world, nuff said


Daniel Bryan - is the most over guy on roster now, and has always overcome odds, & often has best match on card


Randy Orton - many starting to say he's boring, its his character...when the time calls for a great wrestling match, Orton delivers


Antonio Cesaro - very fun style, can't wait to see home really come into his own

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I think Dolph is a bit overrated. He's a good worker; takes bumps like a madman and what not. I just don't quite buy him yet as a top guy. Tons of potential though. Like Mark Henry said in an interview recently he's the poor man's Shawn Michales. I'm sure in 10 15 years we'll be calling some young guy the poor man's Dolph Ziggler.
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The Shield (yes as a group. I don't care if that's cheating. Bite me.)


Alberto Del Rio


Bryan is self evident. Dude is on fire, over like gangbusters, and delivers with every single thing they give him - comedy, serious promos, fun tags, serious Shield tags, random TV matches, grudge matches, working with everyone from Ryback to Rollins. He has also perfected the art of the hot tag and it's awesome.


Cesaro is the successor of the likes of Chris Masters, Drew Mac and the Usos as the Unheralded King of the C Shows. He has been rocking it on Main Event with everyone under the sun, doing work on NXT, and whenever he gets time on Raw or SD he nails it. His Strongman stuff is great sh*t and adds to any match he's in. He needs 15 minutes to have a strength-off match with Cena pronto.


The good thing about the oversaturation of WWE TV and everyone being on every show is that if you are good, more matches means more good matches. The amount of good to great matches the Shield has had, in various combinations, since Mania is simply staggering. Enough to literally fill a comp, and I should know as I just bought said comp. These guys have been absolutely killing it since debuting, they are perfect at working their gimmick, working in the ring, and working their gimmick in the ring. Love them.


After about January Sheamus was getting pretty quiet compared to his 2012, but has still been doing good work, and lately has been blowing up again into that top level. The Cesaro matches people. Seriously. But also similarly brutal matches with Barrett, the Sandow brawl, a bunch of Shield tags, and some very 2012esqe TV matches with Dolph and Show. There's still almost nobody I trust more with 13 minutes of TV time.


Alberto makes the list for transforming so seamlessly into a babyface worker. Gets me every time. Character problems or not, he always delivered in the ring as a face and had top matches with Show, Swagger, Dolph, etc. And his heel-turn performance at Payback was just awesome. Even had a good match with Orton the other day.


Tonnes of people I wish I could name though. Henry and Show are amazing, but for a lack of matches. Cena and Punk had the MOTY, but not enough beyond that. Same with Gail and Taryn and their two matches. Orton has quietly had a good year. Dolph has flashes of brilliance. And so on. Work has been really great this year.

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Are we talking about actual in ring aptitude? If so:


1. Bryan

2. Cesaro

3. Punk

4. Tyson Kidd (no seriously, this dude has some mad skills, and the fact you don't know that says more about you than him)

5. Dean Ambrose


On the fringes of my top 5 are:




Ziggler (on sheer bumping/working/selling ability, as I haven't seen enough of him getting his own offence in)

Kassius Ohno

Regal (who would be in my top 5 if he worked more often)

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I was basing my picks on just wrestling skill alone that I have seen on the main roster at this time...


The only reason I didn't include Jericho on my list is because he technically isn't on the roster at this time.


I also agree that Ambrose, Christian, and Kidd are good in the ring but as just a singles match perspective none of then have made me jaw drop over there matches, not yet anyway.

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