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Who Had Their Best Match?

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Saw this discussion start on the newly-resuscitated DVDVR, and it was so good I decided to steal it.


So, for the wrestlers named below tell me with whom, in your opinion, did they have their best match?


Feel free to add more names to the thread to ponder, these are just a couple to start us off. Also remember to say which match in particular of a certain pairing if they worked together like 58,000 times.


* Steve Austin

* CM Punk

* Bret Hart

* John Cena

* Triple H

* Undertaker (wondering if anyone can say someone other than Shawn..)

* Kurt Angle

* Chris Jericho


For example, for Kurt Angle I'll say Rey Mysterio. At the moment their match from January 2003 is my favourite of theirs, and I feel like Rey was easily, by leaps and bounds, Angle's best opponent. He probably had about 8 of Angle's Top 10 matches.

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I'm going to add Christian and say Orton is by far the best opponent of his. Solely from their 2011 run. These two have great chemistry. I'm actually struggling to suggest anyone who comes close to matching Orton as Christian's opponent over the years...Angle maybe?


I agree on Orton, but for an alternative I offer Jack Swagger. Their match on ECW 24/2/09 is at worst Christian's second best singles match ever.


Of course another angle would be to say the Hardyz and Dudleyz.

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Austin-The match against Bret Hart at WM 13


CM Punk-MITB 2011 vs Cena


Cena-vs Michaels on Raw 23.04.2007


HHH-vs Austin in the 3SOH at No Way Out 2001


Undertaker-Maybe a "different" answer would be vs Kurt Angle at No way Out 2006


Kurt Angle-VS Lesnar in the 60 minute iron man match, September 2003.


Chris Jericho-I think his ladder match with Benoit at Royal Rumble 2001

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For Jericho I personally enjoyed his Last man standing match with Triple H, I think at Fully loaded 2000? It's one of my favourite matches ever.


For Triple H I rate the Cactus Jack ones highly as well, especially the Royal rumble 2000 street fight. Though I see BarrettBarrage above me has put 3 stages of hell, hard to argue with that one.


My favourite Bret Hart match by far was Summerslam 92 against British Bulldog, another one of my all time favourites!


Punk is easily vs Cena at MITB, though I like his matches with D Bryan as well.


I agree with Jamster about Christian and Orton as well, they were some amazing matches.


How about adding HBK to the list? So many choices there!

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* Steve Austin- Against the Undertaker at Summerslam 98


* CM Punk- I missed alot of Punks run in WWE until the end of 2011, so in WWE im going to have to go with the Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker.But in ROH i loved his series against Jimmy Rave, he had a good dog collar match at the original Manhattan Mayhem and a good cage match to end the feud, and who can forget Punk beating Aries for the title in another brilliant match.

* Bret Hart


* John Cena- I missed out on a lot of WWE from 2006 to 2011, so i'm going to choose Cena vs Undertaker from Vengeance 2003. Absolutely loved this PPV and this was the best match of a very strong card from what i can remember of it, infact i might have to dust down my wrestling tapes and VHS player just to watch this show again!


* Triple H- Has to be the street fight against Cactus Jack at Royal Rumble 2000, first ever wrestling PPV i didn't have to wait for the tape to come out three months later as it was on channel four at the time. Excellent build up with Mankind ripping his shirt of and turning into Cactus, the match it self was gripping as well with the tacs out, Sledgehammer ,barbed wire two by four, and Foley getting handcuffed with the Rock coming out to help. Was this the best show of 2000 from any company?


* Undertaker - Gotta go with Brock in Hell In A Cell , one of my favorite Cell matches and one of my favorite Brock matches.


* Kurt Angle- I'm going to go with Samoa Joe for the title at TNA Lockdwon 2008, brilliant build up and just amazing to watch.


* Chris Jericho-Against Cena from Summerslam 05? Although the best thing Jericho has ever done in his career has got to be the man of 1004 holds skit. ARMBAR!

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* Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart - WrestleMania 13

* CM Punk vs. John Cena - Money in the Bank 2011

* Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin - WrestleMania 13

* John Cena vs. CM Punk - Money in the Bank 2011

* Triple H vs. Undertaker - WrestleMania 28

* Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania 26

* Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit - Royal Rumble 2003

* Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit - Royal Rumble 2001

* Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio - Extreme Rules 2011

* Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley - Backlash 2004

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To answer my own question...


* Steve Austin


I honestly have no idea off-hand. Attitude Era main events is an area I have not done a lot of watching of. My favourite match that he has been in is the tag w/ Hunter vs Benoit/Jericho. As for singles matches, I'm going to need to watch some Steve Austin matches, because at the moment the best ones I can think of are the two Angle PPV matches. And giving Angle credit for anything simply will not do now, will it? But I mean, I'm sure there are better Austin matches out there.


* CM Punk


Cena at Money in the Bank. Not even close.


* Bret Hart


Once again, I plead ignorance on most of his big matches. It might be an unpopular pick, but as of this moment I would choose the Ironman.


* John Cena


Umaga at the Rumble. Shawn in London comes a close second, but seriously, Umaga at the Rumble.


* Triple H


Whichever one of the Taker Mania matches is slightly better than the other, but really both of them. Honestly, the TV match with Shelton would come next.


* Undertaker


As above, the two Shawn Mania matches, take your pick.


* Kurt Angle


Like I said above, Rey Mysterio. January 2003 is a winner, but really watch all of them. I also really like Eddie at WMXX and the aforementioned Austin PPV matches as clearly his best singles work.


* Chris Jericho


This is an interesting one to me since Jericho isn't a guy who has a lot of my OMG FAV MATCH EVAR type matches. I'd have to say Rey at the Bash, Mask vs Title. I saw Cena from 2005 above, actually the last time I saw them I preferred their match from Survivor Series 2008, which is another contender for me. I still have to revisit the Shawn series.


* Christian


As above, Orton very easily, with Over the Limit being their best match. Swagger on ECW comes close though.

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Steve Austin v Dude Love - Over the Edge 1998

CM Punk v John Cena - Money in the Bank 2011

Bret Hart v 1-2-3 Kid - Monday Night RAW (July 11, 1994)

John Cena v JBL - Judgment Day 2005

Triple H v Shawn Michaels - Summerslam 2002

Undertaker v Edge - Summerslam 2008

Kurt Angle v Undertaker - No Way Out 2006

Chris Jericho v Kane - Armageddon 2000

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Bret v Owen at Wrestlemania 10 is my favourite match of all time, so that's a no brainer for me for Hart.


Austin's best match for me personally was against The Rock at WM 17- it has everything, not to mention its one of the biggest matches in the history of the biz. I even like the heel turn and I know that's almost as unfashionable as saying The Rock was in a great match!


Triple H's best match could be The Rock again (!) their Ironman match at Judgement Day is fantastic, and (I'm gonna get letters) far outstripped Hart and Michaels which was an absolute bore fest.


Shawn Michaels and undertaker had their best match against each other at Wrestlemania 25. Of Course I was there so I might be biased. Other than Michaels for Undi, I would have to say its a toss up between Edge and CM Punk.


Punks best match, undoubtedly against Cena, at money in the bank.


Hmmm Jericho, I've never been a big fan of Jericho, always a bit inconsistent in my opinion but gonna say his match with Michaels at WM19.


Angle- there is just so many, the guy is a machine, I couldn't possibly commit myself.

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Kane-vs Shane at Survivor Series 2003, honestly it's such a spotfest but it's excellent fun. Kane isn't a guy I have a lot of "great match" candidates for, he's always been a solid worker in my eyes but this was great.


Big Show-VS Sheamus last year at Hell In a Cell, surprised the hell out of me.


Edge-vs John Cena at Unforgiven 2006, one of my favourite matches of all time. The crowd, the buildup, the psychology the match itself are all so special.


Orton-VS Cactus Jack at Backlash 2004...imo this match made Orton. Brutal stuff as well (Not that I'm usually into that, but they seemed to make it mean something)


Flair-I am not an old timer by any stretch, however I still watch a lot of Ric Flair's old stuff and his matches age very well in my opinion. So I'm going to go for a classic, his steel cage match vs Harley Race at the first Starrcade.


Savage-I haven't seen a lot of Savage matches so I'll go with his match with Steamboat at WM3 a classic.


Hogan-I really don't enjoy Hogan matches but I'll probably go with his match vs the Rock at WM18


Rey-Great American Bash 1996 against Dean Malenko, they are my favourite match ups when a high flyer goes up against a technician. This is brilliant, his matches vs Eddie, all of them are also honourable mentions.


Eddie-I don't know if this will be a popular choice but his match against Lesnar at No Way Out 2004, was just amazing.


Benoit-vs Angle at RR2003, some think this is overrated but in my opinion it's every bit as good as it's touted to be.

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* Kane


No idea. I remember making this thread recently, and I'm still not any closer to an answer.


* Big Show


Mark Henry at Vengeance. Best superheavyweights match ever.


* Edge


As above, the Cena TLC. I also really like the Undertaker HIAC.


* Orton


Yep, Foley at Backlash, still his best match. Cena at Summerslam 2007 comes close though, Jesus.


* Flair


Steamboat, Steamboat, Steamboat. I like the Clash 2/3 Falls match best of all. On another level.


* Savage


Probably Steamboat at WM3, yeah. Not really up with my Savage though.


* Hogan


Really want to say Andre. It's either that or Warrior, take your pick.


* Rey


Morrison on Smackdown. Holy sh*tting hell I love that match.


* Eddie


I will also say Lesnar, and I don't think its controversial at all. Legit MOTDC.


* Benoit


WMXX. It slowly loses it's lustre as time goes on, but still. No idea what would be 2nd for him.

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Steve Austin vs. Dude Love, Over The Edge '98. Brilliantly booked, at the height of Austin's popularity and great chemistry between all involved. Typically overbooked but only added to the match.





Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart. The two clearly loved working against each other, knew each other's styles and complimented it well. Selfless for the benefit of the other and had an interesting story behind it. Many will point to the Wrestlemania X match but I actually really enjoyed the Summerslam 94 cage match.





Undertaker (wondering if anyone can say someone other than Shawn..) vs. EITHER Shawn Michaels OR Mick Foley. I'm not even including Hell In A Cell in this. This was '96 time, back when Mankind had just debuted and Undertaker was still known for being a plodding big man facing even worse big men. Foley came along and, suddenly, Taker was doing all sorts of crazy stuff and really putting himself on the line to have good matches. Their styles matched, they did a lot for each other and ultimately Foley killed himself for the good of the cause.





Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko. Easy choice for me. Fantastic feud, these two had. Malenko was the 'ice man' who stared coldly into your eyes and then tore you apart with one of his thousand holds. Jericho was a newly-turned heel who was cocky to the brim and willing to make Malenko's life hell if it meant that their matches didn't have to happen. They did happen though, and they were GREAT.



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Oh God, how did I forget about Bret/Owen? That cage match is one of my favourites, love it. Easily my answer for Bret.


Nice bait, Jay. 4/10


I don't think it was bait, I think it's a perfectly valid opinion, and he's not alone on this board in holding it. Of course, I personally think it is a completely ludicrous opinion, but this board is crawling with dirty communists who kill babies and hate Rey Mysterio.

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Fair play. I just do not understand you at all.


On Kane, and this isn't my definitive answer by any means, but thinking purely in terms of one-on-one matches, I want to offer up the Cena match from the 2012 Rumble. It was Cena with his Facing A Monster working boots on, and it was just a really, really well constructed match. Shame it had no finish.


Another option is the one time he and Punk put it together and had a great match, which I think was in June 2008.

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* Steve Austin - Probably his match against Bret at Mania or maybe his Backlash match against The Rock


* CM Punk - His match with Taker at Mania no question


* Bret Hart - Loved the run he had with Owen but again his match with Austin, they just brought the best out of each other.


* John Cena - Rumble match against Umaga.


* Triple H - Rumble match against Foley.


* Undertaker - I'm gonna say the first HIAC match against HBK.


* Kurt Angle - 60 minute match against Brock on Smackdown.


* Chris Jericho - His early Japan stuff is great as was his WCW work but for me his 2001 Rumble match with Benoit is the one I choose.

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