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Halfway through 2013 - thoughts?

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Meant to start this last week as the month ticked over, but anywho, we are six months into the year. How goes it?


Favourite moments? Best matches? Best wrestlers? Tell me what has tickled your fancy (or not) in 2013!


You don't have to do it this way, but I am me so I will probably be back soon with some LISTS.

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The Shield running around, the Wyatt Family promos, Daniel Bryan becoming a thing, Mark Henry being a lot of fun, the RAW after 'Mania for being silly and hating Sheamus and Orton as much as I do, Cena being sliiiiiiightly more bearable, Paul Heyman. That's my positives.


My negatives are; Not enough people hating Sheamus, too many McMahons, Triple H's face, Stephanie getting all hormonal on the Divas Division, CM Punk not seeming so special, a very lacklustre WrestleMania, the Fandango thing ending so quickly, and the commentary team still being no good.


I think, this team next year, there won't be too much I remember about 2013 either way, it's been pretty bland, but that puts it way above most of the previous years, which I've actively loathed.

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Not enough people hating Sheamus



I was honestly expecting Sheamus to kick Bryan in the face after their match last night, was slightly disappointed it didn't happen



Spoiler tagged as it pertained to last nights raw and I dont know what the rules are on that

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Likes: Daniel Bryan getting over so much, Every thing Punk and Heyman, The Uso's seemingly getting a push, Christian's return, New Age Outlaws reunion, Mick Foley HOF induction(and pinning jericho with cm punk as the "ref"..made me chuckle), Dean Ambrose more so then the entire shield stable, Undertaker still looking good, Randy Orton tapping out.


Dislikes: Triple H getting promo time...triple H vs Brock lesnar.. CM Punk Dropping the title to the rock, Cena becoming champ, again, anything with the US title(useless imo), Lack of tag team division after putting together several talented teams, anything tons of funk has done, Ryback's Push, and the lack of use in Tyson Kidd.

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Favourite things:


- The Shield being awesome in every way - gimmick, story, matches, promos, etc.

- Daniel Motherf*cking Bryan

- Mark Henry doing anything

- Dolph cashing in, and the entire fun post-Mania Raw

- Naomi getting in the ring

- TV wrestling becoming awesome again

- "We're coming."


Favourite wrestlers:


- Daniel Bryan

- The Shield. Yes as a group.

- Alberto del Rio

- Antonio Cesaro

- Sheamus

- Big Show


My favourite matches seem to all fall under these categories:


- Beating The Utter Sh*t Out Of Each Other (Sheamus/Cesaro, Regal/Ohno, Alberto/Dolph, Sheamus/Barrett)

- Bomb Throwing on PPV (Taker/Punk, Gail/Taryn, Cena/Ryback)

- Great Work on TV (Cena/Punk, Alberto/Dolph, Alberto/Swagger, Alberto/Show, Kofi/Cesaro, Bryan/Ryback)

- Every Shield Match Ever (self explanatory)

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Interesting thread concept. Kudos on that :thumbs


With that said, here is a list of some of the best and worst of 2013 for me, so far:


CM Punk. Regardless of getting jobbed out to The Rock, twice, in title matches early on in the year, Punk has still been the best thing going in the WWE right now. Punk has created the niche for himself as being the ultimate worker in the WWE. Not only for his backbreaking work rate, but the fact that Punk can work tremendously as a heel or a face at the drop of a hat and Punk has continued to have the best matches in the company this year.


Dolph Ziggler. Much like Punk, Ziggler can work well as a face or a heel (though, admittedly, he makes an unconventional face). The pop that Dolph got when his music hit the night after WrestleMania when he cashed in Money-in-the-Bank will go down as one of my favorite moments of the year. While I disagree with WWE not giving Ziggler a fair chance with the World Title before giving it to Del Rio, it seems all too obvious that Dolph will be getting the title back very soon and I will be interested to see how he does as a face champion.


Daniel Bryan. This one is more recent, but the true 'arrival' of Daniel Bryan as a main event tier Superstar has definitely been a highlight. It seemed to happen very quickly over the span of a few weeks, but Bryan is massively over right now. While I do not see a World Title run for Bryan in the near future, Bryan is definitely in a position of being a top face in the company right now.


Mark Henry's Retirement Hoax. While it will all likely result in Mark Henry jobbing to John Cena and returning to the spot he was in prior to Extreme Rules, the performance that Henry gave a few weeks ago on RAW was epic and, while I had my suspicions, the retirement segment really had me second-guessing myself on how it would end. The acting skills were just tremendous and I don't think that anyone watching or anyone in the back would have guessed that Henry had that kind of ability.


The Post 'Mania Crowd. This one has both a positive and negative effect, in my opinion. While the RAW after WrestleMania was epic for the raucous and rebellious crowd in attendance, but negative side of it is that we have had some crowds try to recreate that night's crowd and, to me, it just came across as desperate and just plain sad. The most recent attempt was last week's RAW crowd, where there was a short chant for JBL that died out quickly.


The Wyatt Family. The vignettes for the Wyatt Family debut have been delightfully creepy and extremely well done all around. The Bray Wyatt character in particular is one of the best characters to come out of creative in recent years and, in my opinion, the character will ultimately make people forget about the lukewarm run of Husky Harris.


Zeb Colter. With the exception of Paul Heyman, Zeb Colter is the best heel manager in the WWE right now and is more over as a heel than the guy he has managed (considering it's Jack Swagger, that's not saying much, I suppose). The character is done to perfection and Colter fits it perfectly. There's something to be said for the fact that the best part of the Del Rio/Swagger feud was Zeb Colter.


The Shield. For the most part, I completely agree with how The Shield is being booked. Giving them the United States and WWE Tag Team Titles was something that really should have happened sooner, but I'm just glad that they did it at all. In recent weeks, however, it seems as if The Shield has been put farther and farther down the card and their signature three-on-one attacks seem to be a rare occurrence, which makes me worry that they are starting to drop the ball with the trio.


Now, onto the bad stuff:


The Rock. Since he returned to the WWE, The Rock has been shoved down our throats and, if anything, it has harmed his legacy more than helped. The extensive amount of time that The Rock was away from the WWE has resulted in The Rock no longer having "it". Sure, it was kind of neat to see The Rock back, but it really wore thin quickly and, two years later, we were forced to endure The Rock getting one more run with the WWE Title. The title run should have never happened and the fact that we only saw the champion like once a month at best was what made it even more frustrating. I've never been a major fan of The Rock, but now I just hate him so much. If we never see The Rock in the WWE again, it will be too soon.


Alberto Del Rio. To me, Del Rio has fallen flat in all aspects of his WWE career. He is just dull and uninteresting, regardless of if he is a face or a heel. The fact that Ricardo Rodriguez was more over as a face than Del Rio should really tell the WWE that they need to just let Del Rio go back to Mexico.


Jack Swagger. Much like Del Rio, WWE has done everything they can to try and make Swagger into a main event star, but Swagger simply does not have it in him. They gave Swagger everything he needed to succeed, from an excellent manager in Zeb Colter to a (sort of) new, more intense gimmick, to the main event of WrestleMania. Outside of the fact that Swagger went and got himself slapped with a DUI right in the middle of his big push, Swagger has just failed in all aspects. Swagger is just unfixable at this point.


WWE's Booking of Antonio Cesaro. In 2013, Cesaro has been the victim of Creative's skewed booking. Much like a CM Punk or a Daniel Bryan, Cesaro is an extraordinary wrestler, but the difference comes with how Cesaro is booked. Somewhere along Cesaro's reign as the United States Champion, Creative decided that they did not like Cesaro and began the nosedive of Cesaro's career. From what I've read, those within the WWE (probably Vince) think Cesaro is "boring", but I find that very frustrating. The only reason that Cesaro is boring is because WWE refuses to give him a chance to be entertaining. I don't want to see Cesaro dancing like a moron (a la Brodus Clay or Tensai), but maybe let the guy cut a promo once in a while. I am really hoping that Cesaro's pairing with Zeb Colter means a turnaround in Cesaro's career.


I'm sure I'll think of some more stuff later on.

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The Shield


Punk/Taker at WM

Wyatt Family


Daniel Bryan

Brock Lesnar/Heyman

Antonio Cesaro

Ziggler cashing in

Henry (fake) retirement promo and WSL on Cena

Dolph/ADR - Payback

Punk/Cena - Raw (February)



Rocks return


Shield's also sudden negative push

Cena's title reign

Wade Barrett's lack there of push


Much more which I will add later

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I'd say the same about the first half of 2013 as I would about wrestling in general since probably 2002, with exception of ROH at it's peak. There's a minority of things which I think are great but then the rest is disappointing. I think The Shield are brilliant, I'm liking the look of the Wyatt Family, seeing Bryan get pushed heavily is really nice to see, I'm still buying into Punk, I like Lesnar, Ryback entertains me and I tend to enjoy the bigger shows, but then there's a whole lot of things which I either don't care about or that I think is awful. The product just isn't unpredictable enough for me at the moment.
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