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WWE 2K14


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Confirmed from Trailer

  • Randy Savage
  • Double Shellshock
  • Flapjack into Superkick


Okay, so it looks the same. Not that we expected an different, because the dev cycle started under THQ. But I like the look of things so far from the tiny glimpse we have right now. The only thing I can't stand is the cover. Screw Dwayne. Also it looks bland as hell. But fortunately, fans can submit their own designs and one will be picked to be the reversable cover, which is nice.


EDIT: Lied. I just remembered Austin's entrance hasn't changed. His default entrance still has him swivelling like an epileptic on the turnbuckles. Whoever mo-capped that need to be shot in the knee. Whoever made the decision to keep that animation for the past 5-7 years(!!) need to be shot in the face.

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Cover looks good to me. Always best to have the biggest star you are associated with on the cover. Plus its part of the uniform design of 2K games.


I'm shocked at how shit the graphics are of the wrestlers seeing as how great 2K make the NBA guys look in their games. These guys look terrible.

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2K have been dropping hints all week, but a leaked copy of the cover of the next issue of WWE Magazine gave away that Warrior was going to be in the game, so it's been quite funny seeing them hinting when WWE themselves blew the surprise.
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I'm not overly concerned about the graphics, but if it looks the way it does now it's showing that they haven't had time to make many improvements, and as Denton says that won't be until next year's game at the earliest. So with that in mind are they going to be charging full price for a game that isn't much more than a roster update? I bet they do.


It's a shame that they aren't waiting a year to release a new game on the next gen consoles, but I'm guessing they're contractually obliged to release one every year.

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JBL is officially in (as is the pre-Spinner WWE Championship belt). This leaves the confirmed roster looking like this -:


Ultimate Warrior


Dolph Ziggler

Shawn Michaels

Randy Savage


John Cena

Undertaker (Dark Side version)

Undertaker (Biker version)

The Rock

Steve Austin


Cory Ledesma (the Creative Director) gave an interview where he has said that this game will have the largest roster of any of the WWE games to-date.

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