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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - June 28, 2013 from Columbia, SC (#723)


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United States: Friday Night, June 28, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, June 28, at 10PM on SkySportsHD3



Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC


Confirmed Matches/Events


Dublin Street Fight:

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow


Build to Money-in-the-Bank

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing This Week


Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight. Lots of Irish props including a keg used. Fun!


The Miz interviewed Paul Heyman. Curtis Axel came out so Miz challenged him for the Intercontinental strap. Heyman blocked having the match to set up Axel attacking him.


Natalya defeated WWE Divas champ AJ Lee in a non-title match when Kaitlyn showed up dressed as AJ. Kaitlyn attacked AJ after the match.


Randy Orton pinned Kane with the RKO.


Ryback beat Justin Gabriel. Chris Jericho cut a promo on him after.


The Usos and Christian defeated The Shield in a really good match.


World champion Alberto Del Rio held a Fiesta Del Rio. Dolph Ziggler showed up and clobbered him with a guitar from one of the Mariachi players!

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WATCH THIS SHOW! It's fantastic.


The six man tag with The Shield(Believe) vs. Christian and the Usos was awesome. Can I please have an Usos tag title run? They really deserve one.


As much as it pains me to say so, I really liked the interaction between Cryback and Jericho and I'm even starting to look forward to their match at MITB. If anyone can make RoidBotch look good it's Y2J.


Hell, even Scumbg Sheamus was okay this week. The Street Fight with Sandow was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. I loved the Carlito spot with the potato.


The Kaitlyn and AJ stuff continues to be good even if they're using the cheapest of cheap impersonation tactics. At least it makes the Divas Division interesting.


Kane and Oton was good mainly because of Daniel Bryan. He's getting scarey good.


Fiesta Del Rio had Mariachi(Mariachi!), chips and salsa and a Dolph Ziggler faced pinata! This is easily one of, if not Alberto's best promo(dat accent!). Roberto got his ass beat down AND took an El Kabong! I simply loved everything about this. Their feud is building nicely.


I guess if I had to pick a weak segment it would be Miz TV. Heyman was great as always, but Miz and Curtis Axel weren't very good at all which is a shame because I see so much potential in Axel. He just doesn't have the 'IT factor.' Miz's Star Wars jokes were cringe worthey as is pretty much anything that comes out of that idiots mouth.


Overall great show that you guys should go out of your way to watch this week.

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Pretty much everything above.


Street Fight was pretty horrifically brutal and awesome. Some of those shots were just ridiculous. Sheamus was quiet early in 2013 but in the past month or so he has been back with an absolute vengeance, slaying every match he gets into.


Kane/Orton was a good Kane match. Daniel Mofoing Bryan. Ryback/Gabes was actually a hell of a thing, Gabes throwing the kitchen sink at Ryback, who barely scraped a win leading to the post-match stuff, it was pretty great. It's weird that Ryback is selling at all, but he's actually really good at it. JBL singing the Mariachi song made the entire main event segment worthwhile.


Its funny, halfway through the MizTV segment I thought Jesus, Heyman is some miracle worker, but surely not even he can do much with 2013 Miz and Curtis f*cking Axel. He sure tried though.


Kaitlyn does a good AJ impression, and it was nice that she came out to watch her girlfriend's match, but this entire feud is weird as all hell. And she made a rookie mistake accusing her of sleeping with Lillian. Lillian ain't down with no vajayjay unless it gives her some Stratusfaction, if you know what I'm saying. She's a one-woman kind of gal.

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There was actually a whole bunch of lesbian up in that segment, from the false Lillian/AJ accusation, which reminded me of the obviously very real Lillian/Trish pairing, and also my current favourite TV couple, Kaitlyn/Nattie.


Kaitlyn also looked a little like Trish as a brunette.


The main event segment needed more Alberto having a conversation with the pinata. "Oh, hello Rey Mysterio!" was amazing.

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I was really hoping Ricardo was gonna get a salsa bath especially since he was eating chips and salsa(I called foreshadowing but was wrong) during Albertos's promo but going through the table and eating that guitar was more than acceptable. The Rey line was great.


Now that you mention it, Kaitlyn kinda did look like brunette Trish. I like the Natty/Kaitlyn pairing especially when Momma Layla gets involved. Goddamn I love that woman.

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Loved the Dublin street fight, a great hard hitting brawl from two workers who whenever they get in the ring tear the house down. Really want WWE to push Sandow ahead now, he's got skills.


Orton/Kane was good, strange to see Orton getting his ass handed to him by Kane for a majority of the match. Loving Bryan's actions of late, he's becoming a top guy at last!!!!


Also strange to the shield lose as I thought they would start pushing then hard again. It's as if they are getting them ready for something big. I also think a Christian/Ambrose feud has potential.


Good entertainment with the fiesta!!! Loved ADR cutting his promo in Spanish, he should continue with that as it gives his character a certain edge. Ziggler looked good and his guitar playing was rather good. Can't wait for their MITB match

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Roman Reigns really needs to stop playing with his hair when he's selling. My dad walked in the room and went from "Woah look at that big heap!" to "How can you watch this sh*t?" in the space of like five seconds, because a guy who ate a turnbuckle and was supposedly in pain felt the need to brush the hair out of his face like a huge girl. He does it all the time, and it bugs me too.


I am loathe to criticise my boys though, because even though this was a very short sprint it was still another good Shield match. The finish in particular, with the Uso dives, Rollins' nutty dive and Ambrose turning to start his dive and getting SPEARED TO DEATH was spectacularly great. I also feel like the post-match was interesting in that Rollins and Reigns seemed to blame Ambrose for being pinned. Whether this, plus him going into/winning MITB is the beginning of the end, who knows. I think with them losing to the Usos in under 5 minutes on Smackdown, the bloom is off the protective booking rose, but I don't think that means the end of interesting developments by any means.

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I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end for the Shield as personally I feel have lots more to contribute


Agreed. They have made "three the new two" with the 6 man matches. Having a team who specialize in being a 3 man cohesive unit is a breath of fresh air and something which can be a long term fixture compared to bigger sized groups.


The aura didn't need to be broken but WWE have their reasons. Possibly they dont want two heel trio's of power at the same time to dilute eachother with the Wyatt family coming.



But what I really wanted to focus on is Ziggler. He has the potential to be a million bucks as a face and I really hope WWE go strong with the push with Ziggles on Smackdown and Bryan on Raw. He just seemed to have "it" in that short Mariachi singing segment at the end after dishing out the beating on Rodriguez and Del Rio.

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