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I'm not alone when I say AJ v Katilyn match at payback was one of the best womans match in a good while


It was paced and was relavent. they had a good story to work on and they had 10-15 mins for the match.


I just got read a great article about the match and it raised a good point about the commentary

Jerry and Cole sounded like pervy old men and it showed these two wrestlers no respect. I will not call them Diva's, they are wrestlers, for most of them


in the article they suggested an idea that the female wrestlers will stick up against Jerry for being sexist.

I dunno if they really want to go down that route


But would it be a bad idea to have one of the older female wrestlers join the commentary team

Don't make a big deal about it but just have one. for NXT or Main Event to begin with and see if it works.


what do you think can be done to help shape women wrestling in WWE today

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Well, first you've got to define this as either Women's Wrestling in general or the Divas division in the WWE.


Having a female co-commentator won't do squat to "improve" anything in reality, adding in an extra person for content that makes up probably an 8th of all TV time across a week. Jerry Lawler being a pervert is a gimmick he's been rocking for a long time now so again it's pointless to change that.


The reason the Divas division is so dreadful is because no one cares about it. General fans don't care, the divas match is the extended piss break on a show. Creative clearly don't care because they've never given the divas any interesting or innovative angles that weren't related to the male roster in some way. I doubt even Vince cares about the Divas, it;s just a way to get a bit of T and A on a PG show to try and placate some of the older male demographic.


I'd also say that the division itself has been pretty bereft of really good talent for a long time especially in terms of delivery of promos. I can't care about blonde woman getting in brunette woman's face, making some kind of ridiculous comment about how ugly ro fat she is and then brunette women calls blonde woman a bitch and that's an angle. It's boring.


There's also the fact that if the male roster is called cookie cutter these days the Divas are 10 times worse. There's almost no difference between any of them so how can you possibly care about any one diva beyond which ever one you'd like to b locked in a cupboard with for half an hour? At least TNA were smart enough to get some decent gimmicks going for the Knockouts and employ some different types of female wrestlers not 5'7 busty model types.

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good points well made


I remember being intrested and invested with some of Trish and Lita's feuds in early 2000's


AJ Kaitlyn feud has had tv time and is slightly investable. Hopefully they don't just give up on it and give the time to Khali joining Brodus Clay and Tensai to face 3MB


Woman's Wrestling has struggled to keep up with the the Male Wrestlers but I hope they invest in them more.

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It is amazing that the minute WWE gives the women an actual angle and then 8 minutes on PPV to work, they deliver and people flip out about it. You shouldn't, it happens every single time that WWE gives the women an actual angle and then 8 minutes on PPV to work.


If only they did it more than...Jesus, when even was the last time? Like 9 months ago with Eve. And then 12 months before that with the Boobs. So yes, more than once a year would be helpful.


On the actual topic, I don't think a female commentator works in reality because she would be put there solely to be buried/mocked. Much like male commentators, to be fair. She'd be a female Josh Mathews, and that doesn't really help anything. But on NXT, sure. Not really sure who would be viable in that position anyway. That is something to ponder.

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