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Ladders Rd 1 #9: Christian vs Shelton / MITB 4

Jimmy Redman

Better match?  

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  1. 1. Better match?

    • Christian vs Shelton Benjamin
    • Money in the Bank 4

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Shelton jumping from high places, or...Shelton jumping from high places?


ECW Title Ladder Match - TLC 2009

Christian vs Shelton Benjamin




Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Wrestlemania 24

Punk vs Shelton vs Morrison vs Carlito vs Jericho vs MVP vs Kennedy



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Christian / Shelton was such a great match. Probably CC's best ECW match.


Really? Wow.


Christian's 2009/ECW run was one of the best runs of TV work in recent company history. He had the transcendentally great Swagger matches, plus any number of great matches with every scrub that remained on that brand from Regal to Dreamer to Zack to Burchill to Ezekiel freaking Jackson.


The Shelton match is fine, and I can forgive it for not being able to live up to impossible expectations, but doesn't really stand out as a ladder match and to me doesn't come close to Christian's best ECW matches.


If you said it was Shelton's best ECW match I could believe it.

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Serious? Bugger, it worked fine for me. Oh well, I'm sure you can find it easy enough if you want to.


And yeah, I really, really love MITB 4, I think it is easily the third best MITB match (which is higher praise than it sounds) and actually after re-watching WM23, it is a lot closer to MITB 3 than I had previously thought.


I'd choose this over most matches in this tournament, let alone Christian/Shelton which, as I say, was fine but ultimately underwhelming and not a top tier ladder match.

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