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Ladders Rd 1 #7: Edge vs Flair TLC / Jeff vs Aries

Jimmy Redman

Better match?  

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  1. 1. Better match?

    • Edge vs Ric Flair
    • Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

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The first ever singles TLC match, or the latest Jeff Hardy ladder match?


Please remember to state your reasons for voting too. It is more interesting if we discuss things, and I do want to know what people think about these matches.


WWE Title TLC Match - Raw 16th January 2006

Edge vs Ric Flair




TNA World Title Ladder Match - Turning Point 2012

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries



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I think I am going to be controversial here and pick Jeff vs Aries.


Edge vs Flair is a lot of fun, and spectacular watching 176 year old Ric Flair go through what he went through in 2006, starting with this match. But in a year chock full of great ladder matches it trails behind the top level ones.


All I remember from watching Jeff vs Aries live is the absurdly suicidal bumps Jeff went through. But my memory sells it short because it was a pretty awesome match. In particular I really loved Aries in this working as a thinking man's wrestler. Doing things like moving the action away from the ladders early, immediately discarding broken ladders, burying Jeff under rubble to buy himself time, all those kind of things really added to it and perfectly showed Aries' approach to it. Not to mention raising the belts in a moment of Heel Genius. And Jeff repeatedly dying for our sins. A really excellent match. Aries was unstoppable in 2012.

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