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Ladders Rd 1 #4: WGTT vs Eddie & Tajiri / Four-way TLC

Jimmy Redman

Better match?  

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  1. 1. Better match?

    • WGTT vs Eddie & Tajiri
    • Kane vs Edge vs Rey vs Alberto

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Eddie and Tajiri being awesome babyfaces, or Edge being a sh*tty babyface?


WWE Tag Team Title Ladder Match - Judgment Day 2003

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri




World Heavyweight Title TLC Match - TLC 2010

Kane vs Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto del Rio



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Sorry I've been slack with this already, real life got in the way hugely this week. Anyway, back into it.


The four-way is actually a pretty great match. It is buried a little by being a last-minute decision for the SD Title and during a really, REALLY bad title program, but this match in isolation was a bunch of fun.


Still, the tag match for the deserved win here. What strikes me watching it is how good a tag team match it is, if that makes sense; for the vast majority of the match both teams stuck together and were working together and using ladders to double team, as opposed to the 'take a shot, powder out, come back in' rotation system you often get in multi-man ladder matches. Yet at the same time of course guys get taken out by big bombs, and Jesus there were a couple of big bombs here, from the WGTT Move from the ladder onto a ladder, to the Hilo Sandwich, to the really nasty powerslam, to Haas spilling to the floor and dying.


What I also love about this match is knowing what the future holds for WGTT and particularly Mr S. Benjamin. In 2007 WGTT work ladder match legends the Hardyz in a ladder match and push them to the limit, because in the meantime Shelton has also become a ladder match legend himself. But here in 2003, these guys are big greenies, young amateur-style wrestlers. They have ZERO idea how to have a ladder match, and to their credit, they act like it. They wander around and waste time dithering about what on earth to do with the ladders, and how. They do things that look awkward and don't come off properly. They don't set up the ladder under the belts. About all that they can execute well is putting a ladder under a familiar move (the WGTT Move), and basic 'swing a ladder at someone' type stuff. Little things like that, and it is all utterly BRILLIANT at demonstrating their level of experience. And it makes The Amelioration of Shelton Benjamin: Ladder Match Worker all the more interesting as a result.

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