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Ladders Rd 1 #2: Tag Team Four-Way / MCMG vs Gen Me

Jimmy Redman

Better match?  

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  1. 1. Better match?

    • Londrick vs MNM vs Hardyz vs Regal/Taylor
    • MCMG vs Generation Me

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More flippydo tag teams than you can shake a stick at!


WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Ladder Match - Armageddon 2006

London & Kendrick vs Hardy Boyz vs MNM vs Regal & Taylor




TNA Tag Team Championship Full Metal Mayhem Match - Final Resolution 2010

Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me



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Couldnt disagree more. FMM was pretty fun in a completely co operative, contrived stuntfest kind of way. And I say that with love. Nick Jackson in particular looked good, and there was a bunch of cool spots up in this. Both teams are in their element when they have the freedom to go absolutely batsh*t insane with ridiculously complex highspots. I miss the Bucks.


But I think the Armageddon match is one of the more unheralded matches of the decade. It has so much more going for it. Londrick as the new babyface tag team aces coming up against the Hardyz as the veteran babyface tag team aces having one last run. MERCURY'S FACE and Nitro soldiering on alone. Regal and Taylor being scared of heights but finding some gloriously shiny new toys with which to beat people's faces in. Paul London becoming a deceased person multiple times. And of course JBL. This was much better to me in pretty much every way - bigger feel, better stories playing out in the match, better spots, bigger bumps, more drama, better commentary, and so on.

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