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FWA coming to Newport


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FWA 2 are touring in Bolton and Morecambe which are near you Peter (I think). Why not send an email to the FWA giving them details of possible venues is Wisbech and maybe in the future they'll consider holding a card up there. It's worth a try Peter.
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Originally posted by Pabster

Where the hell is Wisbech anyway? I always thought you lived off Blackpool and both of those towns I mentioned are close to Blackpool.


Ah! I've confused you!


Blackpool...........what I meant was that Blackpool IS my favourite vacation spot whilst I live in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.


If you get a road map altas and look for Cambridge and look carefully as Wisbech is somewhere out of Cambridge, I live in East Anglia........


Hope I've cleared this up mate.



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