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"Suicidal Superstar" Josh Gavin

Josh Gavin

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Name: Josh Gavin

Height: 6'0

Weight: 180 Pounds

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Nicknames: The Highlight Of High Risk, The Excellence Of Xtreme, The X-Factor, The Main Event, The Opposor Of Authority, The Most Charismatic, Exciting, Entertaining, Trash Talking, Behind Kicking, Death Defying, Crowd Pleasing, Seat Filling, Title Winning, Hall Of Fame Earning, Unstoppable Force Of A Man To Ever Hit Professional Wrestling, The Rogue Faith, The Suicidal Superstar.

Entrance Theme: "Fuel" By Metallica

Alignment: Babyface

FB Profile: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Suicidal-Superstar-Josh-Gavin-ECW-A-New-EraNCWEWF/274876075950786


Quick Bio:


Raised only by his mother, his father (Whom turned out to be the famous wrestler "The Maine Attraction") having left before he was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Josh Gavin garnered a passion for Professional Wrestling at the age of 9. At 18, Gavin was trained at Arizona-based Moosejaw Wrestling School. From there, his career took off after being signed to The FrontLine Federation, and being trained further and more advanced by his mentor, Jay Hova.


Over the years, Gavin established himself as a fan favorite character. He was serious, mixed with some humor and a laid back personality. He became famous for his high risk maneuvers, and undeniable charisma that Hova had managed to show Gavin he had inside his entire life.


Title after title, company after company… Gavin has wrestled for about 3 years now, and his fame continues to grow. Where will this epic journey take Gavin next? Only time will tell.



Gimmick: A man of the people, quick witted, sarcastic, but with a heart of gold at the same time. Sarcastic, witty, humorous and serious are all words that can describe the "Suicidal Superstar" but still don't do him justice. One would need to hear him speak, and speak with him themselves to truly see what kind of person Gavin is inside and outside the ring. What some don't realize though, is the man has a split personality. One on end lies the usual mix of serious and witty personality traits that people know and love him for, along with maybe even a bit of arrogance and confidence. On the other end is a side that though hasn't shown it's face in recent years, plagues the minds of Gavin fans of old. The cold, deranged psychopath inside that when certain things happen, rages and spells disaster for the culprit. Gavin becomes a ruthless madman, wielding a steel chair in barbed wire that may or may not reek of gasoline, mercilessly mowing down anyone in his way, Face or Heel to get to the goal.










59166_309187469186313_1120409216_n.jpg (Older picture, but just meant to show ring gear, except for the missing wrestling boots that were recently added)


Entrance: [video=youtube;5-uvQD1Tpz4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-uvQD1Tpz4




Signature Moves:


Suicidal Spear (Goldberg Styled Spear. Can be done while running, as well as reversing a high risk maneuver)


Suicidal Press (Shooting Star Press)



Superkick. (Was before a tribute to Jimmy Tsunami and Jimmy Dunn, but is now used normally as a Signature)




Finishing Moves:


Burning Impact (Modified Samoan Driver. Main Finisher)


Dragon’s Claw (Cross Armbreaker. Set up while standing on occasion, but normally on the ground, sometimes right after Burning Impact)

Edited by Josh Gavin
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Hey Josh,


No need for the massive moveset so I've trimmed that out.


Couple of points:


3 signature moves maximum and The Canadian Destroyer is taken as a finisher for someone else so that needs removing


When you say modified can you explain how exactly? Mostly this is about Burning Impact and 99 Problems.


Other than that great profile! :)

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Couple Of Points:


The three signatures I'll take are the Siegner Cutter, The Suicidal Press and the Superkick.


That leaves out 99 Problems, so that'll go. Burning Impact is basically similar to Chris Sabin's finisher, except done with more impact. Best I can think of is if you went into a WWE game with CAF and hit "Falcon Arrow" as the end point, you'd get something like that.


Found an old video of when I did the character's signatures like, 2 years ago. The last move shown is basically how it's done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq9xSH0YS_w




Edited by Josh Gavin
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The more I think about it the RKO as a sig move just kind of, well it's one of those few moves which in real life has some kudos as a finisher. Can we go woth the press, spear and the superkick. They are better sigs since they ca be kicked out of asy enough.


Also, you need to explain in words not vids how something is modified. the expectatioin is that is how you;d be able to describe themove being set up and being hit in the fed.


Otherthan that get posting! :)

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3 sig, 2 finishers. it's mostly to stop people hogging all the cool movez (Hey Gringo!). As you can see a lot of moves are in use so we try to keep them from being over used. The superkick has been over used for so long now though that it's gone into the weird realm of fine as a sig and for one person to use as a finisher.
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I've tended to use the Siegner Cutter as a mix of a signature and a finisher, being able to function as both during matches depending on what point it's used in the match. But since the rules are different here, I'll go with the Superkick, Suicidal Press and Suicidal Spear as sigs and Burning Impact and Dragon's Claw as finishers.
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Awesome, if you just edit your first post to reflect that then I'd be more than happy for you to start posting. Welcome to the fed! :)


Now, this latest show is that last before a PPV so what I'd suggest is that you do a hype vignette hyping your arrival at the PPV and we'll probably have you debut in the battle royal (our version of the Rumble). For the PPV itself you could either do another vignette or maybe a backstage interview just giving everyone a flavour of the character.


Sound ok?

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