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Ten Questions : DraVen


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12. Who do you find yourself agreeing with more out of Boyo and Ryan when it comes to Arsenal, and why?

Both, to be honest, because they both come from completely different yet valid positions. Boyo is optimistic about the team he loves and is able to appreciate the negative truths yet still find strengths where others may only see weaknesses. Ryan is more pessimistic, but only because he wants his team to be the best that they can be and is eternally frustrated with their slow plunge down the table. You have to ask yourself which one you'd be if your team were in the same situation. Look at Liverpool fans: I've seen some Boyos and I've seen some Ryans. Were it United, I may lean towards being a Ryan with a hint of Boyo, but even when we lose stupid games I have traits of both in what I think.


Neither is right or wrong. There is no right or wrong way to support your club. I find both as right and wrong as each other, just about different things.


But since I'm a United fan, I enjoy the pessimism more. So, Ryan!


In your face Boyo! There's gonna be a party on the streets of Ireland tonight! :lol


Nah only joking, i don't even live in Ireland. You are right about it though Draven neither of us are right or wrong, because there can't be a right or wrong about it, we're just on completely opposite sides when it comes to how Arsenal are doing things at the moment.

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Oh yeah, almost forgot - Big Show's Knockout Punch. Although I imagine that being hit square in the jaw by a 400lbs mountain of muscle trained fighter with fists the size of a human head WOULD be extremely unpleasant, I think I've read somewhere (on TWO a few years ago probably) that, if all moves were delivered in reality, the Unprettier would be the most painful/damaging?


Personally speaking, the move that I would go for would be the.... oh crumbs, what's it called and who did it..? Hardcore Holly did it, I'm sure, and it was either the Alabama Slam or the Flapjack? Was there a move called the Flapjack? Coincidentally I have just had a bit of Flapjack for lunch, so that could be it :lol.


It was very simple; it started off as a fireman's carry and then he just slammed you on the back of your head, neck, shoulders. Flapjack, I'm sure of it.



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