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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - February 11, 2013 from Nashville, TN (#1029)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, February 11, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, February 12, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3



Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN


Confirmed Matches/Events


The Rock to Appear


Final Build to Elimination Chamber

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Mark Henry's return has been spectacular so far. Doing the WSS to Khali, and then to hornswoggle was awesome. Henry is a great heel.


Rock's promo was horrible, and the finish with punk didn't impress me much. I know they are trying to go for Rock/Cena II at mania but damn I wish they would give the belt back to punk.


Dutch Mantell in 2013 is probably the most randomest but at the same kickass return I can remember, and his promo is on the borderlines of attitude era stuff, talking about illegals in america and the real americans getting screwed. Although it looked like he just got home a weekend fishing trip the way he was dressed. Also goes to show you how today's fans are so out of the history of pro wrestling. Mantell was a big deal back in his day and that crowd seemed to not have a clue who was following swagger down the aisle. Where they are going with Swagger intrigues me alot.


Overall alot of stuff impressed me this week. Ambrose on the mic was awesome, Heyman was a gem again, and the shield segment was pretty good as a whole. Swaggers squash of Zak Ryder looked great, as did Henry's squash. Jericho/Bryan was my favorite match of the night. Jericho just seems to have new life and energy and D. Bryan was able to get away from the Team Hell No stuff and have a solid match again.

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I'm confused. At first, when Vince added the "if the Rock gets DQ'ed or counted out" stipulation to the match I immediately thought the Shield will come out and attack Punk so that Rocky get's DQ'ed and wins the WWE title.....but then the show finished with Punk delivering the G2S on the Rock and we all know that whoever comes out on top on RAW before the PPV (usually) loses.


LOVED the SHIELD's segment. Thought every guy was great in their delivery, even Reigns. I also like how Ryback, Sheamus and Cena are doing SHIELD-esque attacks on the Shield to get even.


Daniels vs Jericho was really, really good.


Dolph vs Kane was really, really good. It's incredible to me how good Ziggler is at selling and bumping. Incredible. Show off!

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This has to mean Swagger/Alberto at Wrestlemania? Surely. :lol


I've just watched that promo. They surely can't carry on with this without someone getting butthurt. Some sponsor will jump off and they'll abandon Jack Swagger/Zeb Coulter.

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