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XTV 1:18 Dallas TX, Close date 26th Feb

The Fury

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Let the fun begin!


The cameras cut to Dragons locker room to reveal the chaotic one, much to the crowds delight. He’s wearing a towel and looks like he’s been out of a steamy hot shower….with the mask still on. He searches for his Ipod and plugs in it his speakers. Chaos Dragon turns it on and scrolls through the songs to find a song that he likes. He begins to move his hips as the song “Show me your genitals.”




Dragon keeps swinging and dancing around to the point that his towel drops to the ground. He gets into character with the song that he even sings to Tinkerbell the camel.


CD-“You’re talking to me about stuff why? I’d rather see your titties…I”


Some of the crowd laugh hard but others are hesitant with the choice of song by the chaotic one.


CD-“Show me your genitals….Your Genetalia.”


Dragon is smiling away, lifting his hands in the air and fist pumping ask he keeps on dancing to the song.


CD-“Knock Knock, who’s there? It’s me! Wondering why you’re not naked!”


Dragon turns around and is frozen imminently as to his horror, Donald Erics is in front of him after entering his locker, wondering what dragon is doing alone. They immediately look at each other during this awkward moment, while Erics eventually tries to avoid looking at Chao’s personal parts.


CD-“Why didn’t you knock?”


DE-“I did….ten times!”


The crowd laugh as the pair keep on looking at each other, with dragon scratching his head into how he didn’t hear Donald knock on the door.




DE-“Emm…You wanted to have a chat?”


CD-“Yes have a sit down!”


Erics pulls a seat and sits down to see what the chaotic one has to say. But Erics is still confused into why dragon is sitting down, still naked.


DE-“Emm shouldn’t you cover up?”


CD-“Dude you’ve seen my penis now, no point in covering. Unless penises freak you out?”


DE-“Oh no I can go in a room full of…Hey wait no!”


The crowd laugh harder as dragon immediately grabs the towel, feeling and worrying that Erics may be swinging on the other side when it comes to personal interests.


DE-“I didn’t mean that!”


CD-“It’s ok, I think I get you. Look I just wanted to have a little talk to say thanks about the match last week. You didn’t have to let me get the pinfall, but it was very nice of you.”


DE-“You’re welcome Mr..I mean Chaos Dragon.”


CD-“Oh you can call me Sir now.”


Erics is again confused into dragon’s antics, but see’s he has a good heart and goes with it.


DE-“Ok Sir Dragon. So I take it you’re having a shower before your match tonight?”


CD-“Oh I’ve already been in.”


DE-“But your mask…”


The crowd once again laugh into the Chaos Dragon, refusing to break the old luchdore tradition of never taking the mask off. Erics warms his arms up as he approaches to discuss their upcoming matches. Dragon gets another towel and dries up his mask that he wears and his body, getting ready to dress up for the match tonight.


DE-“So how are you doing to approach tonight? I mean they are big guys and your style may, as those think, as a disadvantage.”


CD-“Got it sorted already dude,”




CD-“Yeap, now if masturbator and commander Eagles and his little butt buddies want to play games, let them. But they forget no one plays a game like the chaotic one. So I have a little plan which will not only get me the upper advantage, get me a lot of laughter, but will eventually get my revenge on the craft and hence everyone will be happy.”


Dragons does the happy dance from the film Baseketball, also keeping up the tradition by singing “I’m doing the happy dance” repeatedly.


DE-“But how do you plan to do that?”


CD-“Ok, you ever heard the saying the bigger they are, the harder they fall?”


DE-“Well yeah…”


CD-“This will do it in so many ways!”


Chaos Dragon reveals a bottle of extra lubricant laxatives that has a hazardous warning sign in the front bottle. Erics takes a look at the bottle up close, revealing to the crowd that the only recommended amount for maximum efficiency should just be half a pill, along with the warning that excessive pill taking may result in serious stomach problems for several weeks. Donald is very hesitant about dragon’s ways to get the win despite wanting to get redemption for the beating he took last week.


DE-“But isn’t that kind of…well…cheating?”


CD-“It isn’t “kind of” cheating…It is cheating dude! But think of this way. You get to see the craft crap their pants like Kobe Bryant during the trial, we get the victory, and we dance and celebrate and drink hot sweet alcohol off a ladies stomach! It’s a win win situation!


DE-“I would to see them get embarrassed, but I’m not so sure…”


CD-“Look, you’re new to this world. I can tell by the marks of when your gran hit you in your twenties. But trust me, I will teach you the ways of being….chaotic. With my advice and guidance, you won’t be the future, you’ll be right here right now! And to do that, we have to show the craft how we role…..knee deep in laxatives!”


Erics is encouraged as the crowd chant Dragon and Eric’s name! He smiles and nods his head, shaking dragons hand.


DE-“Does this mean me and you are….partners?”


Dragon once again sprints to the wall so Erics doesn’t see his backside. Erics shakes his head and puts his hands up immediately indicating that isn’t what he meant.


DE-“Oh no!!!”


CD-“Relax dude, I’m kidding. Though you did mean tag team partners right?”


Erics nods in agreement.


CD-“Then here’s to a good journey in tag team AND singles division to us both. Let’s celebrate to that!”


DE-Sound’s good to me!”


Dragon nods and gets the laxative bottle.


CD-“And there’s nothing like getting a party started than with you putting the laxatives in their food and drink!”


Donald’s smile drops to shock as Chaos reveals how the plan will happen.


DE-“Why me!”


CD-“They won’t expect you dude. Now find your balls and empty this bottle into their stuff!”


Donald tries to remember it’s payback for the unfair beating he got last week for helping his fellow roster member and perhaps friend. He takes a couple of big breaths as he nods to take the laxative bottle to put in his pocket. He looks around before the chaotic one telling him they‘re in a private locker room and that no one is looking since the doors shut.


CD-“Good man I’ll meet you at yours before you go out for your match.”


DE-“Okay…I’ve never done this stuff before…But they do deserve it. What are you doing?”


CD-“I’m going to get ready to beat mr steroids. But first I think I’ll enjoy watching them going into their locker room…”


The camera cuts to the craft. Christopher Ryan Eagles, Drew and Marc Wilkinson walking into their locker room. The cancer is walking confidently following his win last week while the craft are happy to get one up on the odd couple team after last week.


DW-“I seriously can’t wait to murder that pipstreak.”


MW-“Me too, tonight finally, the craft and yourself sir, is back on this companies map!”


CRE-“Let’s get focused and prepare as much as we can.”


But when the craft go in, they are met with the repeated tape recording of German.




The craft are shocked to arrive to see their entire locker room from top to bottom, is covered in swastika posters, stamps and leaflets. The recording is loud and can be heard all the way through the alleys and locker room. Christopher Ryan Eagles immediately tries to stop the recording, but Dragon has superglued the buttons so they can’t turn it off! As people walk past and hear curiously what is going, they peep through to see the craft’s locker room is full of pro nazi followings. The cancer tells the tag team to break the tape recorder to stop the recording. Marc Wilkinson immediately slams it on the ground and stamps it multiple times with his feet, eventually halting the recording.


CRE-“You are going to murder them all after this tonight!”


…”What the f-“


The camera turns to reveal general manager Arron Winter, who had overheard the german and comes to see the craft’s locker room full of everything nazi. Eagles tries to explain but Winter cuts them off.


AW-“This is disgusting! You three, my office….NOW!”


The craft before they catch up with winter are reeling after the latest fight back from the chaotic one. The brothers vow to do what is needed to be done tonight, following the latest prank that makes the craft anti-semitic and pro nazi once again…Is this the start of what could be a very bumpy road and feud?

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The foundation is laid.


XTV opens up with general manager Arron Winter in the middle of the ring. The Estonian acknowledges the fans by waving at them and nodding. The general manager is smartly dressed with an expensive suit, but the beast isn’t here to talk about that as his mind on focused on matters that need to be addressed.


Announcer-“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring….General Manager Arron Winter!!”


The crowd cheer and chant Winter’s name as the announcer confirms his presence. He requests his music to cease as he gets ready to address the audience, and those in the back.


AW-“Thank you, it means a lot for you guys to give me the support tonight here. I don’t say this a lot and maybe I should do more often, but you guys are fricking awesome!”


The TWO Stars universe shout louder as Winter gives them their deserved praise. This is followed by “Winter! Winter! Winter!”


AW-“I’ll briefly go over the upcoming events that we all get to see. Battle Royale is not far away and we finally have our main event with Hayden Dyas defending the TWO Stars heavyweight title against Frankie Thomson!”


The crowd cheer at the thought of Thomson getting his revenge.


AW-“We have our battle royale rumble to determine a new number one contender for the TWO Stars heavyweight championship!”


The crowd once again cheer as they anticipate the pay per view.


AW-“And then we have what I believe will be another epic match for all of you to see in the rematch of Bryan Dammage against Dan Fox!”


The crowd boo Fox’s name, followed by the chant of “Fox Sucks!”


AW-“Which brings me to Fox, and his little fat advisor Paul Gray…Now somehow, some way. Gray has managed to convince my fellow GM’s and the board of directors to advise that I should be banned from ringside due to “personal emotional involvement” which is quite bull. But Gray himself is banned too from ringside so we will see a good old fashioned fair fight!.....That is what I would have thought until last shows events.”


Winter takes a moment to pause before continuing his speech.


AW-“Last week Paul Gray claimed he was the father of something called “Rebellium”, this was then followed by one of my superstars and one of TWO Stars great workers, Lucian Jones, being attacked by Dan Fox and taken by some guys in masks and camouflage. Now Gray can try whatever he wants, but everything he’s done to get me unemployed has failed….But take out one of my guys wrongfully, you’re going to need an explanation before it’s the end for you! As the old saying goes…No one comes to my backyard and pisses on it!”


The crowd cheer Winter again.


AW-“The masked men you pay cheap for Paul isn’t going do anything. But you have pissed my off enough by paying them to take Jones out. So Paul Gray….I’m not asking….I’m DEMANDING you to come out and explain yourself!”


The crowd all look to the stage as they expect the man everyone hates to emerge on the screen. Winter is relaxed as he makes the motion with his hands to Gray to come down to the ring. All are still waiting for the advisor to the technical mauler to come out.


But suddenly the lights all go out which take Winter and the crowd by surprise. The tron then turns on to the multi coloured standby still with some crackling coming from the P.A system. The screen then crackles and eventually reveals the letter R on the logo.






(From the P.A system) PG-“Come all! Come all! The time is now for you to join the fight against evil! Sign up and take arms to take on the forces that stop you from doing what’s right! We welcome everyone and anyone to join the cause of taking over and ending a dictatorship that has done so many cruel and unimaginable atrocities to their own kind. Come all! Come all! Join the fight…Command….Conquer…REBEL!”


The music halts as the tron goes completely black as the crowd are all confused into what they saw, which appeared to be a propaganda video by Gray. This is followed by for several seconds by complete darkness until this appears on the tron.


“up•ris•ing (up-ri-zing)


1. A sometimes limited popular revolt against a constituted government or its policies; a rebellion.

2. The act or an instance of rising or rising up.”






The lights go back up to reveal Paul Gray sitting in the corner, smirking away and wearing senior army gear, like he is trying to potray he is the governor of his newly created establishment. Winter catches him with the corner of his eye and immediately walks over to confront him. The pair stare each other down for several seconds with the crowd chanting “Winter!” over and over to support the general manager.


AW-“I don’t know what you’re trying to prove, but it ends right now…”


PG-“Prove? I’m not proving anything…I’m starting something that someone should have started a long time ago. I’m nurturing the seeds of an movement, a movement for change. A movement for understanding…A movement for overthrowing…”


The crowd “Oh” out loud. But Winter smirks and isn’t buying it.


AW-“You have said the same old story ever since you got here and what’s been done? Board of directors haven’t fired me, your so called ideological change hasn’t happened. Fox isn’t champion, and you’re sure as hell are not the sitting on the throne!”


PG-“Your little words got to me first, but after so much has happened I went back to the drawing board and realised that you were right. My attempts failed, but not this time. I went back to the board….seen my advisors and spoken to some people here about how this establishment has been built on inequality, discrimination and egotism. This place, and I did read it’s history, was thriving! Until you came back and now barely anyone speaks their mind, or get’s a deserved opportunity. So many people here needed someone to stand up to you and say enough is enough….and I grabbed the chance and the foundations….to say I am that man!!!”


The crowd boo Gray loud.


PG-“You see this isn’t about me and Fox, though he will win the tag match tonight on his own. I’m doing this because with every establishment in every social aspect there comes a time where change is overdue. You Mr Winter, are overdue.”


AW-“You think you’re going to be able to do this? Huh? I was the one that helped save the place! If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have a job! My goals, my blood and my life is in this place to make it better! How dare you say that I am not for the greater good of TWO stars! If it wasn’t in this job you’d be already in a paramedics van to hospital for that!”


PG-“That is why I’m doing this! You use your presence and your intimidating aura to stop people for suggesting change! You stop people from being put in the roles they should be, you stop matches and change them at will, you prevent people from being what they can be in this place! Our champion here feels under privileged, you let Frankie Thomsons lose a match he didn’t bleed in to lose, you let Lucian Jones be a jobber, You let the cancer Christopher Ryan Eagles dwindle to make that he is a nobody, you let Dan Fox not reach his potential! NO ONE HERE IS GETTING THE TREATMENT THEY DESERVER IN THIS COMPANY APART FROM YOU! And I have had enough of it, so when I said last show war was declared…I mean it….A king reigns whether it be good, bad, for the people or in your case, for himself…and then he dies….It’s inevitable Arron. It’s inevitable.”




AW-“You are blood drunk for me. You only see what you want to see. You don’t look at the work people like me and others put in. You cry but you don’t do anything about it. Thomson didn’t whine like a bitch when he lost, he got on with it and got his title shot! Jones stood up for his own beliefs and you shot him down by taking him out. Bryan Dammage speaks and does his own mind but you didn’t hear him complain, he got on with it because he knows that was the right thing to do. You and Fox’s little group ends tonight. If Fox wants to fight me one on one, then tell him to step into my office and I’ll happily negotiate! But mark my words I will NEVER quit my job and as long as the fans chant my name and praise my work…I will fight for this company to keep it away from the hands of pieces of s**t like you!”


Oh! Winter! Winter! Winter!”


AW-“So take your little group, shove up your ass or do whatever you like, and say to yourself your little campaign to get me fired is over. Because I’m here to stay!”


Gray smirks and laughs away before walking up towards the general manager again.


PG-“Fired? I’m not doing this to get you fired. I’m not going to stop everything that I have done when you’re out of a job. I….I mean we are going to keep on going until every trace of the old regime is exterminated. I’m not doing this alone Arron… This isn’t just about you……THIS IS AN UPRISING!!!”


The lights suddenly go out as the arena is completely black once again. Gray can be heard laughing on his microphone while Winter drops his on the ground.


PG-“Because I have got the ammunition to bring this forward. I have got the bodies to give you a physical fight! People you don’t know and admittedly have been paid to take you and the guys that side with you out along with people each and every one of you guys see every week are on my side! Because they want change! They want an overthow…They want as the latins use to say…A REBELLIUM!”






The lights go out as the chorus begins the sing in the song, which reveals Fox in the ring with army trousers and a balaclava mask, while wearing an armband with the initial R on it. Winter and Fox square at each other with Fox’s eyes visibly showing that he is smiling at the general manager. But before Winter can speak to Dan, the camera cuts to see several of the other masked men across the arena on top of the stairs. They completely surround the arena with an overall rough count of about six masked guys plus Fox and Gray in the ring. The six masked men walk down to the stairs and make their towards the ring, with Winter being surrounded. All of their bodies are covered in army gear, skull balaclavas with the R armband. You can barely see any skin apart from their eyes on them. They eventually get down to the guard rail as they all look at Gray & Fox, who nod as they all jump over the guard rail and surround the ring. Winter looks around in case any of them try to enter the ring to attack him. Winter goes to walk towards the pair, but the masked men immediately step up onto the ring mat. Arron realises that even going near him may result in the attack, which makes Gray laugh loudly much to the crowds annoyance. He grabs the mic as he cockily smiles back.


PG-“As that music says….We’re shouting the calling cry of freedom. I have my army at the ready, and we ain’t going to stop until we’re all dead. If you dare try to get in me and my fellow comrade Fox’s way tonight in his match, I will sent the dogs to rip you apart….Let battle commence!”


Gray drops the mic as him and Fox leave the ring to join up with their fellow stable mates.




This music begins to play which seems to indicate as their official anthem. They all leave through the crowds again. Winter now understands that Gray is going for his biggest shot yet to get him out of a job and defiantly shakes his head at them. The newly formed group, now officially known as Rebellium, leave and are barely seen again as Winter prepares himself for a new war in TWO Stars

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Lucian L. Jones arrives


We find ourselves at ringside, where Paul Heyman and JR are sat in their usual positions, ready to give us the short and skinny on the evening’s action.


JR: We’re coming to you live tonight from the big D, that’s Dallas, Texas, and we’re rolling on our way towards the 2013 edition of Battle Royale…


PH: Well we know one guy who won’t be qualifying for Battle Royale if last week is anything to go by!


JR: I’m assuming my broadcast colleague is referring to the heinous assault of Lucian L. Jones last show by a gang of masked marauders. We’re gonna take you back to see exactly what happened, but I have to warn you that this isn’t the most pleasurable of viewing…


PH: Really? I could watch it all day…pass the popcorn!


We cut to a replay of events that transpired on the previous edition of XTV:


PG: “How dare you…How dare you call me a fat f**k! I may have the body of the Buddha but I have a mind that would kill to have! It’s quite clear that you’ve been brain washed into believing Winter’s crap! I genuinely thought you Lucian, could work with me, and you still can! But ask me this, the legendary Lucian Jones. Mr black stereotype…or as Dragon likes to call you for some stupid reason, Mr long legged black daddy. What have you achieved since you came back under Winter huh? YOU’VE WON NOTHING! YOU’RE NOT EVEN A MAIN EVENTER! YOU WERE RELEGATED TO BEING A JOBBER! While you were busy trying to avoid the dreaded label…Fox was main eventing! My client has not fallen off the ladder DESPITE Winter’s attempts. You haven’t even got back on the horse because Winter drags it away from you. Now Lucian…I’m not going to ask again. Join us….Ignore the retards that are booing me! Realise that your potential needs to be recognised once more and join me in this war….”


The crowd boos as loud as they have since the show started following Gray’s insults He looks around at the crowd who cheer his name on.




He nods as he puts the microphone near his lips once more.


LLJ: “I’ll be perfectly back on that horse when I whip that white ass of Fox’s tonight!”


Gray shakes his head as he declines his offer. He begins to laugh out of nowhere which intrigues Jones and the crowd. He sarcastically claps his hands and mocks Jones which gets under the Sultan of swaggers skin.


PG: “Such a shame to believe in an ideology that doesn’t exist….I’ll make sure you’ll be the first casualty…f*****g stupid black s**t!”


LLJ: “Watch your language before I smack it out your mouth little fat man!”


PG: “Watch it? Watch it?! I ain’t no ones bitch. I will do what I want and when I want to…..Because I am the father….of REBELLIUM!”


Gray smacks Jones mouth so hard that the noise can be heard all the way around the arena. Jones’ eyes widen open and he hits a straight right hook to Gray’s Jaw who goes down to the mat. Lucian opens several punches to Paul’s forehead, before getting his tie and strangling him with it.


Suddenly through the crowd, Dan Fox emerges and jumps off the apron and sprints to the ring and attacks Jones from behind. Fox hits heavy elbow strikes to the back of his head despite the visibly injuries he sustained from the pay per view. Fox does the cut throat sign and locks in a rear naked choke in the middle of the ring onto Jones. The king of the bling flaps his arms around trying to wriggle and escape but Fox has got the submission locked in tight. To add to the embarrassment, Gray gets up and begins to spit on Jones, kicking his ribs and mocking him. The manager then mocks Jones entrance by putting Lucian’s sunglasses on and mockingly beating his chest. The crowd boo loudly!




The crowd roar as Bryan storms from the stage and makes his way down to the ring. Gray and Fox see him and retreat. Jones is unconscious from the choke, but Dammage goes to instantly check on him. Bryan then eggs Fox on to come into the ring. Fox wants to go in, but Gray physically intervenes and makes sure Fox doesn’t go in.


PG: “Fox!....Fox! Not tonight! Remember you’ve these guys to beat first. Kill them all tonight then we get start the plan! But him and Winter can wait! Remember the plan! This plan is going to change the face of this place and we’re going to be the face of the campaign. Remember Rebellium! Rebellium Fox!”


Fox is on the ropes on the brink of getting into another fight with Dammage, but to the crowd and Bryan’s amazement, he has listened to Gray! He jumps off the ring canvas and repeatedly says “Rebellium!” to Dammage, without twitching and staring right down at him. Fox then makes a cut throat sign and points at Dammage before going back into the crowd. Gray and Fox smirk as they see one of Fox’s opponents fallen down and unconscious. Dammage looks to aide Jones and help out before the lights suddenly go out!




The sequence ends with the words REBELLIUM in clear bold white letters in a black background.


The lights go back out as Dammage is seen standing looking at the tron and is confused as the crowd…But where’s Lucian? Dammage realises that he has went missing and looks all over the ring but can’t find him!


JR: “Wait where the hell is Lucian?”


PH: “Yeah where is he? God he just disappeared just like that!”


JR:“Did this whole Rebellium thing that Gray and Fox are apart of this? What the hell is going on!”


From the replay we return to announce desk where we find a sombre looking Jim Ross alongside a VERY amused looking Paul E. Heyman.


JR: Suffice to say folks, Lucian Jones has not been seen by any TWOstars officials since the events of our last show.


PH: Good riddance to bad rubbish!


JR: Well you have to admire the temerity of the young man for refusing to sell out his principles to Gray, but at what cost?


PH: We’ve been saying for years that jones’ mouth would get him into trouble, and it looks like it’s finally happe…


JR: Sorry to interrupt you friend, but I’m receiving word that we’ve got some kind of commotion in the arena parking lot? We’re going to pass you backstage to our broadcast colleague Todd Grisham who’s going to try and shed a little light on this.


We cut backstage, although the camera is more than a little shaky. We’re moving at speed along a corridor towards doors clearly marked as “parking lot”, following Todd Grisham attempting to move as quickly as possible through the backstage area. The Grish opens the door and finds himself confronted by an EXTREMELY angry looking King of Bling.








Lucian glares down at the interviewer, his shades currently hiding his eyes, but you don’t need to see them to realise he’s giving out a look that could kill a woodland creature at 50 paces. As Todd looks down he realises Jones is wielding a piece of scaffold pipe menacingly, evil intent etched across the Duke of Jonestown’s demeanour.


Grisham goes to speak, but is immediately cut off by the irate Sultan of Swagga…


LLJ: Nuh-uh Todd, don’t even THINK about askin’ any stupid a*s questions t’night. I got one question for you…Where’s Fox and Gray at?


TG: I…uh…are you okay?


Lucian breathes deeply, not wanting to unleash his rage on Grish, but getting awfully tired of this cr*p awfully quickly. Jones removes his sunglasses to reveal a badly bruised left eye, the eyeball itself red and bloody. In fact now the glasses are off we can start to see some of the extent of the attack on Jones. Band aids cover the multitude of cuts and lacerations on the face of Jones, with a strip of bandage covering the split skin across the bridge of his nose.


LLJ: Does this face look okay? 12 stitches, severe bruising top the face and body, and one hell of a headache means I’m not okay. In fact I’m about as far from “okay” as it’s possible to get, but that’s a’ight because I’ma make myself feel better by takin’ this out on Fox and that tubby b*tch Gray. Now where are they?


TG: I…uh…I haven’t seen them. I’m not entirely sure they’re at the arena yet?


Lucian does not look pleased by this news, and grips the scaffolding pipe tightly in his grasp.


LLJ: A’ight. As soon as you hear that pair of suckerpunchin’ motherlovers have arrived, you come let me know.


Todd almost looks a little scared of Lucian at this point, having rarely seen the full rage of the usually affable sultan of Swagga.


TG: I…s…sure. What are you gonna do?


A sinister grin crosses the lips of Jones, as he slips his shades back into place.


LLJ: I ain’t exactly sure Todd…and that’s the scary thing.


Jones decides that he’s spent long enough wasting time where his quarry obviously isn’t, so heads off towards the arena, pipe still in hand, calling out loudly…


LLJ: Graaaaaaaaay…come out and plaaaaaaaaaay!!


As soon as Lucian is out of earshot, Todd turns to the cameraman.


TG: This isn’t going to end well for someone…

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A new beginning?


We open to Hayden Dyas standing alongside Todd Grisham looking somewhat sullen.


TG: Ladies and gentlemen I am here with the reigning TWO Stars World Champion, Hayden Dyas. Now today we are to be understood that you have had a personal issues outside of the world of TWO Stars and I'd like to offer you my best wishes and I'm sure our whole company will be praying for you, I'll try not to take up too much of your time, I'm sure you'll be finding it hard to focus tonight but as I know you're aware, tonight you are booked In a match with the new number one contender Frankie Thomson, I was just hoping for your thoughts.


HD: First off Todd, I'd like to extend my thanks to the staff of TWO Stars like yourself who have been very supporting of me and my loved ones during this time. I was offered tonight off but I have been brought down to earth with an earth shattering thud this week and I feel that Frankie deserves to get to take out some of his pent up aggression on me the man who has caused it. Looking back I owe a lot of apologies and I have already sent mine to Frankie and his family and my best wishes for his Dads speedy recovery.


Todd nods solemnly at the humbled Hayden Dyas who then points toward the World title belt which prompts the cameraman to focus on it


HD: Greatness. A thing I have worked hard for my entire life. Being the best, being number one, being the top guy in my chosen profession have been my goals my focus has been centred on achieving those very things. This focus is what will get me through this difficult part of my life just like It's carried me to the position I'm in right now.


Dyas holds the belt in his hands looking down on it


TG: With the current circumstances what do you plan for the coming weeks and Battle Royale?


HD: Evil Gringo. Draven Cage. Barry Gower. Angus Macdonald. Deadman. Sickness. Craig Van Dam. Lucian L Jones, All names synonymous with this belt, with winning, with being the top guy. All those men were great in there own right, they were the best at there given time and Todd thats what I want to be, I may be the world champion but right now I feel empty, I know deep down that Frankie Thomson, Bryan Dammage and Kyle Gilmore all have had me beat, I took my wins by any means necessary I cheated, I was cruel, I was arrogant and It's led to me being a paper champion so starting tonight I'm gonna earn back my own respect and hopefully win everyone elses.


HD lifts his gaze from the belt and focuses on the camera


HD: No more excuses, no more games. All I can do now is give my all every time I step in that ring. So tonight Frankie, I want your best, every last bit you have throw it at me because I am gonna give you mine and may the best man win.


TG: Well Hayden I feel I've taken enough of your time, I'll leave you to prepare tonights match, thanks for taking the time and all the best for tonight.


Hd extends his hand to Todd and nods in a friendly manner before leaving


TG: Ladies and Gentleman, Hayden Dyas.

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HD and Winter Discussion


We see Arron Winter making his way to his office as usual he's one of the first to arrive at the arena, as he reaches the entrance of the office he's surprised to see the light on and the door ajar,


AW: What the?...


He peers inside to see Hayden Dyas sitting in a chair opposite to his desk


HD: Morning Arron, sorry for the intrusion, but I have some important issues to discuss.


AW: What is it Dyas ? I already know you aren't cleared to compete, I got the letter at the end of last weeks show


Dyas gestures for Winter to take a seat as he pulls out a letter from his pocket, winter reluctantly sits


HD: Firstly You can tear up my doctors letter, I want to compete tonight, I need to compete tonight


AW: What is this Dyas? I am in no mood for games, Gray and Fox are enough of a nuisance without you pulling this crap!


HD: No games Winter, I wanna compete and I want Frankie Thomson one on one.


Winter looks skeptically at Dyas who hands over the letter to Winter who quickly investigates it.


AW: Is this real? Hayden? This better not be some game, this is serious, if this is right i don't think competing should be your priority


HD: I understand your concern Arron but I HAVE to compete, I have to occupy myself, I have to get out there and push myself.


Arron rocks back in his chair with a look of shock and concern on his face


HD: So, can i have my match tonight?


AW: If you're sure that you want that then, yes you can have your match but Hayden I need you to understand, I don't condone this and I also want you to know that the company will do everything It can to help. You do need to realise though, that this is a cold hard business and sympathy will be few and far between from most of the guys here, you haven't really endeared yourself to people here.


HD: I understand and I appreciate this, I'm not out for sympathy, I am here to succeed and tonight I start my journey to do just that, thanks for your time, I'll see you later.


HD gets up and leaves as Arron in stunned silence sits leans forward thoughtfully and reaches for his phone.


We cut to

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KJ's ultimatum


KJ Woods is sat in his locker room watching his large TV looking somewhat deep in thought, suddenly a loud buzz engulfs the room causing KJ to recoil in shock and cover his ears


KJ: What the hell?........Oh my God!


KJ gets up to switch of his TV where we can see the screen has become distorted and a warped




KJ: Who the? What's going on?


The TV screen begins showing the visage of the anon GM alerting the confused KJ of whom he's in contact with


KJ: Can you cut this off? PLEASE?!


The sound stops as suddenly as it began and KJ breathes a. Sigh of releif


KJ: Was there really any need for that? Most people just say hello


AGM: Well Mr Woods, I am not most people, I am a man who has put in a lot of effort and a lot of money to propel you into a position of use to me.


KJ: But....


AGM: SILENCE! I have no more time for your excuses, or complaints, I have no need for your boasts or promises. You have let me down too often already so now isthe time to listen, listen and learn.


KJ with a look of interest takes a seat


AGM: Now Mr Woods, I am a man of business, am of the opinion that for a business to succeed there needs to be order, leadership and sacrifice. This place is fast becoming a farce, Arron Winter is busy playing games with The Lawyer, Brice Perrino appears to have fallen off the face of the earth which leaves me alone to take care of thsi great company am I right Mr Woods?


KJ: I guess so, yeah


AGM: Yes, however to be fully able to guide this company on the right path I need to be in power Mr Woods and power only comes with my chosen champion taking whats his, do you follow Mr Woods?


KJ nods at the screen


AGM: So you understand that I am in quite a dilemma here as I have chosen you as my champion but you have been nothing short of a disappointment since you first arrived. You came here a superstar of another sport a champion of it! Yet whilst under my roof you have beenleft wanting and this Mr Woods is not good enough


KJ: I just need another chance, I'm out of practice and I got robbed at the pay per view!


AGM: I will hand you one last chance. A gift shall we say.....BUT this time I will add extra incentive, should you win your next match I will make sure this man becomes your bodyguard


AGM cuts from the screen as It shows Lord Bison destroying various opponents on screen leaving bloodyand injured wrestlers clearlyin fear of him, KJ looks impressed by this opportunity to have his back watched by the behemoth


AGM: A fantastic proposition yes?


KJ with a happy smirk nods enthusiastically


KJ: This is what I need, someone to make sure no one screws me over!


AGM: However Mr Woods, should you lose


The screen cuts to a dark room where Lord Bison can be seen sitting hands on his knees looking into the eyes of KJ Woods through the screen.


LB: Aaaah, KJ Woods I presume? I am led to believe that you will soon me aquiring my services if you are fortuitous enough to gain victory in your next match. This will truly be a blessing for you, I look forward to seeing how our relationship unfolds


KJ: Me too buddy..


Bisons tone quickly changes from cordial to serious as he responds to KJ's interruption


LB: I was not finished with my comments KJ, you would do well to respect such things as etiqutte if you are to be associated with me. Now the man responsible for this unlikely possible unision has also informed me of his previous misfortune due to your inability to gain victory. My generous employer has requested that, should you fail in your task that I am to deal with you how I see fit. Now KJ, what do you think this entails?


KJ: It doesn't matter because I will not be losing here ever again.


LB: Your confidence is admirable KJ. But remember this, fail to gain victory and I shall set upon you with furious anger at your ungratefulness then, I will break you.


The screen cuts back to the visage of the AGM, KJ's face has drained of colour due to this new potentially career threatening problem


AGM: Well Mr Woods, thank you for your time, I appreciate if you want some time to yourself, but I must warn you Lord Bison may be a man of coin, but he is also a man of his word and he will be very offended if you scorn his services by doing something like losing. So you and Lord Bison can bring order, I will give Leadership or you Mr Woods will not perform the sacrifices, you will be one. Good day Mr Woods.


The visage cuts off and the tv returns to normal, KJ looks shocked at the news he has recieved

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HD Loses


The bell rings and Frankie rolls off of HD exhausted from the highly competitive match he'd just had with the World Champion, Dyas rolls onto his stomach and covers his face and begins hitting the mat in anger


JR: By God Paul that was one hell of a match! A slobberknocker if i ever saw one and I've seen a few!


PH: Jim I know the champs had some tough news recently but thats no need to throw away all the things that brought you to the game! He had opportunities to take the match here tonight and he didn't take them, hell Paul Gray tried to help him out and he threw him off the apron! I think this news has effected his mind!


Dyas has gotten to his feet and is standing staring over at Frankie Thomson whose resting on the ropes, with his eyes apparently filling with tears


JR: Paul I don't think thats a fair assessment, some times It takes a harsh reality to show him what he needs do to be the man he wants to be!


Dyas walks over to toward Frankie and extends a hand to Frankie who stares at Dyas with a shocked expression on his face. But before he can reciprocate, Paul Gray blindsides Dyas with the belt to the side of his head putting him down and before Frankie can react he's pulled through the ropes by a large masked man and is thrown into the barriers


JR: Good God Gray, take the hint He's not interested, the mans not interested in joining your gang he's trying to make things right!


PH: Make what right JR? He's the world champion! How can he get better? He can't just throw away his career because he's had bad news, he needs to realise he can be onto a good thing!


Dan Fox and the masked man from the outside have surrounded the fallen champion whose face is now dripping blood Fox lifts him up to his knees and slaps him in the face as the large man restrains him from behind.


PG: Oh Hayden.... Hayden, Hayden, Hayden. We had an offer on the table for you, an opportunity to join us in overtaking this God forsaken company. You could have been at the forefront of our battle to make the future great. To become part of history!


Gray squats so he's face to face with Dyas and puts the microphone to his lips


PG: As I am a professional and I recognise that you have a lot of tools which we could use in our quest so I'll give you this last chance. Join us or perish. What will it be Hayden?


Gray with a sinister grin on his face stares at Dyas and lifts the mic to Dyas' lips who cocks his head back and after a short pause spits blood in the face of Gray who still smiles in the face of Dyas, stands back up wipes his face of with a black handkerchief with a red R on the corner


PG: Well that definitely wasn't rated PG was it? Well neither is this. Dan. Finish him


Fox strikes Dyas in the stomach with a stiff kick then lifts him up and delivers The Foxtrot as Gray looks on smiling


JR: With God as my witness he's broken his neck!! They've taken out the champion! They all know the situation yet they still come out here like a pack of dogs and descend upon.


PH : Thats the business JR thats what we come to expect, thats what the Real Hayden Dyas would have done in the same situation but he's been broken by his news and because of this he's been broken by Gray and his associates.


Gray and his cohorts leave Dyas laid out in the ring as EMT's rush to aid him

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HD Wins


HD rolls off of frankie after picking up the hard fought victory both men showing the signs of exhaustion with Dyas laid staring at the ceiling after what was one hell of a match


JR: Oh my God ladies and gentlemen, that was a slobberknocker!! Hayden Dyas has just taken himself to another level here and given and taken one hell of a beating, which I hope will see him continue on the path he's gotten himself on today!


PH: The mans become a fool Jim! He put his hands on Paul Gray a man with an army behind him, all because he's had some bad news!


Dyas gets to his feet slowly and makes his way over to Frankie pulling him to his feet and propping him against the ropes before extending his hand to him


JR: Paul I don't think thats a fair assessment, some times It takes a harsh reality to show him what he needs do to be the man he wants to be!


Frankie with an expression of shock on his face stares at Dyas' hand But before he can reciprocate, Paul Gray blindsides Dyas with the belt to the side of his head putting him down and before Frankie can react he's pulled through the ropes by a large masked man and is thrown into the barriers


JR: Good God Gray, take the hint He's not interested, the mans not interested in joining your gang he's trying to make things right!


PH: Make what right JR? He's the world champion! How can he get better? He can't just throw away his career because he's had bad news, he needs to realise he can be onto a good thing!


Dan Fox and the masked man from the outside have surrounded the fallen champion whose face is now dripping blood Fox lifts him up to his knees and slaps him in the face as the large man restrains him from behind.


PG: Oh Hayden.... Hayden, Hayden, Hayden. We had an offer on the table for you, an opportunity to join us in overtaking this God forsaken company. You could have been at the forefront of our battle to make the future great. To become part of history!


Gray squats so he's face to face with Dyas and puts the microphone to his lips


PG: As I am a professional and I recognise that you have a lot of tools which we could use in our quest so I'll give you this last chance. Join us or perish. What will it be Hayden?


Gray with a sinister grin on his face stares at Dyas and lifts the mic to Dyas' lips who cocks his head back and after a short pause spits blood in the face of Gray who still smiles in the face of Dyas, stands back up wipes his face of with a black handkerchief with a red R on the corner


PG: Well that definitely wasn't rated PG was it? Well neither is this. Dan. Finish him


Fox strikes Dyas in the stomach with a stiff kick then lifts him up and delivers The Foxtrot as Gray looks on smiling


JR: With God as my witness he's broken his neck!! They've taken out the champion! They all know the situation yet they still come out here like a pack of dogs and descend upon.


PH : Thats the business JR thats what we come to expect, thats what the Real Hayden Dyas would have done in the same situation but he's been broken by his news and because of this he's been broken by Gray and his associates.

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Dyas addresses the crowd and the Edinburgh Enigma pre match


Number 1 by Nelly blasts out of the PA system and a loud procession of boo's is heard as Dyas begins to make his way out slowly




JR: Well ladies and Gentlemen it's reached the time for our main event! Now before we get into the details of tonight's match and its competitors I have to inform you all that our World Champion is not one hundred per cent, physically or mentally, we have all been informed of the situation and aren't at liberty to divulge the exact problem to you the fans


Dyas is walking slower than usual to the ring deep in thought with his head bowed


PH: It really is terrible Jim, he's clearly not thinking straight he shouldn't be here tonight just look at him


JR: Paul, everyman deals with things in different ways, now whether we think It's a good idea or not or whether we think It's the right thing to do is irrelevant, Hayden Dyas hasn't come out and complained, he hasn't tried to project his problems on someone else, he's simply chosen to do what he does best and thats wrestle right here tonight. It seems like he has something to say


HD has picked up a mic and made his way into the ring


HD: People of Dallas........fans watching at home, as you all know I am the current TWO Stars title holder, you also tonight I have been booked to fight Frankie Thomson




HD Yeah we all know he's a popular guy, we all know he's one of the toughest guys here, what you may not know is that If I so choose, I can turn round, walk out that door and never come back here again and I'm sure nine of you would care, Arron Winter wouldn't say a thing




PH: Finally, he's talking sense, thats it Hayden, the hell with these people, go home take care of yourself!


Dyas looks over at the commentators and shoots Heyman an angry look


HD: Hey Paul E? How about shutting your trap?


The crowd and JR both share a laugh at HD's comment toPaul E


HD: Yesterday, I was given some very bad news, now I don't expect any sympathy from any of you and to be quite frank I don't bloody deserve it just like how you guys haven't deserved to here me talk crap about you all since I got here, so heres my apology to each and everyone one of you people.


JR: Well I don't believe it Paul!


HD: BUT! what I do deserve is for Frankie to come out here and give me his God damn BEST!!!




HD: So, Frankie bring your stubborn scottish arse out here and give me all you have!


Dyas drops his mic as american bang hits the speakers, Frankie walks out looking focused and heads toward the ring



JR: Ask and you shall receive!!

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Don addresses Marc Wilkinson


Josh Matthews is standing alongside Don Erics whose clad in a red tracksuit


JM: TWO Fans, I am Josh Matthews, I am here with Don Erics who will be competing in a singles match tonight with the 7 foot behemoth Marc Wilkinson! What have you been doing to prepare for tonights match Don?


DE: Ho ho, well Mr Matthews It's a tough one for sure, he sure is a big fella isn't he? Strong as an Ox too, found that out last week! Ho ho, I just did my usual exercises, I practised my takedowns a lot because a big guy like that could do some harm if he gets a hold of ya, my coaches taught me to go straight for the legs and they haven't steered me wrong yet ho ho


JM: Very smart Don, what are your thoughts on The Craft and more specifically Marc Wilkinson?


DE: He seems to be a competitive guy, he sure likes to eat, but he has to have the energy to wrestle doesn't he, he seems.....


Mark Wilkinson walks into shot looking very angrily at Don and Josh, with a surprised smile Don steps toward Mark with his perma smile, Mark cocks back his fist before realising Don has extended his hand. To shake


DE: Wow! Mr Wilkinson, I wasn't expecting to catch you before our match, hope your feeling good! I'm real excited for it.


Mark grabs Dons hand and it becomes apparent that he's applying a lot of pressure


MW: I'm feeling real good Erics, you think your so funny don't you? You and your little buddy, well the jokes are gonna stop,for you tonight after i pull your head off your neck and throw it into the crowd.


Erics face changes from a smile to a look of bewilderment


DE: Pardon me Mr Wilkinson but could I get my hand back? You. Still seem to be shaking? Are you OK you're going pretty red


Mark looks at Don in shock at his apparent inability to feel him crushing his hand and in anger throws Erics' hand back at him


MW: Real tough guy aren't you? See if you feel this


Mark throws a huge right straight at Dons face who switches sideways and avoids it causing Mark to lose his footing and almost fall but Don catches him before he hits the floor


DE: Easy there big guy, I thought you were getting ready, I think you fainted right there, are you sure you're going to be ok to compete tonight? I'd hate to see you get really hurt!




Mark gets back to standing and shoves Don back


MW: I'll be ready for our match, you're in for a world of pain!!


Mark walks off leaving a flabbergasted Josh Matthews looking at Don whose smile is beaming


DE: Wow! Did you see that Mr Matthews? Mr Wilkinson just fainted here and he's STILL gonna wrestle tonight, theres so real tough guys here isn't there? Ho ho


JM: I don't think, oh nevermind, good luck tonight Don


DE: Thanks a bunch Mr Matthews, you have a great day, you too Sir


Erics shakes hands with Josh and the cameraman and leaves

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Truth and Consequences (to go up after tag match)


The match is over but Fox and Eagles are far from being done. Eagles goes outside the ring with Gilmore and slams him against the steel steps! The cancer of TWO is celebrating outside while Fox and Dammage continue to fight each other in the ring with punches and kicks.


JR-“These guys are going to kill each other! Not one of them want’s to be the weakling.”


PH-“They’re fight at Battle Royale is going to be epic! I can guarantee it!”


Fox has the foxtrot locked in, but Dammage reverses it and gets him in the position for spinning Memphis….and nails it!! Bryan goes to the corner to catch his breath as Fox tries to get back up dazed. Dan eventually gets to his knees as the icon Dammage shouts at Fox to get back up on his feet, preparing him for the vicious and decapitating superkick of his…pounding his feet on the ground…


But before Fox even gets up on his knees the music of Lucian Jones hits the P.A system!


PH-“Wait, what the hell?”


JR-“It’s Lucian!!”


Jones appears on stage as his eyes widen open to finally see Fox, he storms down to the ring like a rabid dog wanting to strike and before the crowd even gets the chance to cheer him, Lucian’s in the ring and spears the technical mauler. The crowd roar as Jones hits a brutal punch after punch!


JR-“Yeah! Get him Lucian!”


PH-“This isn’t fair, someone stop this!”


Bryan applauds and cheers his friend on as Lucian continues the beatdown. It’s a side of the sultan of swagger that no one has ever seen before! Not even stopping to get his breath back, not stopping to give Fox space, it’s like he’s been completely changed.


Lucian! Lucian! Lucian!


Lucian gets Fox and smashes his saw with thundering left strikes.


LJ-“Don’t you know who I am?


Jones gets the right hand wounded up and smashes it on Fox’s jaw which knocks him down.




Lucian doesn’t waste any time and gets Dan back on his knees, he pounds his chest as his eyes open wide again, staring violently at Fox. He gets to the ring post as he shouts for the ghetto blaster…


But before he can hit the masked men storm down and attack! They take Bryan by surprise and pull his legs so he is through the ring post. The other two go in as they attack Lucian Jones. It’s a 5 on 2 attack as Lucian and Dammage try to fight both off, but with Fox regaining his composure, they men are both down on the ground and being stomped on.


JR-“God damn it this isn’t right! Lucian was about to get his justice on Fox before these thugs in masks attack!”


PH-“This is what they do JR, Fox calls the shots, and they follow like the obedient pack that they are!”


Eagles from outside looks on and it surprised that he hasn’t been attacked, but knowing the Battle Royale is nearby, he walks away silently to avoid injury, smirking knowing that his fellow rumble opponents are being injured.


The group force Bryan Dammage on the ground to watch as Fox gets his hands on Lucian, mocking him by slapping the veteran and laughing in his face.


DF-“You seriously think you can beat me? I’m the whole f*****g show now, you and Bryan, will be obliterated! We offered you the chance and you spat in our faces!”


Fox spits in the face of Jones before ordering the mask guys to finish the job, he then walks over to Dammage and stares at his eyes before taking him outside the ring. The taller man of the group works on Jones while the others take apart the announce table, telling commentary to stay away.


JR-“Oh wait, not this! You guys made your point!”


PH-“Get the hell out of their way JR!”


The giant masked man picks up Jones and crushes his back against the ring post, followed by throwing him against the thick guard rail. The giant roars out loud as the rest approve. The masked giant then sprints towards Jones..





The crowd wow as they see the giant spear Lucian Jones through the guard rail and take the sultan of swagger out.


JR-“God damn it the man was trying to get the revenge he deserves. And now these thugs, known as Rebellium, speared him through the guard rail.”


PH-“Damn Lucians out…”


The rest of the group applaud as they get Dammage onto the announce table. Fox then pats their backs as he gets up on the announce table with the fallen Dammage. He grabs Bryan and puts him in position for foxtrot…


JR-“Oh good lord….”


PH-“Dan this may not be worth doing…”


Fox smirks with a crazed look around the crowd as he gets’ ready to finish off the last of Dammage.


DF (shouting)-“Command! Conquer! Rebel!”


Fox lifts Bryan up…




Fox trances and stares down at the unconscious Dammage. He asks for one of the Rebellium masked men to grab him the microphone. The announce team are silent with their sound system damaged. Dan gets the microphone as he lies down next to Dammage, smiling as the damage and destruction he has caused along with his Rebellium comrades.


DF-“You can’t fight it, You can’t change it….You can’t stop it. We are Rebellium and we are taking over…I think that you and I Bryan, are destined to duel until the day we die. Because neither you or I want to stop this relationship from ending. But you, and only you, are to blame for this. I gave you respect for entering the cell to fight me. I gave you it. And what did you do? YOU WOULDN’T ADMIT THAT I WAS THE BETTER GUY! YOU HAVE ME DOING YOUR LAUNDRY RATHER THAN GIVE ME RESPECT FOR PUTTING YOUR CAREER AT THE NEXT LEVEL!!!”


Fox pauses to catch his breath.


DF-“For that I will be the man veiled in the black cape and be your death. Every opportunity that you get in this company, I will be death and be the one to deny it. I have denied you that prestigious title shot that you sucked up to Winter to try get. I have denied your closest to get redemption tonight…And I will be the man that will deny you at Battle Royale…Because when I beat you I don’t want anyone else to end your dream than me….So let it be known that WHEN I beat Bryan Dammage at Battle Royale and he enters at number 1….I will go in the rumble…..AS NUMBER TWO!”


Fox gets back up and spits on Dammage for what he sees as disrespect that Bryan gave the technical mauler. Him and the rest of Rebellium raise their left fists as they walk away back into the crowd. Arron Winter and Road agents come down to the carnage along with local paramedics to see to Lucian and Dammage, who are both still unconscious. A furious JR after seeing what has transpired goes to the general manager to get some answers.


JR-“Look at this! What are you going to do about it! These group, organisation or however you call is for real! Look at what they can do and could do! Damn it Arron I like you but this has to stop! Rebellium are for real!”


Paul Heyman Grabs JR before Winter can reply to him to calm him down. The general manager goes to Dammage first before walking over to Lucian. The fists of the Estonian begin to shake vigorously as he tries to keep his composure. Winters wants to rip Fox and Gray’s head off right now for what has happened through out the show tonight.


AW-“If they want a war….they got a war!”


The camera then cuts to Paul Gray in the skybox, smiling away and sarcastically clapping his hands. He praises Rebellium and repeatedly says “Bravo” before looking at someone who is out of focus.


PG-“That is how you get under the skin of the enemy! And now I, I mean we, have our war. TWO Stars is going to be a lot more interesting with this ongoing. For far too long this company has been run by general managers that either just care about the pay check, or just don’t know how to treat people equally. Not anymore. Once Rebellium takes over, it’ll be equal treatment for all, and extermination for those who try to oppress up. Now you see what we are capable of doing…So just imagine what we are capable of doing ….to you.”


The camera turns to reveal general manager Bruce Perrino! A fellow masked Rebellium member is behind him and has his right arm locked to stretch in case he doesn’t give the answers that they want to hear. Perrino is sweating buckets and tries to not breath so quickly to give the impression that he is scared.


BP-“…So what do you want me to do?”


PG-“I want you to remember all those guys, those that are no longer with us and the current roster, that you have not given a s**t . Where were you for Fox, Eagles and the rest huh? Hell have you even been on this show this year? I’ve had enough of deadwood here. So I’m going to give you these two options.”


BP-“Which are…”


PG-“You can do the right thing…or the other thing which will end your walking abilities. You can fight alongside Arron Winter against us and try to keep that mind frame of that anything’s possible to win, even though in this instance that’s not the case….”




PG-“You resign as one of the general managers of TWO Stars and join us. Become our “executive” guy. I could have you join us and still keep you job, but face it, you didn’t do well then and I’m sure you wouldn’t do well with us. So resign and help us to deal with Arron Winter and the anonymous general manager.”


Bruce is shocked at the choices they give him, creating the dilemma of what he should do to help himself.


PG-“I’ll give you until XTV 1:19 to make your mind up. But I’ll say the same thing that I said to Lucian…You’re either with us….or against.”


Gray nods his head which makes the masked thug to hyper extend Perrino’s elbow via a Key lock, which makes the general manager roar out loud in pain. He keeps the hold on for several seconds before Gray nods the indication to let him go. The pair leave Perrino on his own as the general manager hold his arm in pain, and leaves everyone wondering what will happen next show.

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Lucian looks to knock 50 shades out of Gray...


We cut to backstage, where we find ourselves presented with a very, VERY smug looking sports agent…




No sooner has the face of Paul Gray appeared on screen, the booing starts. Small at first, before growing into a cacophony of boos and jeers directed at the confidante of a certain Mr. Fox. Perhaps most surprisingly of all Gray doesn’t bat a single eyelid at the noise, choosing instead to admire the army fatigues hanging in his locker, emblazoned with a big red R.


Gray’s moment of contemplation is broken however by the sound of his phone ringing. The sports agent snaps back to reality, slipping the handset from his pocket and tapping the screen with a flourish.


PG: You’ve got Gray…


The founder of the Rebellium ambles around the locker room, lost in the conversation continuing through his phone.


PG: Well of course you’re impressed, are you saying you doubted me?


Gray continues to admire his uniform, his mind obviously still working overtime.


PG: Hahahaha…well that’s the beauty my friend, this is only the beginning…that’s right, there will be no stopping this train once it leaves the station. TWOStars is in for a rude awakening indeed.


The air of smugness permeating the locker room right now is almost tangible. You can just tell Gray is obscenely pleased with what he’s been able to achieve so far, and has no intention of stopping any time soon.


PG: Well I’m glad you enjoyed the specta…


Gray doesn’t get to finish his sentence, as suddenly the locker room explodes into commotion! We’re not sure exactly what’s caused it, but the camera shakes violently before crashing to the floor.


PH: Wait, what’s happening back there? Is Gray okay?


JR: I’m just as confused as you friend?


A menacing voice growls…


???: LEAVE. NOW.


…and we get a strange shot of just the legs of what must be the stunned cameraman quickly scarpering for safety.


JR: Well there goes the cameraman, but we still have no idea as to what has happened in the locker room of Paul Gray?


Although the view we’re presented with isn’t great, the microphone on the camera has survived and we can clearly hear the voice of Gray.


PG: You?! No…don’t…nooooo!!


PH: Quick, someone get back there! We need security! Who is doing this!?


Gray continues to shout for help, his patent Italian leather shoes shuffling back across the view of the camera, quickly followed by a custom pair of gold, blue and white Adidas Superstars, the word “Legendary” emblazoned in gold along the stripes.


JR: You don’t think that could be…




JR: That has to be Jones! Lucian Jones has hands on Paul Gray!!


The audience have absolutely no doubt as to who the second set of footwear belong to, exploding into cheers as Lucian stalks towards Gray (as far as we can tell).


LLJ: Waddup Gray? Scared? You oughta be scared…


The pair of Adidas dash across the shot, and the next sound we hear is the muffled yelps and screams of what I’m assuming is Paul Gray.


LLJ: Yo’ a*s better be scared…I ain’t done with you yet!


All is silent for a moment inside the locker room, before the camera picks up the sneakers of Jones walking backwards, the woozy legs of what appears to be Paul Gray being dragged along behind him putting up very little fight or resistance.


PH: He’s a hooligan! Someone needs to get back there and stop Jones! He’s attacked a defenceless man!


JR: Much in a similar fashion to how Jones was attacked last show?


PH: Shut up Jim, this is someone important we’re talking about here!


JR: Well we have to go to commercial, but rest assured folks we’re gonna do our utmost to find out exactly Jones has in mind for the devious Paul Gray. One thing is for certain, surely this can’t end well for the sports agent?


With a blare of XTV theme music we cut to an ad break…








…before another blare of theme music welcomes back to the show. We’re immediately at ringside, where we find JR ready to present, while Paul Heyman appears to be having a word with one the arena’s security guards.


JR: Welcome back to XTV folks, where just moments ago we were witness to Lucian “Legendary” Jones seeking to gain a measure of retribution for last show by appearing to take Paul Gray hostage!


PH: It’s a disgrace Jim! I’ve got security on the case and the sooner they find that hoodlum the better!


Heyman doesn’t have to wait long as suddenly the arena’s sound system erupts…







But instead of the exuberant Mr. Jones bounding from behind the curtain, instead we find a bound and gagged Paul Gray stumble from behind the curtain, quickly followed by a sinfully smirking Sultan of Swagga.




PH: Quick, security! Get over there!!


But the pleas of Paul Heyman fall on deaf ears, as everyone continues to jeer and hoot at Gray as Jones shoves him roughly down the ramp towards the ring.


JR: Well turnabout is fair play friend! Paul Gray and Dan Fox obviously orchestrated the assault on Jones last week, so it only stands to reason that Jones would look to retaliate!


Lucian has by now dragged the whimpering Gray down to the ring, and drags him roughly up the ring steps, Gray trying desperately to hang onto something..anything, but having his hands bound behind his back has quickly put paid to that plan.


JR: You have to believe this isn’t good for Gray!


PH: Where’s Fox?! He needs to get out here and end this!


With a cheer from the crowd, Jones shoves Gray into the ring, the portly agent falling awkwardly between the top and middle rope and rolling comically across the mat.


JR: Well who’d have thought it? Apparently weebles can fall down!


PH: Oh laugh it up Jim! This is a disgrace!!


Jones quickly retrieves a microphone, simultaneously gesturing for the production truck to cut his music, which they oblige him with. As the music dies down we’re left with the roaring chant of 20,000 plus yelling out…




Jones strides purposefully to the centre of the ring, placing a foot square on the chest of the bound and felled Gray, much like a prize hunter posing for a picture with the Buck he’s just brought down.


LLJ: I’ma make this short n’ sweet. Dan Fox get yo’ a*s out here or something bad WILL happen to this bitch!


Jones kicks Gray in the ribs, eliciting a muffled yelp from the petrified agent.


PH: Wait, this is his master plan? Bring Fox out here, he’ll teach Jones a lesson!


Lucian reaches down, gripping Gray by his hair and roughly pulling him to his knees.


LLJ: Y’all think I’m jokin’? I will END this sonuvabitch unless you come on out Danny boy!


PH: he’s gone off the deep end. We don’t need Dan Fox, we need the men in white coats!


Jones stands resolute in the ring for a moment, still gripping Gray by his no doubt expensively coiffured hair.


LLJ: How about you tonnes o’ fun? Y’all got any last words seeing as yo’ boy ain’t comin’ to get you?


Jones holds the microphone down, allowing Gray to yell a muffled…




Lucian grins wickedly, snatching the mic away from the face of Gray, allowing the agent to sink back down into grim resolution.


LLJ: Come on Fox, come out here and help yo’ boy. I DARE you. I WANT you to. Come on Dan!


Jones waits for a few more seconds, eyeballing a pretend wrist watch as the seconds tick by. Finally it seems the patience of Jones has run out, with a deep sigh His Highness of Flyness lifts the mic to his mouth one more time.


LLJ: Not comin’ Dan? Well that’s a shame…


Lucian strolls over to the ring, dropping and rolling under the bottom rope and flipping back the ring apron.


LLJ: I was hoping I was gonna get to lay hands on you tonight…


Jones reaches under the ring, fishing around for a second, before retrieving a folded steel chair.


JR: Oh no…




LLJ: I guess I’ll just have to be content with beating this tubby bitch’s brains out for the time being…


Jones throws the chair into the ring, the clang of the steel hitting the canvas causing Gray to visibly flinch. A chant starts to swell up throughout the audience, a couple of guys at first, but quickly gaining volume and insistence…




Jones rolls back into the ring, picking the chair up and grinning maniacally at the sweating Paul Gray.


PH: He can’t be thinking what I think he’s thinking?


JR: I think he is thinking what you think he’s thinking!


Jones shoves Gray down to the canvas again, standing above the prone agent, wielding the chair in his hand menacingly.


LLJ: Last chance Fox…wait…are you gonna p*ss yourself?


Jones looks down at Gray, who is now physically trembling with fear, his eyes white and wide as Jones towers over him.


LLJ: Good.


Lucian drops the mic to the mat, before swinging the chair up and holding it high overhead.


JR: This is bad for Gray…




We can visibly see Lucian mouthing the words…


LLJ: Last chance…


…before shrugging and swinging the chair down towards his intended target…







…just as the arena lights extinguish and plummet everything in pitch blackness.




PH: Now what?! I can’t see a damn thing!


JR: There appears to be something happening in the ring, but I’m damned if I can see what?!


A loud metallic CLANG! rings out across the arena, silencing everyone. A couple more seconds of darkness and silence pass before the lights re-illuminate…




JR: Sweet Lord…




…to reveal Lucian Jones now unconscious and spread-eagled in the ring, the dented metal chair lay next to him, a large red letter R spray-painted across his back.




JR: Well you’re all seeing the same thing as us folks. Paul Gray is nowhere to be seen, and Lucian Jones has once again been laid out by mystery assailants!


PH: I knew it! I knew Gray had a plan up his sleeve!


JR: That damn snake in the grass has slithered his way out of yet another predicament!


The TWOtron flickers into life, blood red letters fading into view to say:










The crowd respond with hate-filled jeers as medical staff quickly rush to the ring to attend the unconscious Sultan of Swagga.




PH: TWOStars has been put on notice Jim! The Rebellium is here!!


We fade out on a shot of Jones slowly regaining some of his senses as we cut to…

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Foul (put after tag match)


The camera cuts to the bathroom of the locker room, where noises from from rear ends are visibly heard, along with groaning noises coming what appears to be the craft. The full effects of the laxatives are kicking in as Marc and Drew struggle to even get up from the severe dosage they received. The camera pans out to reveal a face palming Christopher Ryan Eagles, who still can’t believe what has happened tonight to his fellow craft team mates, and to him. He takes his hand out of his face and looks to the side, where his face immediately turns to anger.


CRE-“You better walk away before I rip you in half”


The camera turns around to reveal Chaos Dragon with his two thumbs up, much to the crowd’s delight.




Dragon sarcastically whips out a chemical mask to put on himself which brings laughter to the crowd. Eagles fists are vigorously shaking while his head is visibly turning red with anger.


CD-“Dude I know this Is what I thought of you guys, but this does actually further emphasise to the awesome fans of Dallas and around the world that you and the craft really are a shower of s**t”


The crowd laughs loud as Eagles tries to remain calm. The crowd suddenly begin to chant “FULL OF S**T! FULL OF S**T! FULL OF S**T” To which dragon nods in approval, while the cancer keeps staring down the chaotic one.


CRE-“You think this means you have one over me and the craft little man?”


CD-“I don’t think, I know dude. If those guys get up they’ll be dropping they’re baked brownies all over the place. You’re on your own this time masturbator and commander!”


CRE-“How dare you! I am the CANCER OF TWO STARS! I should be the immortalised heavyweight champion! I have been one of the longest serving members of the roster and I deserve respect!”


CD-“You deserve a punch in your vagina dude! You call yourself the cancer that can spread to everywhere but what have you done? A fat little f***t actually started a movement somehow and you are still the has-been sticking around doing f**k all.”




CRE-“What did you call me!”


CD-“I called you a has-been! You speak your mind about how this year is cancerous, but what have you done dude? Win the rumble? Everyone else is going to be in it anyway, so that little victory was worth sweet f**k all! Those two little queers I have to put up have been here maybe less than ten percent of your entire time here and they’re making noise, all the noise I’m hearing is from your supposed tag team s******g out of their anuses! Main eventer? Future champion? Pfft you couldn’t even suck my d**k you’re that washed up dude.”




Eagles is furious, his head is shaking and he is frothing at the mouth. He wants to beat the chaotic one so bad, but he knows he needs to save his energy for later on. He takes big breathes before staring down Dragon again.


CRE-“You….little….I’ve had enough of your mouth. Obviously the craft can’t do the job, so I’ll do it.”


CD-“In what being gay? Yeah that makes sense.”


The crowd laugh as Eagles sarcastically smiles.


CRE-“Keep being funny! Let the crowd laugh it up but you know and everyone of those retarded fans know that I will be champion this year and that I AM…The most dangerous son of a bitch in TWO Stars, past…present and in the future. And I will show them all….at XTV 1:19. Because I have had enough of your little humorous games funny boy…..XTV 1:19…..CHAOS DRAGON…AGAINST THE CANCER CHRISTOPHER RYAN EAGLES!”


The crowd cheer at the idea of dragon beating down the cancer and continue chant DRAGON! DRAGON! DRAGON! Chaos Dragons nods even more as the crowd’s chants go louder.


CD-“So let me get this….XTV 1:19, the biggest **** in the universe, masturbator and commander, s**t for brains himself Christopher The Crab Eagles….against….The greatest masked wrestler of all time….the man they call sexy boy…the man who has the world’s largest penis! Captain awesome himself…..Me! Better known to everyone as Chaos Dragon!”


The crowd go louder as Dragon sums up what may happen on XTV 1:19. Eagles nods and agrees that’s what he is challenging for next show. Dragon sarcastically scratches his head


CD-“Mr Crab….I kindly accept! Come XTV 1:19, You will see for yourself for you are no longer the cancer that spreads it’s hate like the olden days use to let you. I will show you that you are the shade of your former self that everyone laughs at. I will end the immortality of Mr Eagles, and you will probably hate for me it.


CRE-“You may have the gift for gab, but you are so much away from my abilities and talent! I will show you and the world that the cancer is still alive and kicking! We are leagues away and I will tear you up and make you ash!”


Before Eagles can even continue, Marc Wilkinson rifts a massive expulsion of methane gas, which brings such a strong odour that Eagles can taste it in its mouth. He tries to keep his strong composure he had talking to Dragon, but the smell get’s to him and he begins to cough and curdle. Dragon puts his thumbs up as he tries not to laugh.


MW-“Sir, we need more toilet rolls…Oh my god!”


DW-“And a hospital! I’m sorry but please get the medics I can’t stop s******g!”


Eagles again face palms, not believing what his group has been resorted to. Chaos Dragon can’t stop laughing and takes in all the “chaos” him and Erics have caused.


CD-“If only you had your nurses uniform on Eagles, be a perfect site!”


CRE-“Get the hell out of here! I’ll see you in the ring at XTV 1:19!”


Dragon flips off Eagles before leaving the bathroom, he walks through several corridors before his cell phone goes off in his pocket. He takes off his chemical mask and answers his cell phone before he misses the call.


CD-“Sup……Yeah I’m doing good dude how about you?......Ok so what does that little fat f**k want?....WHAT!! I can’t do that s**t!......What do you mean there’s nothing I can do?...Winter! He can help me…Look I’ll call you back.”


Dragon grabs a young woman working backstage to get some information.


CD-“Holy hell please be eighteen…Sorry where’s Arron Winter’s office?”


“Just over there!”


CD-“Thanks….stay nearby for later!”


The chaotic one storms through corridor after corridor trying to find the general manager. He eventually looks at all the locker rooms and finds the one that is titled with Winter’s name. He chants bingo to himself and walks into his office to get his help.


AW-“Hey Dragon.”


CD-“You got to help me out man.”


AW-“With Eagles? I saw the confrontation and I like the match but I thought you had him under control?”


CD-“It has nothing to do with masturbator and commander.”


AW-“Oh, so what’s up?”


CD-“I need your help with my contract.”


AW-“Your TWO stars one?”


CD-“No, with PG entertainment.”


AW-“Hmm I’m not too sure what I can do. That contract was signed outside TWO Stars.”


CD-“Look I don’t normally ask for help but I need your brains. Tubby McFat f**k is calling in everyone under the PG entertainment umbrella.”


AW-“Which means…”


CD-“I don’t know what’s happening but there must be something big behind the scenes if Gray’s doing this because if I can’t get out of this contract…And I really. really don’t want to be involved in doing this crap-“


AW-“Just tell me Dragon.”


CD-“I may be forced to join Rebellium.”






CD-“Yeah, Gray’s got it planned out. I need your help dude, get me out of PG Entertainment.”


Winter gets up and goes towards the cameraman as him and dragon plan the future to help the chaotic one.


AW-Can you guys leave us for one moment please?”


The cameramen leave the office as Arron says thanks and closes the door. Has Gray done the unthinkable and played his cards to force people to join the newly formed stable?

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Frankie Thompson sits alone in his locker room, taping his wrists and staring avidly a fixed point on the wall across from him, the same look of determined fury on his face that we seen from the young Scotsman the previous week. There is a knock at the door. Without removing his gaze, there is a slight pause, before he says "Come in." in an almost monotonous tone. The door swings open, and Frankie, finally looking up, is slightly surprised to be met by the sight of one of his few allies in TWOSTARS, his boss, and the man who brought him to the company, Arron Winter.


Winter, it seems, can recognise a sleeping dragon when he sees one, and is immediately tentative in conversation, not wanting to upset a wrestler so clearly full of rage.


AW: Er, hey Frankie. I've, er got some news for you.


Frankie continues his silence, but meets Winter in the eye, who understands to continue. Angry, full of rage and ready to fight anything that comes in his way Frankie may be, he has a lot of respect for Winter, and knows that he doesn't deserve to be treated disdainfully for something he has relatively nothing to do with.


AW: It's about your match tonight. I, er, think you'll like it!


Winter attempts to smile, but it comes across as more of a nervous laugh, but Frankie, the one man on the roster who you can normally bank on for a laugh, does not return the GM's sentiments. He does, however, speak.


FT: I'm listening Arron. Please go on.


AW: Well, I seen what you had to say last week, and I've, er, got to be honest Frankie. You impressed me. The fire and determination in your words, I have to say, I didn't know you had it in you, so I...


Frankie cuts Winter off.


FT: Who am I facing tonight, Arron?


Winter looks taken aback at being interrupted, but only very slightly and he soon recovers. He understands what must be going through Frankie's head at the moment and is happy to make allowances.


AW: Well, like I said, you impressed me. So I er, decided to give you exactly what you want. Tonight, you face Hayden Dyas, one on one.


Frankie's body language immediately changes. The dark, brooding look he's had on his face since the previous months Pay-Per-View is replaced with an attentive, interested expression. He raises his eyebrows and leans forward towards Winter, showing for the first time tonight any desire to listen to what his boss has to say.


FT: Are you serious?


Winter has a long, satisfied smile on his face, pleased finally that he has managed to coax his number one contender out of stupor.


AW: Absolutely. You deserve to get your hands on him.


Winter's smile fades ever so slightly, and he continues on in a slightly foreboding tone.


AW: But be careful Frankie. I think he's up to something. He came to see me earlier, he isn't cleared to compete tonight, but he's going against the doctors anyway. He want's to face you, but that's not at all, he's acting very remorseful for the sh*t that he's done recently.


A curious look appears on Frankie's face now, how cannot imagine how someone like Dyas could have had such a drastic change of mindset in the space of a few days.


AW: Yeah, I know. I'm not 100% sure what's going on with him to be honest, he was banging on how about how the likes of you deserve revenge. He could be genuine, you never know, but with a guy with a track record like Hayden Dyas, you can't take that risk. So just be careful tonight.


And for the first time in weeks, the old smile appears back on the Edinburgh Enigma's face.


FT: Don't worry Arron. Upto dirty tricks or not, I can handle Hayden Dyas. I can handle him every night of the week and twice on Sundays and tonight he's gonna get what's coming to him!


Winter smiles too.


AW: I know you can. Well, I'll leave you to get ready. There's probably some chaos with Paul Gray's fingerprints out there that needs to addressed. Good luck tonight Frankie.


FT: Thank You Arron, I appreciate this match.


Winter nods, turns and exists the room and Frankie, a huge satisfied look on his face, heads over to the punch bag hanging in the corner and begins taking shots at it as we cut away.

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