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Words you just cannot stand.


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Are there any words that sound like nails down a chalk board when you hear them? There are some that just wind me right up for no reason what so ever :lol


Here are some:



Manifesto (Sounds like a person you want to keep your kids away from)

Thespian (Sounds like a homosexual dinosaur)


There's probably more that i can't think of right now, but those 3 i cannot stand :lol


How about you?

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Literally. People rarely use it right and it gets on my nerves.

Also Americans saying 'I could care less'.


This. All day this.


People who use phrases like "think out of the box", "blue sky thinking", "being proactive", and all those other made-up buzzwords people fling about in meetings to sound like they know what they're doing.


People who use the word "irregardless".


Folks who use the word essentially to try and make it sound like they're giving you something easy to do. "It's essentially a simple task...".


On the subject of TOWIE, whichevr pr*ck invented using "reem" (or however the f*ck it's spelt) as some remark of excellence needs to be taken out into the nearest public square and flogged in the stocks.

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Reem. Legend, especially when its shortened to ledge/lege. He's such a lege! Hmmm... Amazeballs. People who say amazeballs are c*nts. It's bent.


Also, not a word but a mispronunciation: Axe/Axed instead of ask/asked. Generally said by black people in America or wiggers or retards. Its f*cking annoying, its stupid and I have no idea why the hell people say it.

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WTF is dench and peng? I know, I could Google it but...I didn't.


Dench is some stupid arse word made up by Frimpong and his rapper cousin.. someone, can't remember him. It basically means awesome, i think.


Peng means hot.


EDIT: His cousin Lethal Bizzle.

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