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Your Top 5 Fighters of all time


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Now I don't mean who do you think are the ten best right now (feel free to add that though f you like I may) I mean your favourite guys to watch, be it in or out of the octagon, UFC or not, retired or not also,


1) Anderson Silva, I've watched every fight he's had in the UFC and since that fateful night for the 5-0 ( in the UFC) Chris Leben he's destroyed or Embarrassed almost every opponent, excluding Mr Chael P Sonnen, the way he fights is right up my street his accuracy and timing are second to none. Lebens comments pre fight about how he'd be eating shots and keep coming we're at least half right that performance against a man who had never been stopped was amazing and for anyone who hasn't seen it do so.


2) Chuck Liddell, when this man was in his prime he was walking talking counter punching entertainment, he had a horrific end to his career which was 3 fights too long in my opinion but his level of opposition never dropped, had he bowed out after beating Silva he'd be better remembered as the beast he was, he'd fight anyone and for a long time he'd beat them. But I still loved me some Chuck and he got me into the UFC which back then was none too great, my favourite fights of his are either of the Tito destructions his 2 return fights with Randy or his fights with the then very dangerous Babalu.


3) Nate Diaz, from the moment he started on the quite possibly number 4 fighter in the weight class above him,Karo Parisyan I knew this was a man I could love (no homo) and love I have (homo) his cocky showman ship and just fight style are incredible, he's not the best and I'm glad he got his shot at the belt but in a division swamped with talent he's managed to perform above and beyond what was expected, his UF series win was anticlimactic as Manny hurt his shoulder attempting a takedown but I'm convinced he would have won anyway, his best performances were his 3 before the title fight but he's always exciting to watch what he did to the ever tough Jim Miller was brilliant.


4) Mirko Cro Cop, in the same vein as our Chuck, Mirko was a beast in his prime and me being Lucky enough to watch his Pride career, saw the man he was a man who decimated the competition, a man free the restraints of ground skills the self professed 'King of Sprawl' didn't need this Jiu Jitsu you all adore (well not until Big Nog nearly tore his arm off) with his might left high kick he had people quake in fear! Except the crazy random Japanese fighters he beat monthly, he once beat up Alberto Del Rio (true story) His best win for me was his win over the highly touted baby brother of Fedor whom he threw around before kicking him into next week! Fun times.


5) Rampage Jackson, another guy whose career has wained, not to the horrific extents of Chuck and Mirko but in excitement and wins, he just doesn't care anymore, he hates everything especially training for a fight, however lets look back a few (10) year and see the raw talent and power he brought to the table, billed as a homeless but job he came up against the then world class Sakuraba whom he almost beat! With nowhere near the skill he would possess in the future, he gained the love of the Japanese and had a streak of his own, slamming fools on there head and punching people's lights out, laughing and joking all the while until that mean ole Wanderlei Silva knocked him out after 3000 knees to the head then two big wins one via POWERBOMB!! and not that gurly against the cage Matt Hughes powerbomb a huge thundering goodnight Ricardo Arona powerbomb! then onto Mr Silva again and 3000 more knees to the head the loss an embarrassment he felt for years, then a clear dip in form led to a loss to the future 203 tournament champion Shogun Rua, a couple of lacklustre wins then we get to Chuck Liddell who got put out and handed over Quinton the biggest prize in the game he then fought 2 weight champion Dan Henderson and put on a SHOW which he won and got that long awaited Pride Belt (apparently ) but then the personal issues and confidence issues came back and he was beaten by the on form Forrest Griffin, he shook it off and got a shot at the man who had embarrassed him two times in Japan Wanderlei Silva and this is the fight I loved most, he came in, trained right didn't rush then BAM goodnight Silva his later career was a decision feat of wins and losses until he was submitted my man god Jon Jones a fight he performed admirably in showing that when he's motivated he's a beast, I will miss him the UFC will too i just wish the happy motivated Rampage could have stayed throughout as the LHW Division would have been a little different.


Honourable mentions to Chael p for his out of cage antics, JDS and Aldo for there in cage antics and the British contingent because I haz patriotic side (James Wiks SHOULD have been awesome!) Roy Nelson for in and out if cage antics and Brock for Frank Mir 2 without his disease he'd still be on top i reckon.

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Are were talking best of all time, or favourite of all time? Because my two lists would be very different there.


For personal favourites, I'd have to go;


- Bas Rutten

- Mirko "CroCop"

- "Rampage" Jackson

- Nick Diaz

- Alistair Overeem


But I'm not sure if any of them would make my un-bias "greatest of all time" list which would probably be something like (at their peak);


- Anderson Silva

- Fedor Emiliananeko

- Royce Gracie

- Matt Hughes

- Wanderlei Silva

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My top 5 current:


Chael P Sonnen - American Gangster

Anthony Pettis

Rory MacDonald

Anderson Silva


And, of course, "Sexy" Erick Silva. Honourable mention to Ronda Rousey.


Top 5 from the past:


Chuck Liddell

Brock Lesnar

Clay Guida before Greg Jackson ruined him

Jon Jones before Greg Jackson ruined him

Emanuel Yarborough

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Top 5 favourite to watch:


1. Anderson Silva - Greatest of all time, makes a mockery of every other fighter.

2. Cain Velasquez - Love seeing heavyweights smash each other.

3. Nick Diaz - Not great I just enjoy his antics in the cage, talking shit, giving the finger.

4. JDS - I love heavy hitters, watching JDS clip people is wicked.

5. Rory McDonald - He's a *****, but he's fun to watch fight.

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