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Ten Questions : Magic


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1. In a strange magic kingdom Wigan played Celtic in the final of the Champions League, who would you shout for?


This is really tough. Hmm. Based on the fact that Wigan have never won (or even competed) in the Champions League, I think it would be a bigger achievement for Wigan to win than Celtic. So I guess I'd say them, on penalties. It would be a no lose situation of course! :D


2. Who is the best player you’ve seen at Wigan?


Charles N'zogbia, single handedly keeping us up a couple of years ago. It's a shame it hasn't worked out for him since, but the grass isn't always greener and I'd be delighted to have him back. He's what we are missing at the moment.


3. Celtic are light years ahead of every other club in Scotland. Please tell us how the other clubs can catch up.


Truthfully, probably nothing. I can't see it changing anytime soon. I'm pretty disillusioned with Scottish football in general and the proposed reforms aren't going to change anything. It'll probably take Celtic moving leagues to give anyone else a shot. What I would do if I was in charge is have two leagues of twenty, and a conference system feeding into the second league. Have three up and three down. That's where I would start, but I they won't go for that due to the TV deals and such like.


4. Are you concerned that if Celtic remain light years ahead of the rest of the SFL and SPL and just win everything every year for ever and ever that one day “someone”, be it FIFA, the SPL, or a ruthless owner at Celtic, would “do a Wimbledon” and take the Celtic franchise to another league? Imagine the “Amsterdam Celts”, the “Celtic Brugges” or “Sporting Clube Celtico”..?


Not particularly because I highly doubt it will happen. I would however welcome a move to the English league system, even if it meant working our way up from the lower leagues. That would be fun.


5. Imagine a brand new channel in the UK comes along and blows SKY out of the water and secured the rights to The Premier League. Somewhat randomly, they ask you to put together a pundit panel for live matches and a pundit panel for highlights and tactics dissection. Host and two pundits for each show. Who do you pick and why?


Hmm interesting. I don't really mind the hosts, so Jeff Stelling, Ed Chamberlain etc can stay. I'd also nick Jake Humphreys to anchor some live games, I like him a lot. Pundits is more of an issue. There'd be an instant ban on Ray Wilkins, Nial Quinn, Alan Hansen, Gary Linekar, Ian Dowie, Charlie Nicholas.


Hosts: Jeff Stelling, Jake Humphreys, Ed Chamberlain

Colour Commentators: Alan Smith, Gary Neville

Pundits: Paul Merson, Danny Mills, Gary Neville, Simon Jordan (after his performance last night), Michael Owen.


6. Who is going to win the Superbowl and why?


Baltimore Ravens baby. No question. It's Ray Lewis's destiny. I also believe we are a better team than 49ers overall, and that Joe Flacco is gonna step up to the plate big time.


7. The Sultan of Brunei buys Wigan Athletic and spends £zillions on some phenomenal players (a wish list of wonder-players like Ronaldo, Sanchez and Ribery etc…). Wigan win the Premier League a couple of times, then win the Champions League, and then he deserts the club, leaving them in a debt-riddled free-fall through the leagues. How do you feel about that?


I would rather long term Premier League stability, than a couple of bought title wins before crumbling to nothing. I would much rather be where we are now than Pompey for example. Whelan gets a lot of stick for not making enough big money signings, but we're not in any debt at the moment and the club is being run the correct way. There has been investment in facilities and the academy. If we were the fall through the leagues after a big investment, there's no gaurentee the club would even survive, again look at Pompey. So would I take some extra investement right now? Sure no question, but not if it means hammering the club with debt and and taking huge financial risks.


8. Do you support women competing in MMA and why?


Yes. I'm a big believer in anyone has the right to do whatever they want with their own body. If they want to, I'm certainly in no position to say they can't. It really doesn't make a difference if it's a man or a woman.


Whether I think it's good to watch is a different question. I'm a bit meh on it. I like to see big heavyweights go at it, so the woman don't do much for me in the same way that bantam weights don't.


9. You suddenly find £zillions in an envelope on the street and decide to start your own F1 Team. You don’t want to use any manufacturer who currently competes in F1. Which manufacturer do you use? And what is your team name!?


I would call it Gray Grand Prix. Because I'm an egomaniac, and that's my surname. I would sign Adrain Newey to design the chasis, and my engines would be provided by Buggati. They're owned by Volkswagen, so German efficiency and all that. Plus the Veyron is fast as f*ck. My strategist would be Ross Brawn and my drivers would be Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg.


10. And finally… Who needs to be punched most in the face in TWO?


Haha, I'm not one to advocate violence. But seen as he got his panties in a twisted about me not liking David Beckham, Bratsan.


Heads, Boyo!

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