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XTV 1:17 - San Antonio, TX

The Fury

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:) As always no win/loss promos up until results confirmed

Gray Opens up


It was a sunset flip!


Chaos and Erics Meet


Tired and Fed up


Tinkerbells Fate?


Don Meets Frankie


The Craft vs Donald Erics and Chaos Dragon

The theme music of the craft echoes on the P.A system as the brothers Drew & Marc Wilkinson emerge on the stage. Both of their arms are raised in confidence that they will beat their opponents with ease.


Announcer-“Introducing your first team, Marc and Drew Wilkinson…..THE CRAFT!!!”


The brothers walk down without a care for the crowd, who continually boo them after their recent actions towards Donald Erics and Chaos Dragons beloved Tinkerbell. They enter the ring and again raise their arms. The gigantic pairing then snatch the microphone off the announcer as they demand quietness from the crowd.


DW-“Now for those of you who don’t know what we’re capable of. Tonight we will set the example of how much of a dominant force we really are in the tag team division. That little pipsqueak Erics and that pothead Dragon, have no chance on the craft!”


Drew passes the mic to his brother Marc.


MW-“So let it be known that tonight marks the first and last time you will ever Donald and Dragon team together, and be a part of TWO stars. Infact the gm’s might as well give us the tag titles when they get around to making them, because nobody in this company can ever beat us…..period!”


Mark pounds the microphone against the announcers chest as they wait for the odd couple to come. “Smack My Bitch Up” starts blaring out to the crowds delight. With both Dragon and Erics coming out, who seems to be very hesitant and mentioning to Dragon about the lyrics in his song.


Announcer-“And their Opponents…..DONALD ERICS AND CHAOS DRAGON!!”


Dragon immediately does his signature head banging and dreadlocks waving routine on the stage. He pushes Erics to get him to head bang with him. Donald finally head bangs ever so slightly and shimmy’s side to side, much to dragons dislike who puts his hands up asking why. The pair eventually make their way down to the ring and get chatting about what to do to begin with to get the upper hand. Dragon insists on starting the match first, but realises how tall the craft are as the bigger brother Marc goes up to him. Marc smiles and talks trash to dragon, who gives his own back.




Dragon immediately tags Erics into the ring, much to Mr generic’s surprise. The crowd laugh a bit as they realise dragon doesn’t want to fight Marc, just yet. Chaos continues to say “tactical strategy” to Donald, who eventually gets in the ring.


Erics to get himself prepared stays in his corner and does squats to warm up, much to the craft and his tag team partner dragons surprise. The chaotic one pushes him to hurry up and start just as Marc is about to strike, Erics manages to dodge the attack and begin kicking the giant in the ribs and the legs. Donald changes his kicks from sharp quick kicks, to ones that are heavy and stomp right on the leg joints of Wilkinson. Marc tries to swing for several punches, but Donald dodges to the side and avoids them. Out of nowhere Mr Generic hit’s a fast victor roll leg lock with enough power to take the big guy to the ground, to the shock of everyone. Erics quickly tries to pull Marc’s leg enough to get a knee bar locked in. Donald stretches the knee as far as he can but the big guy can reach the ropes and shrug it off. The blue chipper somehow drop kicks off the ropes and lands in a sprawling position on top of Marc. He twists to Marcs back where he tries to put in his throat crushing Sleeper, but the giant manages to get up to his feet. Realising the match could turn against him, Eric’s let’s go and again goes to work on the knee. Donald manages to get hold of his arm and swings it into several arm bars. He then uses his whole weight to force the big guy down to the ground again. The big man grits his teeth as Donald shows off his skill by applying several different judo hand holds to apply the stretched pain to fingers, palms and the whole hand. Erics finishes it off with a kimura positioned slam on Marc’s arm to the ground. Eric’s makes the tag as the chaotic one arrives.


Seeing his opponent down and hurt, dragon takes the opportunity to showboat and please the crowd. He gives several cheeky kicks to the ribs and injured arm of Marc, followed by several punches to his head. The big guy gradually starts to get up which makes dragon eye poke him to stay down, much to the refs disapproval. Dragon bounces off against the ropes and goes for a hurricane…..only for Marc to not even move and to hold dragon in mid air. He gets back on to his feet and delivers a huge powerbomb to dragon! Marc goes to his brother Drew to make the tag quickly as the other member of the craft comes in. He immediately goes for cover, but only a 2 count. He gets dragon up to his feet, who immediately shouts and points to something in the crowd. The ref and drew look as dragon kicks drew in the nuts! The ref can only assume as Dragon goes off the ropes for a quick clothesline, but drew hits a monstrous counter! Drew goes for another cover, again the two count. The crowd boo as the craft get more steam and advantage in the match, the stomps happen over and over followed up by a power slam hard on the ring mat. Drew bounces off the ropes and hits a dropping knee onto Chaos’ head. The chaotic one tries to crawl for the tag, but the other half of the crowd drags him back to his corner. Drew makes the tag for Marc as the bigger brother comes back in.


The bigger Wilkinson brother drops a huge elbow onto Chaos dragons head. He picks him up and throws him against the turnbuckle. He spears his big body through the skinnier dragon multiple times before running to the opposite turnbuckle, running towards dragon, and crushing dragon with a big slam. Wilkinson makes the cover….1…2.. kick out! Marc slaps the head of dragon, trying to take mask off, but chaos manages to fight em off, escape and try to make the tag, but Marc takes Eric’s out. As Donald tries to get back into the ring, the craft both get in to the ring while the referee is distracted and beatdown dragon, much to the crowds dismay.


Booo! Booo! Booo!


Without making an official tag, Drew is back in the ring as the pair are on the ground with Drew putting dragon in a headlock. The crowd begin to clap their hands and cheer on dragon as they try to get in the match. Drew tells the crowd to shut up even more, which drives them be louder for the chaotic one to hear. Dragon uses his arms to show he feels the crowd and use their momentum to get out of the hold. He manages to get to his knees and eventually to one foot and with his momentum…grabs Drews testicles tight! He twists them so hard that Drew has to break the hold. Dragon and Drew are now both on their feet as Dragon gets even more momentum to give Drew a titty twister! Drew grits his teeth in pain but then headbutts dragon to get him back to the ground. The smaller Wilkinson lifts Chaos on his shoulders as he goes for snake eyes.


CD-“No! No! I’m too young to die!”


Dragon grabs a hold of the ropes and refuses to let go. Drew tries several times to force dragon’s hands off the ropes, but when he does, Chaos Dragons uses the momentum to bounce off the ropes and counter with a hurricanrana to put Drew to the turnbuckle. Dragon dashes towards Eric’s and makes the hot tag!!!


Eric’s goes to the top rope and hits a big missile dropkick to the oncoming Drew Wilkinson! The crowd cheer loudly as Mr Generic hits several Polish hammers and clotheslines to stop Drew from getting back up. Eric’s follows it up with a big enzugiri to Marc, who drops to the ground. Donald cheers the crowd on, who shout on him to turn around as Drew goes for another attack, they go for the clinch but Donald reverses it and hits a neck breaker converted into an Anaconda choke hold! Drew frantically tries to escape but Donald moves his body gradually closer to Drews’ to intensify the pressure on Wilkinson’s neck. Drew is struggling to hold on and is almost on the brink, but Marc storms in and breaks the hold! Chaos dragon recovers and dashes into the ring, jumps on top of Eric’s and hits a hurricanrana which delivers perfectly and puts Marc through the ropes and out of the ring. Dragon goes to the outside of the ropes to look back on the bigger Wilkinson as he gradually gets back up. He jumps on the top rope….



And hits a huge Asai moonsault landing on Marc! The crowd wow in amazement.



The crowd focus back in the ring as Drew goes for the big boot, but Donald slides underneath and hits a big back cracker for behind. He roars out to the crowd as he decides to go for the Donald Driver…He even stomps the ring mat with his feet to get him back up. Drew is eventually up and Donald puts him into position…



But Drew is still too strong to deliver the driver and pushes Erics towards the referee. Erics goes to see the referee to make sure he’s ok as Drew hangs on the ropes to recover



But Dragon hit’s the 662 feint kick that stuns Drew!! Marc goes and holds Dragon’s foot, but he sprays green mist into his eyes!!! Marc is stunned and can’t see!


Eric’s see’s his opportunity…get’s him into position…





Mr Generic however decides not to cover! Thinking of what the craft did to Chaos he goes over to Chaos for the tag!


DE-“Do this one for Tinkerbell Mr Dragon, I mean Chaos!””


Dragon makes the tag and goes to the top of the turnbuckle







Dragon makes the cover








The odd couple celebrate as they get a big win!


Announcer-“Here is your winner….DONALD ERICS AND CHAOS DRAGON!”


Dragon and Eric’s get their arms raise up as they begin to celebrate, while The Craft retreat with Marc still being unable to see. Dragon brings Erics down to the ground and holds his hands to celebrate similar to the scene of Happy Gilmore as they continue to add wins to their TWO stars record.


Damaged contracts


Restoring the 'masterpiece'


Pre-recorded from the craft


Proposition HD


Dan Fox V Lucian L Jones V Chris Eagles V KJ Woods - Last Entry into the Rumble place


Announcer-“The following contest….IS A FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH!!! And it is for the last remaining spot in the rumble at Battle Royale!!!


The lights go out as Fox's theme music, lively sparks from both sides of the stag engulf the entry from the back. As soon as the first proper verse kicks in the the sparks from pyrotechnics immediately stop, revealing amongst the smoke Fox wearing his ring gear and a hooded jacket with the hood covering his face from the crowd. He warms up and rolls his shoulders before walking down the stages. Fox does a couple of punches in the air followed by kicks to get further warmed up, not even acknowledging the crowd and remaining completely focused in the ring.


Announcer-“From Edinburgh Scotland….DAN FOX!!!


He shouts to hype himself up at the stages shouting “Come on!” before walking up on the steps and walking into the ring. He stays in his corner pacing back and forth, doing stretches further more to warm himself up. He moves his hood off his head and warms up


As part of the song, a pre-taped recording of him saying, "It's shoooooowtime"". The music then starts to play: he comes out and does nothing special as he makes his down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps and makes his down the apron til he's in line with the entrance. There he bends down and crosses his arms then comes back up, uncrosses his arms and points out to the side (Bobby Lashley taunt). He ready to fight at that point, if his opponent is in the ring he motions for him to "bring it" then he ready to fight.


Announcer-“From Detroit Michigan……KJ WOODS!


Woods and Fox stare down each other as they get ready to wait for the third opponent to arrive.


Ugly by the Exies roars out of the amplifier as the cancer arrives to much confidence. He waves away all protests and boos, making a title strap sign across his waist as he walks down towards the ring


Announcer-“From Victoria, British Columbia!.....CHRISTOPHER RYAN EAGLES!!”


The veteran arrives in the ring and goes to the ropes, lifting his arms in their air believing he can win this match tonight. The three men all wait in anticipation if the sultan of swagga has escaped and will arrive to make this fatal four way complete.


Slam by Pendulum hits as the crowd all stand up to see if their Jonestown hero will compete tonight with the rest. The announcer is told to make the introduction as he puts the microphone to his lips


Announcer-“From Jonestown GA……LUCIAN L. JONES!!!!!”


The pyro, lighting and music all play out, the crowd begin chanting “Lucian! Lucian! Lucian!”….


But no sign of The King of Bling at all, which prompts Woods and Eagles to attack Fox immediately before the bell rings. The crowd are disappointed at Lucian not looking likely to compete, and effectively been taking out of the rumble match at the ppv. The pair stomp down on Fox as they try to take out the technical mauler early. Letting down their guard when they feel Fox won’t come back out fighting, the technical mauler storms up, lifts Woods and slams him down at the opposite turnbuckle with a takedown! Fox hits big elbow strikes to the weak skin of Woods. Eagles attacks Fox from behind, hitting a powerslam followed up by a fast elbow drop. Eagles picks Dan up and sets him up for the Eagles wings! But Fox reverses him over his head and onto the ring mat. Fox bounces off the ropes and hits a vicious Busaiku knee kick onto Eagles. Cover






No! Kick out by the cancer.


Fox turns his attention to Woods, picking him up and hitting a quick suplex. Dan follows this up by scuffling his knee to KJ’s face several times, which notable leaves bold red marks on his face. Dan then positions KJ’s arm up and begins to lock in the Americana key lock! Woods is in pain and tries to fight off and loosen his arm, but Fox tightens the grip! This causes KJ to shuffle his body circular to get closer to the ropes, but as he is almost grabbing the ropes, Fox pulls his arm away from him so he’s only centimetres away! He grits his teeth, but the cancer breaks the submission! Fox and Eagles begin trading punches with each other, but as Eagles goes for a punch, Dan dodges to the back of the cancer and goes for a suplex, but Eagles lands on his feet and hits a big drop kick. The cancer see’s his chance and looks down that Fox is dazed with his head free…


Christopher Ryan Eagles walks back sprints up and goes for a huge final punt!



But Fox dodges it and KJ Woods hits belly to belly suplex that lands on the turnbuckles!!!


Woods covers






Kick out!


Woods gets up and hits Fox with a quick Samoan leg sweep with the pin






Kick out by Fox!


Woods picks up Dan and lifts him to outside the ropes. He shouts out loud for a spear. KJ runs to ropes and bounces off em. He runs towards Fox, but Dan jumps over the ropes and hits a shoulder barge! Dan picks up Woods quickly and hits a vicious sideways suplex! Eagles is on the turnbuckle and hit’s a big slam….but Fox rolls over and lifts the cancer up! He grits his teeth and lifts Eagles up and makes his ribs land on his knee! Fox covers..






Kick out by Eagles!


Woods from out of nowhere begins to hit big strikes over and over which makes Fox retreats to the turnbuckle. Woods hits stomp kicks after words and starts to scream as the adrenaline kicks in. But Eagles see’s his chance and throws KJ out of the ring. Christopher Ryan Eagles then looks down at Woods, goes to the turnbuckle, waits for KJ Woods to get back up, and hits a huge slam on Woods outside the ring! Both men are down as the cancer holds his ribs tightly. As both guys gradually get back up..


Fox goes through the ropes and hits both guys! All three men are down! The crowd cheers reluctantly with all three being heels, but appreciate the work all of them are doing to get the last rumble spot. As all three men eventually get up, the cancer takes an advantage and throws Fox over the announce table and crashing down on the ground. He then grabs KJ Woods and go back into the ring, with Woods hanging on the outside ropes. Eagles has a smile on his face and grabs his head through the ropes. Get him set up…








Eagles makes the cover






Kick out by Woods! The cancer is surprised that Woods kicked out and smirks away his chances, as he goes for another hit, KJ hits a roll up!






Kick out by Eagles!


Woods gets up and hits his classic two regular elbow drops followed by the jumping elbow drop! He goes for a quick cover, but Eagles kicks out at two. KJ see’s the advantage and looks to stun the TWO Stars veteran. He goes for another attack, but Eagles slams his into the padding on the turnbuckle!! He sets KJ up for Eagles Wings












Fox keeps a hold of him and uses his strength and delivers a monstrous second German suplex from behind! KJ’s arms go jelly as Dan grits his teeth and gets them both up..














Eagles can’t believe it as Fox kicks out of the Eagles wings! He complains to the referee who insists he kicked out at two. Christopher Ryan Eagles sees KJ getting up He positions himself on the top turnbuckle..KJ gets up..






The referee sees the cancer’s shoulders on the mat








The trio are all separate from each other as they try to gather their last energy to gain to get the victory and to get that last rumble spot. Eagles goes for Eagles wings again on Fox, but KJ breaks it off! KJ goes for another attempt at the awesome shock, but Eagles fights him off. Eagles tries for a neckbreaker, but KJ brings him down to the ground and hits a ankle lock!!! Eagles screams out in pain but instead of getting to the ropes, The cancer rolls up and breaks the hold…





















The cancer has done it! He has won and gained the last spot in the rumble. He gets out of the ring and celebrates his victory!


Announcer-“Here is your winner….CHRISTOPHER RYAN EAGLES!”


Fox is furious with the referee knowing that him and the “system” has screwed him over again. The referee rejects his complaints, saying that his decision is final. Dan’s face is red as Eagles gloats his victory. Fox says enough is enough and grabs the referee!!!




And while KJ is just getting back up….FOX HITS ANOTHER FOXTROT ON KJ WOODS!


The technical mauler still shakes his head as the cancer celebrates his victory. He again makes the motion of the title around his waist. Believing that this year is his year that he will become TWO stars champion!


The message is clear


Prepare Yourselves


You Better be ready, champ

War is Declared...


A cancer gets revenge




Frankie Thompson V Kyle Gilmore V Dammage - No.1 Contender to World Title


Announcer-“This next contest….IS YOUR MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!! And it is for to become to next number one contender to the TWO Stars heavyweight title. Already in the ring….Please welcome BRYAN DAMMAGE!!”


The crowd cheer loudly as he lifts his left arm up, looking forward to his match. Suddenly the tron changes to the silhouette of the anonymous general manager much to the surprise of everyone. Dammage’s body tension changes from tensed up and ready, to one of relaxed and curiousity. The lights then completely fade black to add to the atmosphere.


GM-“Apologies for Interrupting as I believe this matter should be dealt with before the main event of our show. Due to the ongoing problems with Lucian Jones, Arron Winter is unable to be here. However I feel that he will happily accept this. Now Dammage, you have challenged Dan Fox to the match at the next pay per view, with Fox agreeing. You are also in the possible predicament of being in the world title match as well.”


The crowd cheer.


GM-“Now myself and Mr Perrino have decided and agreed that we feel that Dammage vs Fox needs to happen. So therefore we agree and will proudly make it official that Brian Dammage will face Dan Fox at Battle Royale!


The crowd cheer even more!


GM-“But with all that has happened…we therefore have no other choice but to ban both Paul Gray and Arron Winter from ringside. And in regards to tonight, if you win. We will grant you your title shot on the same night, meaning you will have two big matches at Battle Royale.”


Dammage! Dammage! Dammage!


GM-“Now Enjoy your main event!”


The lights go back up as Dammage warms up, but the crowd are crying out to the contender! As highlighted by the spot light in the crowd is Lucian Jones bloodied and barely conscious with two of those guys in the army uniform and balaclavas! Dammage sees this and immediately storms out of the ring and dashes to save his friend. He gets closer to the exit, but there’s not sign of them! They have disappeared once again. Dammage has his hands on his hand that he came this close to saving his friend but to no avail. Kyle Gilmore’s music hits and he must now make that long walk back to the ring.


Announcer-“Introducing….KYLE GILMORE!”


Gilmore is visibly limping after the beating he took at the last pay per view for the belt. He still has the same determination on his face as he grits his teeth a little to get back into the ring. He goes to the corner as Dammage gradually gets back into the ring.


Wild and Young plays on the Amp as the crowd cheer again with a bruised Frankie arriving on the stage, dedicated more than ever to get the belt around his waist.


Announcer-“And introducing the final competitor…FRANKIE THOMSON!”


Thomson despite his injuries runs and enters the ring as all three men are ready to get this match started. As a sign of respect, all three men shake each others hands as they go for battle for the spot to become next in line for the title shot.




All three guys go to work on each other punching away to try get the upper hand. The bigger opponent Dammage gets the upper hand starts to punch more on both guys. Frankie goes for a punch, but Dammage grabs his hand and begins to squeeze down on the blue chipper, following this up by a huge clothesline! Bryan then picks up Gilmore and uses his advantage of the injuries to Kyles ribs and crushes them with a bear hug! Kyle tries to fight it off with his hands, scratching his eyes and cheeks, but Dammage runs with him and crushes him against the turnbuckle. Thomson immediately goes for quick kicks, but Dammage pushes him away as fun time Frankie gets back up quickly. Him and Gilmore look at each other knowing they may have to team up to take out the veteran and nod. They both go for the attack and take Bryan down to the ground. They big the man up and hit a big suplex. Gilmore goes for the cover






Frankie breaks the cover!


Frankie gets a hold of Gilmore and slams Kyle against the turnbuckle. Frankie runs up and hits a flying knee to the chin of Gilmore, followed up by a bulldog. Thomson looks down on the fallen Gilmore and delivers an impressive standing backflip! Cover






Kick out by Gilmore.


Frankie immediately gets back up and tries to go for his vintage sharpshooter, but Gilmore restrains and breaks the hold off, pushing Thomson away. The stray cat spears Frankies leg as he goes to the ground. By this time Dammage has gotten back up hits a big European uppercut that stuns Kyle momentarily. As Bryan goes for a big powerbomb, Gilmore wraggles and almost gets set up the classic fame-asser. But Bryan get’s his head out of the way and hits a atomic drop counter followed by a neck breaker! Bryan gets the cover






Kick out by Gilmore again.


Frankie attacks Dammage again with another bombardment of punches and kicks, but Bryan shrugs them off and hits a quick Samoan drop. He picks up Fun time Frankie again and goes for the quick arm bar submission controlling the body. Frankie tries not to panic and grits his teeth as Dammage hyper extends the arm. But Kyle sees the potential submission and breaks the submission hold. Gilmore hits a quick hurricanrana which takes Dammage to the ropes. Gilmore for a tiger feint kick, but Dammage hits a vicious lariat to Kyle! Frankie Thomson gets involved and hits his own hurricanrana that sends Dammage to the ring post. Frankie then hits a big dropkick to the ribs of the veteran, followed up by a few spears. Bryan Dammage has sat down against the turnbuckle trying to get their breath back, which indicates to Thomson that he’s set up…Frankie goes to the opposite turnbuckle, gets to the top rope










Bryan Dammage roars out loud and hits a huge back breaker to Frankie Thomson, followed by a massive old jack super kick to Gilmore. Dammage is on fire and gets the crowd to cheer by his side!




He shouts out loud to Lucian as he waits for one of the pair to get to be hit by can’t stop finisher. Bryan shouts at the both of them to get back up. Gilmore is the first and and Dammage tries to get can’t stop locked in, but Gilmore tries to fight it off and gets behind him to stop.










Frankie breaks the cover. As he goes to get Gilmore.








3..NO! Kick out by Frankie much to Gilmores disbelief.


Kyle tries to pick up Thomson, but he counter Gilmore’s attack and he sets him up for the Port of Leith! Kyle scratches to get to the ropes with the injured back he sustained at the pay per view. The stray cat screams in pain….But he manages to reach the ropes. Frankie reluctantly lets go as the ref almost makes the five count. The referee goes to talk to Frankie to warn about breaking the hold quick in the future..







Both guys look down as Gilmore can’t believe his luck. But as they try to see to the referee Dammage is back up and tearing the pair apart. Power slamming both guys. Gilmore sees the opportunity while Dammage hits a vicious Spinning Memphis DDT on Thomson!


Gilmore shouts Bryan’s name and goes for the Klap!





But Frankie is up!








Suddenly the lights go out! The crowd are surprised and curious into what has happened and who or what may be affecting this. The lights go back up…






Five of them, including one really tall guy, attack Dammage. Bryan tries to fight them off, but with Gilmore and Frankie both out from the finishers, he can’t fight back. They gather like a pack of dogs. They drag Dammage back to his feet, who tries to fight them all. But one of them smashes Bryans jaw with a punch with brass knuckles that sends him down to the canvas. They take him outside the ring as they still give him the beating that they gave to Jones in the back. Two of them go to the announce table and rip off the monitors. They all talk amongst themselves as they give the barely conscious Dammage to the tall masked man. He roars out loud…





The mysterious group surround Dammages fallen carcass and raise their right fist in the air. The crowd are booing loudly but they don’t care as the army covered thugs. They leave through the crowd just before the referee and the other competitors regain consciousness. Gilmore and Frankie get up, realising that Dammage is out cold, and out of this match. They look at each and go to shake one anothers hand. They do so and begin punching each other back and forth. Gilmore goes for a roll up






Kick out by Frankie!


They get back up as Frankie hits a standing hurricanrana with a quick pin






Kick out by Gilmore, who sits up and reverses the pin!






Kick out by Frankie!


Both get back up again as they try to gain the advantage. The stray cat hit vicious elbows to Frankie trying to get the advantage, Frankie reverses it as he goes for a insane muscle buster from behind, but Gilmore fights it off! Frankie hits a high knee to the face which makes him fall back to the turnbuckle. Frankie sees the chance to go for Down the Docks. He shakes his arms and shouts with the fans. He goes to the top ropes for down the docks on Gilmore.






The crowd go insane!!! But Gilmore stays down as both men are out! The referee checks them out but they are ok to continue! The crowd can’t pick a favourite as they see all guys give it their all. Dammage is still being seen to by road agents, meaning Gilmore has the upper hand towards a title shot with Dyas. He gets up first and sees Thomson is still moving about. Rather than go for a cover. The stray cat decides that one more fame-asser and klap to take fun time Frankie out once and for all. He shouts at Frankie to get up, who eventually gets up..


Kyle goes for the Fame-Asser..


Lifts his legs up over his head…



















Frankie Thomson is the new number one contender! He will get his chance for redemption against Hayden Dyas at Battle Royale.


Announcer-“Here is your winner, and the number one contender for the TWO Stars heavyweight title…FRANKIE THOMSON!”


Thomson goes down to his knees, delighted he has won and gets the chance for revenge at Dyas. He raises his arms in victory! The crowd cheer him on while Gilmore can’t believe his luck again..


Number one by Nelly hits the P.A system as the mood immediately chances from one of celebration, to one of serious. The visibly injured Hayden Dyas, with the world title around his waist emerges on the stage, staring down Thomson. The pair lock eyes on each other, without even flinching as the champion walks down to the stage and to the ring. Hayden is still struggling to walk properly following the pay per view match he controversially won. He gets into the ring and goes straight next to Thomson. The pair stare down each other eye to eye and nose to nose as they try to psych each other out. Thomson makes the title motion across his waist and lifts his arm, to the crowds delight. Hayden smirks, takes the title off his waist and lifts it above his head. With the champ with title above his head, and Thomson raising his arm in the other side, the pair stand still as the camera focuses on those to close out XTV!

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