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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - January 28, 2013 from Las Vegas, NV (#1027)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, January 28, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, January 29, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3



Thomas & Mack Center at the UNLV in Las Vegas, NV


Confirmed Matches/Events


Return of RAW Roulette


The Rock to Appear


Royal Rumble Fallout

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There was some really good stuff on this show, I think. Big Show/Del Rio was great, as were the Punk/Rock promos. I love the way Punk is in complete denial about losing his title. Very good. The finish to the show was excellent too, especially Heyman. Nice way to establish who The Shield are and why they're doing what they're doing and I liked the way all that was filmed on Maddox's camera.


I'm hoping the WWE just go all out with a Lesnar, Punk and Shield stable, managed by Heyman. That'd be fantastic and it could lead to a terrific WrestleMania match. I doubt they'll put all their eggs into one basket, but Lesnar, Punk and The Shield against Triple H, Vince, Sheamus, Ryback and Orton would be epic.

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I'm hoping the WWE just go all out with a Lesnar, Punk and Shield stable, managed by Heyman.







Man down.





WWE.com sources indicate that Mr. McMahon suffered a broken pelvis as the result of Brock Lesnar's surprise attack at the conclusion of Monday night's Raw.


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So I guess that means next week we get a returning HHH in the mix, or is trips gonna bow out and hand Brock to Taker?


I didn't think the show is bad, but it didn"t feel like a road to wrestlemania raw to me. Just too much garbage time and space given to guys who will not be on the WM card. Punk stuff was good, rock was good, the shield beatdown was good and Brock was great. Only wish vince had a hat on so Brock could kick it afterwards.


So does this mean a Brad Maddox face push or is he just gonna disappear?


And im sorry but as much as John Cena can try, there was absolutely no way possible that his decision was gonna be a huge event because it was so unbelievably predictable. Would have made more sense to have the Shield cut him off and jump him before he could answer, but either way we still no the decision.


And I don't mean to be nit picky but during the Cena/Rhodes match I could of swore that Michael Cole in giving his Royal Rumble numbers said Cody Rhodes entered number 23 and lasted 27 minutes and John Cena entered number 19 and lasted 26 mins??? Did I mishear something or is Michael Cole that big a doofus. I initially thought JBL, Cole and King weren"t that bad but they have quickly become the worst 3 man announce team (not that there have been many) I have had to listen too.

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I fear BRAD MAD OX is on the shelf for a while, but I can survive on BA-ROCK LES-NARRR and TRISH IN THE HALL OF FAME. And I cannot stress enough how fantastic Paul Heyman was in the final segment.


I hope that the Shield Cena/Sheamus/Ryback ends up inside an Elimination Chamber, I can't believe they haven't used the War Games aspect of the match to have a 3 on 3 Elimination Match before and this is the perfect opportunity.


Of course that does mean Cena beats the Shield. All of them.

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Rock and Punk was good and all... But I have to bring something up from the past... there was a time that I argued that it didn't matter how big you are to win the WWE Title.. Well, if Punk ever comes out to the ring wearing shorts WITHOUT his wrestling boots again, I will be on Beltser's side when it comes to Punk winning titles. That was embarrassing, in my opinion. It looked like he had 2 little league baseball bats for legs. He looked so freaking small.. He shouldn't have a chance against Rock or Cena.


But besides that, Punk was really good tonight, as was Heyman. Actually, Heyman was freaking fantastic.


Trish in the Hall of Fame is awesome. No argument there.


And oh, did you guys hear that little baby pop Lesnar got? Should have never lost to Cena. OH

WAIT, he blew the roof off of the place.


And I've been thinking, I don't think we are gonna get HHH vs Lesnar. I think HHH is gonna come out next week, and say something along the lines of "I'm retired. I'm not gonna fight you Brock. But I know somebody who will"... Gong ..

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That Taker/Lesnar thing would make sense, although I have my reservations. Firstly, Lesnar losing two out of his three matches this year would kind of suck, and, secondly, I think Lesnar might actually literally kill 'Taker. Brock's stiff as f*ck, and 'Taker's made of wet paper and hope, so the chances of an injury would be massive.


I would like the scenario you said though, with the gong, the first gong of the year is always a crucial moment, and I like that set up.

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Is it just me or was Cena almost pulling a heel promo about being bitter for having an 0fer against punk and rock. He almost sounded bitter about his 2012 campaign. Not that he is gonna go heel or anything but his promo had that feel.


So this means Rock won't defend in a chamber match like years past? Does that mean there will only be one chamber match?

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