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IMPACT WRESTLING - 14th February 2013 (London)


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Wembley Arena - London, England

Saturday 26th January


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 14th February on Spike TV at 8/7c

UK: Sunday 17th February on Challenge at 9pm


Who Will Face Jeff Hardy at "Lockdown"

14th February 2013


Preview Thursday's special international "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast from London, England on SpikeTV at 8/7c.


Who will face "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship at "Lockdown"? General Manager Hulk Hogan has booked four main-event quality matches that will take place on Thursday to help him make his final decision! The matches are:


- Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

- Magnus vs. Christopher Daniels

- Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

- James Storm vs. Rob Van Dam


Who will step up and potentially earn the chance to face Hardy at "Lockdown"? Tune in Thursday night to find out.


Also on "IMPACT WRESTLING", the contestants from the "British Boot Camp" series will be in action as Marty and the Blossom Twins battle TNA superstars Gail Kim, Tara and Jesse Godderz in mixed tag team action!


All this and much more on Thursday's "IMPACT WRESTLING" from England on SpikeTV at 8/7c, plus more news on the upcoming "Lockdown" event on Sunday 10th March in San Antonio, Texas!



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London, England

Airing Sunday 17th February in The UK


Hulk Hogan kicks off the show with an in-ring segment where he puts over London fans and announces a number one contenders tournament for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


Matches in the tournament include: RVD vs. James Storm, Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe and Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode. Hogan will then announce the number one contender afterwards.


Hogan then puts Sting over as the greatest wrestler of all time. Sting makes his way out and puts over the London fans as well. Sting says he will pick three wrestlers from the World Heavyweight tournament to be his partners in a match against the Aces & 8's at Lockdown.


Magnus defeated Christopher Daniels after a elbow drop off the top rope.


Bobby Roode & Austin Aries argue before their match. Match ends in a double count-out when they are distracted by Chavo and Hernandez.


Kurt Angle wrestled Samoa Joe to a no contest. Wes Briscoe and Garett Bischoff interfered in the match. Angle appeared to have his hamstring taped up.


Tara, Gail Kim and Jessie defeated The Blossom Twins and Party Marty.


Gail Kim asks for a Knockouts title match. Brooke gives her the match for next week's Impact. The match will be a four way elimination with Tessmacher, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and Tara.


James Storm pinned RVD after a Last Call following RVD missing a Van Terminator.


Hulk Hogan comes out to announce the number one contender but Aces & 8's circle the ring. Bully Ray comes out with chain in hand followed by Sting with a baseball bat. Aces & 8s leave. Show ends!





Steel Cage Match for Number One Contenders for X-Division Title: Kenny King defeated Zema Ion by escaping the cage!
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Aries/Roode was funny as ****. They proclaimed Hogan wouldn't drive them apart, then went to start the match and both went for a finger poke of doom. Neither man fell. Later on during a ref bump, Roode grabbed a chair, came back into the ring and did the Eddie spot of slamming the chair onto the mat and throwing it to Aries, then Aries grabbed the chair and performed the exact same spot. Was f*cking great. GREAT I TELLS YE. Can't wait to see how it comes across on the tee vee
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