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WWE Magazine Collection - 1996-2003 - complete!


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Hi guys

I have a bunch of magazines. I began buying these in 1996 and did so faithfully off the news stand for several years. Read them once and put them away. I cherished them as a kid, so they're all in excellent condition. When I got older I bagged them and they're all bagged two issues per bag, all chronologically. They are news stand issues, I saved my allowance and bought these one at a time as a kid into my mid teens, no mailing labels ever and are all in exceptional condition.

Photos on request.

My list:



WWE Magazine*

October 1996 - February 2003


WWE RAW MAgazine

October 1998 - February 2003


Special edition wwe:


Brian Pillman memorial 1997

Owen Hart 1999

Austin 3:16 1999

Wrestlemania 2000

The game 2002

Undertaker 2003


WWF In Your Face Attitude - Best of 1999 in 3D




WOW Magazine vol.1 issue 3 July 1999 rock special


Ringside Wrestling - #2 & #3 jan/mar 1997


Wrestling world -

April 1997

Sept 1998 presents who's who in wrestling

April 2000 presents stone cold & other hell raisers




At the present time I would like to sell it as a lot, if possible. Will split up, but only to specific years. In two weeks these go to eBay, so act now!


No photos yet. If you're interested in the mags let me know here, leave your email so I can contact you - it will instantly notify me of any changes.


Asking $450 OBO for everything currently. This is an incredible way to start collecting these magazines, as it spans every issue over 7 years of some of the most colorful characters and best writing ever in the sport!

Located in Vancouver Canada.

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