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IMPACT WRESTLING - 7th February 2013 (Manchester)


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The Manchester Arena - Manchester, England

Friday 25th January


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 7th February on Spike TV at 8/7c

UK: Sunday 10th February on Challenge at 9pm


Sting Teams Up With Bully Ray To Battle The Aces And 8s In A Tables Match

7th February 2013


Preview Thursday's special international "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast from Manchester, England on SpikeTV at 8/7c. The HUGE main event features "The Icon" Sting teaming up with Bully Ray to battle The Aces and 8s in a Tables Match.


"IMPACT WRESTLING" General Manager Hulk Hogan reinstated Bully Ray from his suspension so he could get payback on the Aces and his former friend turned bitter enemy, Devon. Bully Ray gets his opportunity for revenge on Thursday in a bout that he and Devon mastered during their historic career as a tag team, the chaotic Tables Match.


Two championships will be on the line on Thursday's broadcast. First, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defend the World Tag Team Championship against Bobby Roode and Austin Aries.


Plus, Rob Van Dam will defend the X Division Championship in a three-way match against Kenny King and Zema Ion.


Will Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco have hell to pay at the hands of Kurt Angle after they betrayed him and joined The Aces and 8s?


The lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts will be in action on "IMPACT WRESTLING" as Knockouts Champion, Tara, battles her former tag team partner, now current rival, Miss Tessmacher/


Thursday on SpikeTV will also feature the "IMPACT WRESTLING" debut of British newcomer "Rockstar Spud", who won the UK "British Boot Camp" television series to earn a spot on the "IMPACT WRESTLING" roster.


All this and much more on Thursday's "IMPACT WRESTLING" from England on SpikeTV at 8/7c, plus news on the upcoming "Lockdown" event on Sunday 10th March in San Antonio, Texas!



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Manchester, England

Airing Sunday 10th February in The UK


The show kicks off with British Boot Camp winner Rockstar thanking the UK fans before he is interrupted by Robbie E. Rock star beats him down before dancing with Robbie T.


Austin Aries & Bobby Roode defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez to win the TNA Tag team titles.


James Storm defeated Jessie Godderz with Last Call.


Samoa Joe defeated Daniels.


Aces & 8's in ring promo. Wes Briscoe rips Kurt Angle and said says his dad trained Kurt. They call Kurt out and said if he shows tonight, they will end him.


Bully Ray & Sting defeated Aces & 8's in a table match when Bully put Devon through a table. After the match Brooke and Hulk Hogan came out to celebrate!

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Roode and Aries are great as a team. Love their chemistry, can't wait to see them as tag champs trying to one up each other.


Main event was great. Bully Ray in Sting war paint was great again and him hulking up for the finish was fantastic and might just be the greatest thing I've ever seen and it has to be seen by everyone.


Really enjoyed this show.

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At this stage I doubt there's gonna be anybody who constitutes a big name. I mean, when you think about it, who is there actually out there and available to sign?


I can't see any current big WWE names jumping ship, so you're looking at free agents and indy guys. There isn't really anyone who can come in, which is the problem with this type of angle for TNA. I guess they could sign someone like Morrison, but is he really a big name? And even at that, I'd still fancy him to back to the WWE rather than TNA.

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Jericho doesn't need to go to TNA. The only WWE guys in TNA are guys who were either fired from the WWE, known drug addicts who the WWE were hounding, or old guys who wanted to wrestle full time, when the WWE only want them to have bit parts. No drug free, or even drug using but non-addicted wrestler has walked out of a top position in WWE to take a position in TNA. Angle did it because of drugs, Hardy did it because of drugs, Van Dam did it because of drugs.


Jericho's drug free (aside from possibly/probably steroids), left the WWE on his own terms, and still has the ability to be a full time wrestler in the WWE's eyes. Guys like that don't go to TNA. A much more likely (although still unlikely) TNA steal would be Randy Orton if he come into anymore drug trouble.

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RVD indied about for a bit in the late 2000's before going to TNA (although he was still a cameo guy until 2009, the year before he joined TNA). His initial plan was to leave wrestling for a bit and then come back to the WWE, but, just after he left, the whole Chris Benoit thing happened, and drugs became a much bigger deal in the WWE, and the WWE started being a lot stricter about it's drug policy, hence TNA, which has the same drug policy as Glastonbury.
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Well in 2007 RVD was the 2nd from the top babyface on the C Show. I dont think he was any higher on the depth chart than Christian would have been in late 2005 as a Smackdown midcarder. Christian had a PPV match with John Cena a few months before he left, which is better than anything RVD did in the 12 months before he went. Edited by Jimmy Redman
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