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Royal Rumble Pool - Win a Sub!

Jimmy Redman

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The Royal Rumble means its time for the Royal Rumble Pool. To enter, post in this thread and you will receive a random number of a Royal Rumble entrant. If the guy with your number wins, you also win!


And this year, you not only win the satisfaction but also the special prize of a TWO Subscription! This gets you access to the notoriously fun Champagne Room, along with all the other perks of being a Subber, for a full year. (Subbers can still play - if one of you wins we can organise an alternate prize.)


So enter below and the order will be updated in this post as it fills up.


1. Headshrinker

2. Steely

3. BratSan

4. King

5. Canned Heat

6. Matt Denton

7. Laffy

8. Frank Botch

9. DS

10. Hanabananabob

11. Eddie

12. H}{H Evolution

13. Jamster

14. John Hancock

15. radkob

16. SHL

17. Magic

18. Maxximus

19. fatherof10minis

20. Shaun2J

21. Omega

22. Wayne

23. Edgehead

24. Michael378 / Will O the Wisp

25. ScottyB

26. Jierda

27. Fury

28. dsrchris

29. DraVen

30. Fletch

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