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The Hell Is This!?


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Never failing to bring conspiracy to the world of pro wrestling, I present this:




Anyone else seen this? Thoughts? Just a random conspiracy video like all the others on youtube, or is there something to this? Let's speculate for fun and see what we can maybe come up with before 1-28-13.


I looked up Envato. From wiki:


Envato is an Australia-based, privately held company that provides tutorial sites that teach people skills in a variety of creative areas as well as providing a means to sell their digital goods via a family of online marketplaces. Envato was founded in 2006 by Collis Ta'eed, Cyan Ta'eed and Jun Rung.


Leads me to think that this is just another attempt at taking a concept and trying to make it viral just like all the other conspiracy hoax videos out there, but it's pretty interesting.


Or is it...




He's done this kinda thing before with videos and he said in an interview recently that he wouldn't be back in the WWE for a long time and we all know what that means.


So, get on your tinfoil hats and speculate with me for fun, TWO. What do you think?

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Okay, I did a little checking and pulled this up from the youtube channel:


Want to see what really goes on backstage at WWE? Look no further, I will upload anything and everything here. I'm tired of not being noticed nor given a shot. So they want real personality I got lots of it.


Who is this mysterious youtuber? Here's their second video and MAN is it kinda creepy. Whoever it is, they seem to be debuting the night after the Rumble.



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The guy laughing is definitely Leo Krüger and the guy speaking is Jesse Ventura right?


Absolutely. But I'm sure that's just for conspiratorial effect.


Yeah, see, that's why I posted the first video. It's a wwe official one from what I've gathered. The second is a different account but I found it to be relevant.

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I'll spoil it just in case...



It's a fake. It's supposed to be in the style of Brad Maddox, to the point that Rosa Mendes genuinely bought it as real in an hilariously deluded moment. But PWInsider confirmed that it was a fake and nothing to do with Brad Maddox. The person involved has been doing videos for months and many of them were found to be taken from WWE.com clips and even a Jeff Hardy youtube video. He's had a number of accounts on Youtube, is constantly getting his stuff shut down by WWE, and it is not a WWE-verified account.


There is also not a chance in HELL that WWE would ever use footage of Jesse Ventura talking about Vince being a tax-dodging bastard for two reasons: 1) Jesse has sued WWE for using his likeness without royalties before, and 2) WWE would never publicise their flaky use of the term 'independent contractors'.


But most of his work just revolves around fake naked shots of divas Photoshopped onto models bodies, or stuff taken from work they did years ago.


It's all nothing. Not an angle. Not a work. Just a guy convincing nobody (except for TWO) that it's real.


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