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CM Punk, ROH, CZW, ECW titles for sale/trade

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my website: http://ecwtapetrader.angelfire.com/


would sell cheaply or trade 1:1 or in bulk


What's NEW:


1. ECW House Party '96 - Excellent quality, DVD file!!!


2. Extreme Rising Nov. 2012


3. PWG BOLA 2012


4. Complete footage of the Gangstas in SMW


5. Kevin Sullivan Prince of Darkness (the entire "cult" angle of Sullivan's played out in its entirety)


6. The Ultimate Necro Butcher Collection 8 DVD-R Set


7. THE Ultimate Sabu collection (MEGA mult disc set spanning 1986-2008) - not available anywhere else!!!! And the collection keeps growing! Just added rare Cactus vs Sabu cage match!


8. The complete career of the most feared tag team in wrestling history - The Legion of Doom, Hawk and Animal, THE ROAD WARRIORS - Massive Massive set



there is another page on here with my wants list. here is my trade list:



CM Punk


Chicago Mix DVD Rip, 2 discs

WWE CM Punk Best in the World

Best of CM Punk in ROH vol 1 - better than you

Best of CM Punk in ROH vol. 2 - str8 edge

Best of CM Punk in ROH vol. 3

Best of CM Punk in ROH "Summer of Punk"

Best of CM Punk in TNA

Best of Punk in the Indys 2001-2006




ROH The Ring Of Hardcore (2 disc set)

Final Battle 2012 IPPV rip - love the ladder wars!!!

ROH Homicide - The Notorious 187 2 disc DVD Set

ROH on HDNET 2009 (ALL of it! No best of...)

ROH - best in the world 2012 IPPV rip

ROH Border Wars IPPV rip 2012

ROH 10th Anniversary: Young Wolves Rising ippv rip

ROH Glory By Honor XI

ROH Boiling Point 2012 ippv rip




CZW Cage of death 14


CZW CAGE of DEATH 1-13 box set


CZW tournament of death XI


CZW - Proving Grounds 2012


CZW - tournament of death 8



JUST In!! The whole ECW Fancam of the

MASS Transit Incident!!!! 11/23/96 - the night NEW JACK cut it up!!! RF Video/Highspots refuse to sell this Fancam!!!!


Season 3 Hardcore TV 1995-1996 (ep 115-155) Master


Season 4 Hardcore TV 1996 (ep. 156-195) Master

Season 5 Hardcore TV 1997 (ep. 196-235) Master

Double Tables (uncensored, non-wwe)

Big Apple Blizzard Blast (uncensored, non-wwe)

Just another night (uncensored, non-wwe)

Fight the Power '96 (uncensored, non-wwe)

Ultimate Jeopardy '96 (uncensored, non-wwe)

When World's Collide #2 (uncensored, non-wwe)

High Incident (uncensored, non-wwe)

Holiday Hell '96 (uncensored, non-wwe)

ECW/New Jack -"the mass transit incident" (google it if you have no clue)

Barely legal - the version with everything in tact ie the music and the F!ck you D-Von chants!!!!

Buffalo invasion.(uncensored, non-wwe)

The best of Public Enemy in ECW 10 DVD-R Set - you should see the match list!!!

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven Feud in ECW 6 DVD-R set

The Sandman vs Raven Feud in ECW 6 DVD-R Set - the entire feud and then some!

Best of Cactus Jack in ECW - ECW Pioneer release (rare)

Best of Cactus Jack in ECW 8 DVD-R Set (spans his entire career in ecw)

Best of New Jack Vol. 1 and vol. 2. Now on vol 2 new jack commentates

his matches!

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UFC: 137, 139, 141, 155.





Glory by Honor

Honor invades Boston

Final Battle

All Star Extravaganza

Scramble Madness

Night of the Butcher

Road to the Title

Crowning a Champion


The Era of Honor Begins

A Night of Appreciation

Round Robin Challenge



Glory by Honor 2

Bitter Friends Stiffer Enemies

Death Before Dishonor

Main Event Spectacles

Night of Champions

Night of the Grudges

One Year Anniversary Show

Empire State Showdown

Tradition Continues

The Epic Encounter

Wrath of the Racket

War of the Wire

Revenge on the Prophecy



Beating the Odds

Final Battle 03

The Conclusion

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