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XTV 1:17- San Antonio, TX- Deadline 26th jan

The Fury

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XTV Opens up with the crowd cheering following the aftermath of the dead end pay per view. The spotlight becomes the only sign of light which shines on one unwelcome visitor…Paul Gray! The crowd boo loudly As Gray is sat down on his chair, still reeling from the loss last night that Dan Fox sustained controversially from Bryan Dammage. He smugly looks around at the crowd, refusing to give in to their demands to leave and waves off their protests. He swings the mic around his wrist, staring down as he tries to think of the words to say. He nods his mic and even hits the microphone on his forehead as he knows what to speak about and what to address the audience with.


PG-“Last night, all of you puppets thought that my career here was over…”


The crowd boo loudly.


PG-“Last night was met with great disappointment as once again…my client Mr Dan Fox was screwed out of a righteous and deserving victory against Bryan Dammage, but our “beloved” general manager Arron Winter decides to once again play god and force his way into matches. I am disgusted that you people have the audacity to applaud and support a man who for too long have played god and satan…toying with everyone’s matches….toying with everyone’s contracts…and toying with everyone’s careers. Those men gave their lives to give you people one of the greatest caged matches in TWO stars history! And he gets involved. Even with the board of directors watching he just can’t help himself!!”


The crowd boo again loudly, but Gray refuses to acknowledge any of them.


PG-“Boo me all you want but you know I’m right! He has put legends like Lucian Jones and Chris Eagles in gauntlet matches because he’s moody! He put Kyle Gilmore’s career on the line by waiving his concussion note last night! He again despite the chance to redeem, screws my client!! And he screws our heavyweight champion to the point he threatens to leave the company! SURELY….There is no denying that Mr Winter’s reign is untenable…And that the board of directors…must do the honourable…and RIGHT thing…and fire That Estonian piece of s**t!


Oh!!!! The crowd are in disbelief as Gray could again putting himself at risk of anoter beating from the ever present general manager.


PG-“I am done hiding behind people. I am done with all of this crap! I have had enough of being treated like a piece of foul rotten meat…Enough is enough! Let it be known to each and every one of you tonight that this is not the end of Paul Gray, nor is it the end of Dan Fox!...It is the mere beginning….Of war!!”


Everyone, including the commentating team look confused by Gray’s revelation and what he means by it.


PG-“When the British went to war against Germany, they gave them every opportunity to stop. They gave them every opportunity to put wrongs as rights, to talk things over. To address solutions to mend broken relationships and to avoid forcing their hands into combat. But the Germans were ignorant, they thought the gods themselves sent them and that their vision was the one for the world! Everyone pleaded and everyone begged for change, but they wouldn’t. So what did the British and Americans do? They went in all guns blazing, started warfare…and while their were casualties and losses in battlefields…They kept fighting because they knew that this vulgar entity had to be stopped….Winter, you big slimy reeking foul stench Estonian…I am going to go to war with you. I am going to through the all the pain that is associated with war. I will go through battles, I will lose men, but I will take out yours! I will be amongst others psyching them up despite the blood sweat and tears that are shed. I am going to take a leaf out of Fox’s book when it comes to this battle with you Winter….BECAUSE I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Until you are gone from TWO stars!


PH-“Damn I think Gray’s really lost the plot. And I like the guy!”


PG-“So this goes out to the Christopher Ryan Eagles…The Lucian Jones….The Kyle Gilmores….and especially….Hayden Dyas. Join me in this fight and I PROMISE YOU ALL…..You will reap the rewards and benefits that comes with ousting that *****!”




PG-“Infact…I INVITE OUR CHAMPION TO COME HERE AND PERSONALLY OFFER MY SUPPORT TO HIM AND TO JOIN MY CAUSE! Because trust me on this one everybody….it won’t be rated PG!”


The crowd boo loudly, with Gray this time raising his arms, trying to get the crowd wound up, even flipping them off indicating that he is above all of them. He waits for the world heavyweight champion to come out to the ring, but there’s no sign. No music, no indicating, nothing. He looks down but refuses to let it affect his plans of “war”. He begins to leave the ring….




BUT…. [video=youtube;oFCOP8G1R8A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oFCOP8G1R8A# !




The crowd goes nuts as the sultan of swagga emerges onto the stage!!! He gets the crowd goin by lifting his arms up, trying to get as much cheers as possible. Jones then takes a look down to Paul Gray, who remains in the middle of the ring. The king of the bling asks for his music to be cut off as he gets ready to address the universe.


“Now hold on there just a minute tubby Mc’Fat F**k.”


The crowd laughs so hard that some are even in tears. Gray has a smirk on his face and shakes his head.


“Now I know you’ve been saying my name Fatty for a while about the need for change. That the His highness of flyness has been screwed by the Eccentric Estonian, Arron Winter. Now I’m all for change y’all. I reckon this place needs some new blood and new direction, but not the direction you want to take it in tubby.”




(Gradually walking down to the ring) “Your white five hundred pound cracker ass has been constantly talking about the need for change and has you and foxy have been screwed and how others, like me you fools say, have been treated wrong. Now what happened with me and the eastern European export wasn’t pleasant, infact I’m sure some hoes in the back have given me better treatment…But that doesn’t mean to say man that I want his white Stalin ass out of here! You gotta be crazy to want him gone, I mean imagine a world with just douchebags in charge? The place would implode…So Fatty Boom Boom…If it’s men you want for your little queer war….Count me out dude!”


The crowd cheers Lucian on more as he aligns himself with Winter. Gray smiles before putting his hand through his hair and smiling.


PG-“How dare you…How dare you call me a fat f**k! I may have the body of the Buddha but I have a mind that would kill to have! It’s quite clear that you’ve been brain washed into believing Winters crap! I genuinely thought you Lucian, could work with me, and you still can! But ask me this, the legendary Lucian Jones. Mr black stereotype…or as Dragon likes to call you for some stupid reason, Mr long legged black daddy. What have you achieved since you came back under Winter huh? YOU’VE WON NOTHING! YOU’RE NOT EVEN A MAIN EVENTER! YOU WERE RELEGATED TO BEING A JOBBER! While you were busy trying to avoid the dreaded label…Fox was main eventing! My client has not fallen off the ladder DESPITE Winter’s attempts. You haven’t even got back on the horse because Winter drags it away from you. Now Lucian…I’m not going to ask again. Join us….Ignore the retards that are booing me! Realise that your potential needs to be recognised once more and join me in this war….”


The crowd boos as loud as they have since the show started following Gray’s insults He looks around at the crowd who cheer his name on. LUCIAN! LUCIAN! LUCIAN! He nods as he puts the microphone near his lips once more.


“I’ll be perfectly back on that horse when I whip that white ass of Fox’s tonight!”


Gray shakes his head as he declines his offer. He begins to laugh out of nowhere which intrigues Jones and the crowd. He sarcastically claps his hands and mocks Jones which gets under the Sultan of swaggers skin.


PG-“Such a shame to believe in an ideology that doesn’t exist….I’ll make sure you’ll be the first casualty…f*****g stupid black s**t!”


“Watch your language before I smack it out your mouth little fat man!”


PG-“Watch it? Watch it?! I ain’t no ones bitch. I will do what I want and when I want to…..Because I am the father….of REBELLIUM!”


Gray smacks Jones mouth so hard that the noise can be heard all the way around the arena. Jones’ eyes widen open and he hits a straight right hook to Gray’s Jaw who goes down to the mat. Lucian opens several punches to Paul’s forehead, before getting his tie and strangling him with it.


Suddenly through the crowd, Dan Fox emerges and jumps off the apron and sprints to the ring and attacks Jones from behind. Fox hits heavy elbow strikes to the back of his head despite the visibly injuries he sustained from the pay per view. Fox does the cut throat sign and locks in a rear naked choke in the middle of the ring onto Jones. The king of the bling flaps his arms around trying to wriggle and escape but Fox has got the submission locked in tight. To add to the embarrassment, Gray gets up and begins to spit on Jones, kicking his ribs and mocking him. The manager then mocks Jones entrance by putting Lucian’s sunglasses on and mockingly beating his chest. The crowd boo loudly!


Dammage! Dammage! Dammage!



The crowd roar as Bryan storms from the stage and makes his way down to the ring. Gray and Fox see him and retreat. Jones is unconscious from the choke, but Dammage goes to instantly check on him. Bryan then eggs Fox on to come into the ring. Fox wants to go in, but Gray physically intervenes and makes sure Fox doesn’t go in.


PG-“Fox!....Fox! Not tonight! Remember you’ve these guys to beat first. Kill them all tonight then we get start the plan! But him and Winter can wait! Remember the plan! This plan is going to change the face of this place and we’re going to be the face of the campaign. Remember Rebellium! Rebellium Fox!”


Fox is on the ropes on the brink of getting into another fight with Dammage, but to the crowd and Bryan’s amazement, he has listened to Gray! He jumps off the ring canvas and repeatedly says “Rebellium!” to Dammage, without twitching and staring right down at him. Fox then makes a cut throat sign and points at Dammage before going back into the crowd. Gray and Fox smirk as they see one of Fox’s opponents fallen down and unconscious. Dammage looks to aide Jones and help out before the lights suddenly go out!






The sequence ends with the words REBELLIUM in clear bold white letters in a black background.


The lights go back out as Dammage is seen standing looking at the tron and is confused as the crowd…But where’s Lucian? Dammage realises that he has went missing and looks all over the ring but can’t find him!


JR-“Wait where the hell is Lucian?”


PH-“Yeah where is he? God he just disappeared just like that!”


JR-“Did this whole Rebellium thing that Gray and Fox are apart of this? What the hell is going on!”

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Restoring the 'masterpiece'


We open in the doctors office to see Hayden Dyas sat on the doctors table, with his shirt undone and the Doctor examining the large gash on his forehead. The champion winces as the last few stitches are finished off


HD: Ouch, damn it man, you're restoring a masterpiece here not stitching up your gym shorts be a bit more careful will you?


The doctor backs away and apologizes before signalling Dyas to remove his shirt and face in the opposite direction.


HD: OK Doc but no funny business!


The doctor applies some burn cream onto the back of Dyas and applies the required dressings as Dyas picks up his phone


HD: Hey, yeah Its me, yep It's time...Exactly, so I can count you In? OK that'll be perfect, see you soon REAL soon, bye.


HD turns back to face the doctor with a grin on his face which suggests he knows something we don't.


HD: Well Doc, what's the prognosis on Perfection?


SD: Well first of all Mr Dyas, It is far from perfection


HD: Steady on Doc!


SD: the severity of your injuries from last night and the accumulative damage you've taken, no pun intended, have resulted In you being unable to compete tonight and quite possibly for a long while I'll have to look over your scan results when they arrive but I'll be informing the correct bodies that you cannot compete tonight at the very least.


HD's face surprisingly perks up at the news he doesn't have to compete tonight but a slight worry overcomes It


HD: Doc. Be straight how serious is this? I mean I can't let all my fans do without The Number One for too long.


SD: I can't be 100% Mr Dyas but I can certainly ease your worries and say you will be ready by the next Pay Per View.


Das raises an eyebrow at the apparent sarcasm from the doctor and then gets to his feet slowly his body still clearly aching from last night.


HD: Right, OK then, Make sure you tell Winter about this I don't want that anemic A hole trying to further injure me.


SD: I will inform him, good day Mr Dyas


HD: It could be a start to one Doc, It could be a start

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It Was a sunset flip!!


The camera is focused on a set of pearly white shining teeth as it pulls away we see The Generic One Donald Erics Sitting adjacent to Jim Ross they appear to have just got sat down as Donald is wired up with a mic clad In Navy Blue suit white shirt and black bow tie, Erics thanks the crew member for his help and shakes his hand. JR looks to the camera and begins his address


JR: Ladies and Gentleman I am sitting across from the newest member of our roster the very impressive Donald Erics, Good Evening Donald, It's a pleasure to have you here today In San Antonio.


DE: You call me Don Sir everybody does! and Wow! Thank You very much Mr Ross I have to say that I thoroughly appreciate the compliment and you taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with a goof ball like me! I'd also like to thank the great TWO Stars fans for their support and for welcoming me here into the great organisation.


JR: Well It's my Pleasure also Don, I appreciate you allowing me to interview you, I've been a fan of yours since you first started wrestling at college, your National Championship run was spectacular. I was glad to hear you we're being given the chance to compete here and just like all the fans I'm excited to see what you get up to here in TWO Stars


DE: Oh gee Mr Ross, you're making me blush here, I really do appreciate a man of your stature saying that and may I say I've watched you through out your career and i believe you to be one of the greatest announcers of all time and might I add If I find half the success in my area as you have in yours I will be a very satisfied man!


JR: Oh well Thanks again Don, Right let's get this interview underway properly shall we? Now We all saw your impressive first pay per view showing and I'm sure I wasn't alone in being very impressed not only by you're in ring ability but by your etiquette, now it's no secret I prefer superstars who stay within the rules but Don I do have to say you follow them better than any man I've ever witnessed, why Is that?


DE: Well Mr Ross Its simple really I'm a simple God fearing american who was raised to do what's right and strive to do it as best I can and that's what I do, I've read the rule book up and down and so I adhere to it top the best of my ability. It's only fair.


JR: We've seen you show a varied repertoire when It comes to your in ring style which i may add is very old school and a pleasure for someone whose a fan of that style to see it used nowadays and with such skill, how did you hone those skills?


DE: Well Mr Ross I just watched a lot of footage and my trainers were two of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots so It's come through a lot of hard work and determination I mean I got a real Ear bashing from Mr Hodge the first time I hit my Don's Away top rope splash as he wasn't too keen on old the top rope moves but I just wanted to be exciting as well as professional, i used to love seeing legends like Mr steamboat and Mr Snuka dive off the top and i want the fans to get that same enjoyment from myself! luckily he said because It worked I could use it again ho ho ho but I've really just been blessed with great mentors who've made me what I am In the ring.


JR: You're a very humble human being Don and this past week you managed to humble a former 3 time television champion and TWO Stalwart in Christopher Ryan Eagles, what was It like being In there with such a seasoned veteran and also being able to grab the W?


DE: Oh Lord Mr Ross that experience was one I'll remember for a long long while I have to thank Mr Perrino for that opportunity, he was very good to me in giving me that chance! I mean I've seen Mr Eagles and those other big fellas on TV and been so impressed so wrestling them was amazing and being alongside great characters like Tony Young and Disco D was a super fun time, the win was secondary and I was quite lucky to manage to get a sunset flip on a wily veteran like Mr Eagles!


JR: Sunset Flip? But Don It was....


???: Bravo, you can drop the act now we all saw you try and break my neck last week Eric's the ruse is up


The camera turns to see the Cancer of TWO Stars stalk his way to the stage Flanked by his two Behemoth buddies Drew and Marc Wilkinson


JR: We are trying to conduct and interview here Chr....


Marc Wilkinson Grabs JR by his shirt collar and throws him off set


DE: Hey there Big Fella, be careful there he coulda tripped on the step there!


Don attempts to stand and help JR but Is thrown back into his chair by Drew


CE: Shut It you prat, we've got a bone to pick with you!


DE: Now Mr Eagles, there's no need for sour grapes, we all know I was lucky and I'm sorry If you feel silly I snuck one from you but Mr Ross could be hurt so can I...




Drew and Marc both grip Erics' arms and hold him In place as Eagles leans over to get up close to Erics


DE: What Is the need for all these shenanigans fellas? I don't want any trouble I'm here to do this interview!


CE: You were, now you're here to listen, you see Don, I'm not here In TWO Stars to make friends, I have all the friends I need here with me, I'm not here to 'test myself' as I know what I can do because I've done It so many times before. No I'm here In TWO Stars to claim what's eluded me for TOO LONG, The world title, but you see I can't get those opportunities because I'm expected to make bottom feeders like you look like you belong, to make you seem like someone because your in the ring with me. So when a bottom feeder, that's you in case you didn't realise, decides to try and pull a fast one and almost break my neck It kinda makes me want to get mad....


DE: What are you talking about? It was a sunset flip is all!


DW: Shut your mouth punk!


Marc rips off Dons bow tie and shoves it in his mouth to stop him from responding


CE: That's better. Now where was I? Oh yes, but the thing is Don, I don't get mad I get EVEN!


Drew and Marc force Don to the ground as Eagles walks ten paces back Drew and Marc move Don into position so his head and neck are exposed


CE: An eye for an eye Donny Boy!


Eagles charges forward and blasts Erics with his The End Is Near punt putting out the generic ones lights, The Craft release Don who slumps to floor, Eagles spits on the unconscious Erics and then along with Drew and Marc make there was off screen after a few seconds JR moves to check on Erics and shouts for some help.

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We cut to the locker room, Dan Fox is taking a breather as the door slams open. Dammage walks into shot, much to the delight of the crowd. Fox jumps to his feet to react and readys himself to fight as Dammage stares at his adversary.



Dammage: Where the hell is that fat piece of crap? Where is he? DAMNIT!


Fox: If you mean my friend and manager, Mr. Gray, he's taking care of some legal business in line with my contractual obligations...


Dammage: Contractual obligations. I don't know if you remember, but at Dead End, I won. I have control of your contract. Infact, I've got it right here..*pulling out a battered roll of papers from his back pocket*. See now listen you sack of crap, I own you, I own this. I can do anything I want with this, hell I can do anything I want with you...




I could do the right thing by Arron Winter, the right thing by TWOStars, the right thing by the boys in the locker room and most importantly by all of the fans, and I could rip this contract up and be rid of you and that bulbous walrus once and for all. I mean, you attacked my friend Lucian L Jones, left him laying in the centre of the ring at the start of the show, and yeah, he's nowhere to be found now. You can't let anything lie. You may think I've bigger issues tonight than you and this lawyered tricked out little contract, what with being in the Triple Threat to face Hayden Dyas, but I assure you, this is just as important. What I do with this, decides the future. My future, yours and everyone elses. But as I say, maybe I should do exactly what you always do, and take the easy way out... maybe...


Fox: Wait... don't... don't throw that, don't cut it up... I'll do what you say.


Dammage: Maybe I can get that in writing. Oh wait, I don't need to, we're on XTV. And seeing as though you're, in the words of my friend, MY BITCH, tonight on XTV, you'll do exactly what I say or else this gets shredded and you can kiss XTV bye-bye. Now you can start by cleaning that toilet right over there. Something about Taco Bell that really doesn't agree with me... both ends Danny, both ends. Here's a toothbrush... make it shine Danny Boy, make it shine.



The Original TWOStar hands a childs toothbrush to Dan Fox as he walks off laughing, contract in hand. Fox is positively seething as he shakes his head in disgust.

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The camera cuts to Chaos Dragon in the back gurgling on what appears to be mouth wash, probably still tasting the yak urine from the pay per view. A mild cheer comes from the crowd when newcomer Donald Erics emerges behind the chaotic one. He is very hesitant to speak first, opening his mouth but words don’t come out. He eventually takes a big breath and goes to speak.


DE-“Excuse me Mr Dragon?”


Dragon spits out in surprise at the mirror, he tries to get his breath before slowly turning around to see Donald Erics.


CD-“Who the f**k are you?”


DE-“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Donald Erics! I’m your tag team partner tonight!”


CD-“Really? (Murmuring) Well I’m f****d”


DE-“Sorry what was that Mr Dragon?”


CD-“Oh nothing.”


DE-“Oh mouthwash, my mouth needs freshened up! Do you mind if I can have some.”


CD-“Emm I wouldn’t-“


But before Dragon finishes, Erics goes to the mouthwash bottle and takes a sip. The newcomer however immediately spits it back out in the sink. He coughs up violently and thrusts the cold tap open immediately to take sips of cold water to sooth the fiery pain.


DE-“Oh my gosh that mouthwash tastes foul, my mouth is burning.”


CD-“Because it’s not mouthwash…It’s pure vodka.”


The crowd laugh as Erics doesn’t understand why Dragon would use vodka as mouthwash.


DE-“Why would do such a painful thing?”


CD-“You ever had Yak Piss in your mouth? Then you’ll understand why.”


DE-“Well I guess so…But let me shake you hand! I can’t believe that I’m tag teaming with you! I’m still buzzing to be in here and really want to do the best I can.”


Erics forces a handshake as dragon tries to come to terms with what the newcomer is like. He looks down at the handshake before looking back up at the excited face of Erics.


CD-“Are you retarded?”


The crowd laughs loud as Dragon becomes blunt once again.


DE-“Oh gosh no!”


CD-“Have you been tested for retardism?”


DE-“Well no…”


CD-“Then how do you know you’re not retarded because what you have done so far indicates to me you are special as seeing Courtney Love not on drugs.”


The crowd laughs louder as Erics gets more confused.


DE-“Who’s Courtney Love?”


CD (Shaking his head)-“Are you on crack? If so can I have some?”


DE-“I take no supplements or drugs, they are the devil!


Dragon looks at the cameraman, asking him if Erics is for real, to which the cameraman replies that from what he’s seen, he is. Dragon refuses to believe that Erics is being the nice polite gentleman, thinking there’s got to be something up that he is being set up by Eagles, or that Erics is acting.


DE-“Mr Dragon?”


CD-“Please don’t call me that, I’m chaos dragon or big sexy.”


DE-“Sorry…Big sexy, what’s up with Gray and Fox? I like Fox because we both have done amateur wrestling but what have they got planned with this whole thing?”


CD-“It’s probably Gray on his period again. I wouldn’t worry about it.”


The crowd laughs as Erics slowly gets the joke, laughing loudly which startles Dragon. Erics does a couple of stretches to his arms before raising his finger to propose something to the chaotic one.


DE-“I was wondering if we can maybe train and warm up before our match?”


CD-“…Sure why not if it keeps you happy...”


Dragon doesn’t do any warming up, but Eric takes off his jacket revealing his amateur wrestling attire. Chaos Dragon tries not to laugh as he sees Erics doing squat warm ups. Donald then explains the amateur wrestling starting lock up which Eric goes behind and puts his head down, meaning their personally areas are touching as a result. When Erics thrusts his hips next to Dragons ass to get ready, Dragon jolts off the lock and jumps against the opposite wall. Hiding his ass against the wall. He vigorously shakes his finger pointing at Erics




DE-“Oh no that’s how we start!”




DE-“Oh no please Sir that’s not it at all! I wouldn’t even dream of putting my..emm..You know what in your bumhole.”


Dragon is about to shout again before the last word spoken to him takes him by surprise.


CD-“I’m sorry did you just say bumhole?”


DE-“Well yeah it is your bumhole isn’t is?”


CD-“Oh for fu-…NEVER CALL IT THAT AGAIN! You have got to be kidding me! You’re too…goody. Are you from that stupid ass Westboro Church?”


Erics shakes his head.


DE-“No sir. I’m sorry Mr Dragon.”


Dragon puts his hands on his head, struggling to not have a headache from this talk with Erics. He then puts his hand around his arm and tries to get Erics.


CD-“Alright…See that camel over there? If you ever call me Sir or Mr Dragon ever again I’m going to teach it to bite your dick off.”


DE-“I don’t see it…”




DE-“There’s no camel.”


Dragon looks to see his pet camel Tinkerbell, is missing. He goes over to the last spot where he parked Tinkerbell, which was confirmed by the puddle of urine it left, but is nowhere to be seen. Erics tries to help by looking around, with Dragon cursing like a trooper. Dragon begins whistling and saying Tinkerbells name but there’s no sign of the camel calling back. Erics tells Dragon he is here to help, which Dragon reluctantly accepts. They agree to meet at just next to where the wrestlers go when they enter the stage if they can’t find the camel.


DE-“I sure hope we can find her! I will do my best!”


CD-“Okay thanks dude, I think I’ll be helping you more often then I thought. Oh while you’re looking for Tinkebell, put these up for me will ya?”


Erics nods as Dragon walks off with the other half of what he gave Erics to post up. To which once Donald Erics starts posting them up, is a image of Christopher Ryan Eagles being pinned by Erics with the words “Epic Fail” as the title. Eric’s has a chuckle before whistling to find Tinkerbell.

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Don meets Frankie


We hear the crowd cheer as Frankie Thomson walks into shot in the backstage corridor, he seems lost in thought until he notices a number of flyer depicting Christopher Ryan Eagles being pinned with the words EPIC FAIL emblazoned across, Frankie chuckles to himself mildly;


FT: Man Dragon doesn't wanna make easy for himself here does he?


???: Pardon me?


Frankie looks down the corridor at a corridor see's the smiling face of Donald Erics poking from round a corner, his head sporting a large bruise and his eye heavily bloodshot


FT: Oh nothing buddy, I was just thinking out loud


With a look of excitement on his face Don, apparently realizing who it is who he's talking to, paces toward the Edinburgh Enigma, who is a little taken aback at the sudden interjection into his quiet contemplation


DE: Boy Oh Boy, I am very sorry Sir, I didn't recognize you straight away, my eye you see It's all banged up, Hello I'm Donald Erics


Don extends his hand to Frankie who after a few seconds of stunned confusion graciously shakes Don's hand


FT: Hey, I'm Frankie, Frankie Thomson...


DE: Ho Ho, no introduction required Sir I know who you are, I'm big fan as It were! I was sad to see you lose your match last night, but if it's any consolation, I thought It was very very exciting, not my style but great fun none the less! Oh I just remembered the ending


Don and Frankie both share a moment Frankie face a mask of guilt and anger and Don looking embarrassed at having brought up the sore subject


DE: I am sorry Mr Thompson, I just aren't myself at all today, how Is your father?


FT: He's Okay He's a little banged up, but he's as tough as they come


DE: I don't doubt it Sir, I'm glad he's doing Okay, Oh where are my manners today I almost forgot! Good luck with your match tonight!


FT: Hey I appreciate that Don, you feling Okay after what happened with Re Evolution? You look pretty bad.


Frankie points to Erics' eye and the area around it


DE: Ah shucks Mr Thompson, you're just a class act! Asking me how I am when you have you're big match to think about, I'm okay a little sore and It's hard to see out of my right eye but I'm lucky enough to have Mr Dragon helping me out tonight, so I should be fine


FT: You sure about that Don? I mean have you seen the posters he's been putting round The Craft are gonna be pretty mad. I mean look what Eagles did for last night.


DE: Oh I'm sure he was just a little embarrassed about It I'm new is all, I gotta take my lickings some time right ho ho, but I don't have any hard feelings about It and tonight we can sort out any further problems where they should be solved, in the ring.


Frankie looks In Dons hand and notices a stack of paper, he takes one and turns It to find that It's been Don putting up the flyers not Dragon


FT: Wow, you sure are a brave guy, I thought it was Dragon putting these up, you had me fooled there, that's pretty funny!


Don's smile fades a little as he becomes confused as to what Frankie means


DE: Oh these aren't mine Mr Thomson,Mr Dragon asked me to help him out by putting them up while he finds his camel, It's nice of him to help Mr Eagles by getting him fired up huh? My old coach used to always tell me, remember your losses and turn them into wins. Mr Dragon must be a smart guy because my coach was right I'd learn what I did wrong fix It and Bam I'd sure enough win the next time!


FT: Huh? I don't think.... never mind, Anyway Don, I've gotta go, good luck tonight and be careful


DE: Oh I always am! Can I trouble you with one more thing before you go?


FT: Sure, fire away


DE: Can I get your autograph, I just wanna show my ma and pa they're big fans too!


Frankie smiles at the thought and takes a pen offered by don and signs the back of the flyer with 'All The Best Don' and his signature he then makes his way round the corner and out of shot.


DE: What a nice fella


Don who is now beaming folds the flyer and pops it in his jacket pocket, and continues with his flyering oblivious to the potential consequences

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After Chaos sees Camel missing, but before match (tag)


The canteen is filled with backstage staff, other wrestlers and random people, either standing about talking, getting themselves some food or a drink.


Marc Wilkinson of Re-Evolution is walking towards a empty table, with a tray in his hand, a supersized drink, large fries and a burger with all the trimmings. He places his meal down, and takes a seat.


???: Marc. Have you seen this?


???2: I’m gonna kill the bastard that put these up.


MW: *Sigh*


The big man gets back off his seat and the camera follows him over to where the two voices came from.


MW: What is it?


The camera reveals Drew Wilkinson and Christopher Ryan Eagles standing, looking at one of the epic fail posters that have been stuck up around most of the arena.


The screen soon splits into two.


Half continues to show Re-Evolution talking about the poster and the other shows that Marc Wilkinson was wrong to leave his food alone as Chaos Dragon first walks past, then slowly walks backwards, looking at the plate of food as he does so.


CD: Result.


The Chaotic One quickly looks around to see if someone is about to claim the food, before jumping into the seat and grabbing a few chips, stuffing them into his mouth before using his free hand to grab the drink.


CD: Man, I have the munchies. Looking for a camel is hungry work too.


The insane masked man removes the top of the burger and throws on a few chips before replacing the top on top.


CD: I hope this isn’t from Tesco, doesn’t sound like a horse.


Much like a stoner would, Dragon take a large bite out of the burger and begins chewing in a way that’ll put others off eating… As he takes a second bite, he is joined by Drew Wilkinson and Christopher Ryan Eagles.


CRE: I bet it’s you putting these posters up.


DW: Enjoy you’re meal, it’s about to be your last.


The masked man finishes his loud chewing and holds a finger up asking for a second. Once more he takes some of the drink into his mouth to help him finish the bit of food quickly.


CD: Why if it isn’t you. Love the poster. But it was actually that other new guy… Eric Duggan or something like that… The guy that pinned you at the Pay Per View… You know the one.


The Cancer of TWOstars slams his fists against the table. Almost knocking over the drink.




While Drew tries to calm Eagles down, a pissed off looking Marc Wilkinson appears behind Chaos Dragon.


MW: You little punk. That’s my food.


Using a napkin to wipe off the salt and other stuff from the food he ate, Dragon looks up, a little worried at this point.


CD: I’m sorry, it didn’t have your name on it. It was nice what I had of it. Was it ham or just a beef burger.


A grin appears on the face of Marc Wilkinson.


MW: Actually! It’s camel burger.


What little you can see of the face of Chaos Dragon goes white at the thought of eating camel, more so at the fact Tinklebell is missing.




The Dragon jumps up and runs out of the canteen to which Marc Wilkinson is full on laughing as his two stable mates look a little confused.


MW: It’s just a normal beef burger, but next to that poster of you, the idiot was offering an reward for the safe return of his camel. I couldn’t help it.


The trio begin to laugh once more as Marc sits back down and breaks off the area Chaos Dragon had bitten.


MW: I’m not wasting it.


The screen fades with Drew and Eagles waiting about as Marc tucks in.

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Pre-recorded (post around middle of show please)




Re-Evolution are walking backstage while chatting between them when they come across Tinklebell, the camel of Chaos Dragon.


CRE: Look at what we have here.


MW: Let’s take it.


Drew has a look around and confirms no one else is about.


MW: The idiot hasn’t even tied it up.


Drew Wilkinson pulls the lead and the trio manage to get the beast to walk with them.


CRE: Where we gonna put it?


MW: Can you eat camel?


DW: Don’t be sick.


The trio, plus camel walk out of view as we fade to.

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A cancer gets revenge (after the tag match)


The cameras cut to Donald Erics, who it outside walking towards chaos dragons locker room. Once he gets closer he can clearly hear sounds of banging, clattering and all sorts, indicating dragon is still not closer at finding Tinkerbell. Erics is still dripping down with sweat after their tag match with the craft.


DE-“Oh gosh he’s still angry, I bet he can’t wait until I tell him who I’ve found!”


Erics is about to knock on the locker room door before he hears another loud dragging sound. He knocks three times on the door, but still no answer. He whistles and twindles his fingers as he gradually waits for the chaotic one to open, but no reply. He knocks again the exact same as he did first time, 3 knocks. He whistles again and murmurs to himself about what he is going to say to chaos dragon when he sees him…but still no reply.


DE-“I wonder if he’s still in? He must be!”


Suddenly the sound of heavy breathing and even choking can be heard to which Erics immediately hears outside the door, he thinks to himself on whether or not he should open and walk in just incase. But when the noise gets even louder, Erics decides that he needs to see if everything’s ok.


Eric opens the door to see something hanging from the light bulb….chaos dragon! Eric’s jaw opens wide as the visible body is seen hanging and motioness with their neck tied to a piece of string next to the lighting




Erics shouts for help before getting a crate from outside and placing it underneath the hanging body. Erics gets on top of the crate and holds Dragons legs.




Erics roars out for help and even for someone to call the emergency services as he tries to twist the body around to loosen it from the tight grip.


DE-“I knew I should’ve came earlier, I’m so sorry Mr dragon!! I’m so sorry please god don’t die on me!”


“….What the f**k are you doing?”


Erics’ eyes open up as he sees chaos dragon coming out of the bathroom. The crowd cheers as soon as they see him. Erics is initially confused about why chaos dragon is alive and well, and why there’s another one hanging. Never the less. Erics drops the legs and goes for a hug.


DE-“You’re alive! Oh thank goodness!”


CD-“Get the f**k off me retard.”


DE-“But there’s not two of you, what’s that?”


CD-“That’s my own piñata, dumbass.”


Erics breathes a sigh of relief despite the dumbass comment.


DE-“But why do you have a piñata…of you?”


CD-“How many people say that don’t have a piñata of themselves?”


DE-“But why is it hanging just now?”


CD-“I’m still pissed off that I can’t find my tinkerbell, AND at the craft and their masturbator and commander Eagles. So I use it to take out any pent up anger, and gets me candy to eat to make me more chilled out.”


Donald looks at the candy, realising that it’s not dirt, but milk chocolate on the floor.


DE-“Can I have some?”


CD-“No you can not have some god damn candy!”


DE-“But what was the choking noise?”


CD-“I choked on a piece of candy…Thanks for reminding me.”


The crowd laugh as Erics finally puts the pieces together.


DE-“Well thank goodness! I got some news for you…I found your camel!”




DE-“Yeah I found Tinkerbell! Come on I’ll show you!”


Erics guides Dragon from his locker room as the pair begin sprinting. Dragon looks as excited as a school kid that’s about to be reunited with his pet camel. Donald continues to explain the where abouts and how he came to find Tinkerbell so soon after the match. They go through several steps up and down and corridors until Eric’s says Tinkerbell is just around the corner. They come around the corner and hear the camels call to it’s owner, and the pair are reunited!!!




Only for it to be revealed that the craft and Eagles have clamped the camel to a post. A reading notice is visible which is titled “to the owner of this vehicle.”


CD-“Did you know my pet camel has been clamped like it’s been speeding?”


DE-“Afraid so, but I’m sure you can let it out.”


CD-“Oh those little queers have made it personal. NOBODY steals my stuff! Now let’s see what this damn notice says.”


“To the owner of this camel. It has come to our attention that you have been illegally parking your camel without the proper permits or permission to do so. As a result we have clamped your camel until you pay us a fine in related to standard authorities. While you are reading this we have taken out any back you have and will begin the process of what we call “fair justice” in regards to your recent actions. This transaction will be served as a warning for any future misconduct.


Love always, Christopher Ryan Eagles and the craft”


CD-“Oh son of a bitch…”


Dragon looks around and sees the craft and Eagles have formed a formation, surrounding the chaotic one. Donald Erics is seen on the ground, holding his arm and gritting in pain from the beating he has received. The group begin to get closer as Dragon realises he is outnumbered and is set to be attacked upon. Eagles begins laughing as it looks like he has finally got dragon quiet after all the previous pranks that he has done to him.


CRE-“Now who’s Mr funny man now.”


CD-“If you really wanted to do a gang rape at least do it in a place where you don’t get caught on CCTV.”


CRE-“Shut the hell up! You’re in no place to talk. I am the cancer of this place…and I demand-“


CD-“Main event? Pfft even that retard kicked your ass. J.O.B squads a better name for you lot.”


The group pounce on Dragon after another cheeky reply back. They ram him against the wall and even onto the pet camel Tinkerbell. As dragon goes to the ground, the tag team stomp more on his ribs while Eagles looks on. He pushes for the craft to beat him down more to the point that the chaotic one can not talk. Once chaos dragon begins coughing, the cancer of TWO stars asks his team to halt. Eagles walks over towards the injured dragon with a poster that he got Eric’s to put up. He crumbles the poster and shoves it down Chaos Dragons mouth.


CRE-“Now listen here you ignoramus. I am giving you this one chance to walk away. Because if you want to go at it me it will be your end before you know it. We do NOT take kindly to being ridiculed; we do NOT take kindly to being underestimated. And more importantly, we do not like it when people don’t give us the rewards we’ve earned. Winter will soon see that….I should be in the main event but I’m stuck where I am with d**kheads like you. I will make an example out of you if you decide to play my game little man, but Winter and everyone else in TWO stars will soon realise why they should be rewarding the craft, and not imbeciles like you…”


Eagles hands over a cloth on top of dragon’s face, who takes his time to notice and take off his face.


CRE-“Now clean yourself up.”


The craft and the cancer walk away as Erics and Dragon try to regain their composure and get back up. But Eagles halts his walk, realising that he still has the keys to unclamp the camel. He begins to laugh as he picks up the keys and throws them deep in the bin so they can’t find the keys. He wipes away the dirt on his hands and begins walking again with the craft.

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Prepare yourselves


The viewers screen becomes static during the show after a few seconds the screen shows a Dark and Dank stone walled room it would appear that its a live feed on a poor quality Camera which is not helped by the lack of light, The room appears to be a cell we see the silhouette of a large man sitting on a bed. The man slowly get's to his feet and walks toward the ajar cell door and closes it.


???: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am slightly apologetic to disrupt your entertainment


The voice is that of a some what upper class gent, The silhouette becomes clearer as he gets closer to the camera his face not on screen but his hulking muscular frame clear for all to see.


???: I fear that the place that you have chosen to make your entertainment has acquired my curiosity and unfortunately, for your the people wrestling here, I am not a man of entertainment, I am a man of business and When I arrive In TWO Stars my business will become very clear.


The man reaches up to a hook where there is a mask hanging the man places the camera onto a desk facing him he turns away from the camera and pulls on the mask


???: So to conclude my business and allow you all to continue with your day I will now make my necessary address to the men making there livings here, If you all will allow me this indulgence


The man Turns to face the camera with showing a navy blue mask with eyes covered with a red see through material and the mouth covered completely


???: The three things you all should learn. My name Is Lord Bison. Each of you may acquire my services...... for the correct price.... and now I have been hired by my benefactor at TWO Star's I will make It my home then..... I will break you


The man lifts the camera and switches it off and normal programming resumes

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War is declared


The camera cuts to Bryan Dammage in the back, who is in the final stages of his warm up before the big main event match for the number one contendership. He hears the fans chanting his name “Dammage! Dammage! Dammage!” which brings a smirk on his face. A member of the staff room comes to Bryan’s attention, who acknowledges him as soon as he says his first name.


“Sorry to bother you Dammage.”


BD-“Don’t worry about it, what’s up?”


“Well…you know your locker room?”


BD-“Yeah? Has something happened?”


“It’s wide open, someone’s been in it.”


Dammage halts all of his training before he realises who may be the person behind it.




Dammage tells the staff member to hurry up as they go through all the corridors and through curious staff members watching on. Bryan Dammage raises his voice even more as he tries to get more information about what has going on.


Bryan Dammage gets to his locker room to see that the door has been ripped off from the joints and down on the ground. He walks in but sees that everything has been ripped up or broken. His clothes, I-pod, even the bench he was sitting on has been shattered in half. Dammage puts his hands on his head as he breathes heavily, trying not to lose control so soon before his big match.


Dammage suddenly sees something that’s in the corner of his eye, he looks down and sees something that’s on the ground that doesn’t quite add up. He looks down and realises that one piece of material is in the centre of a man made circle which is surrounded by all other items damaged in the locker room. He goes down to further look to realise what it is…..A piece of Lucian Jones’ shirt.




Dammage continues to shout for the legend as he looks around the locker room for anything else of Lucians, or the man himself. He walks into the shower to see if he sees anything, he quickly flicks the light on and notices something smeared across the shower room wall




There’s still no sign of Lucian as he storms outside, immediately asking staff and roster members if they have seen Lucian nearby…or the conniving duel of Gray and Fox. He looks around frantically knowing his friend is in serious danger….but there’s not a single speck of the sultan of swagga anywhere at all. One member from production comes in and tells Dammage it’s time for him to pop up for the main event of the show, and Dammages face immediately turns to anguish. Does he stick around and sacrifice his place…or does he leave Lucian not knowing if he’s nearby or not. He tosses and turns, but the man coming off the hell in a cell win knows that he has virtually nothing to run on, and decides to leave to head to the stage to appear for the main event of XTV.


BD-“I’m sorry buddy, but I will find you and get these f****rs brought to justice.”


As soon as he walks away…




The feed gets hacked and the signal now is transferred from the official professional tv cameras, to one from the handheld camera that is black and white. Multiple people can be heard talking in the background as someone swings the hand held camera, revealing they are in the car park. The male begins to laugh loudly as he makes the camera static, focusing on a white van that has just reversed up. However someone inside opens the vans back door to reveal several people, men and even woman , in red balaclavas wearing army camoflauged trousers and jackets with black t-shirts and even army caps come out. They signal something to come towards them.


(in deep covered voice)“…It’s not who we are that’s important, but what we do that’ll create our legacy…”


The camera then slightly moves to the left to reveal four guys taking the injured Lucian Jones! Jones is so tired he can’t move and has been beaten down all night. The shove the TWO Stars legend in the back of the van as they rest join him in getting ready to leave. The van ignition is turned on once everyone’s inside has scattered and hidden from view. The man holding the camera laughs as he drops the camera and turns it off, immediately transferring the feed back to the production truck.




Once the production feed returns, it goes straight to general manager Arron Winter and his staff & security entourage storming down to the car park. They go down to the parking area, but there’s no sign of anyone.




Nothing can be heard apart from the noise coming from staff and security. Winter begins breathing heavily as he still doesn’t get any closer to finding the roster member.


AW-“Okay, no one leaves this building from now on until checks are done. I want people checking the camera feeds, I want people searching this car park, I want people searching everywhere!


“Yes boss”


The crew begin taking their orders by starting a thorough search for the Pimp of TWO stars. Winter can’t believe what is going on. He takes a sip of water and turns around…to see Paul Gray.


BOO!!!! BOO!! BOO!!!


AW-“You son of a –“


PG-“Now now, this is a rated PG show isn’t it?”


AW-“What have you and Fox done with Lucian!”


PG-“Us? What have we done? Fox protected me from an un-needed attack. Fox and I have done nothing else to him since. And if you don’t like, search the CCTV cameras and the roster. They’ll tell you we’ve done nothing.”


AW-“Maybe I will! I know your involved and I will find out! But what are you trying to prove here? You lost. You should be gone, you have nothing left in the tank to do it. Sure the board are considering but face it….You lost.”


Gray smiles before wiping his nose briefly.


PG-“No Mr Winter…I won. You see I for the last few months have analysed what goes on here. I’ve researched and looked into how you do business, and you don’t do it well. But then it dawned on me…You have never had to deal with another entity challenging you until me and my client arrived. Your true colours shined bright and you tucked your tail between your legs! I warned you Winter about this, and I gave you chance after chance to redeem yourself to avoid this…but you didn’t. You selfish bastard!”


The crowd goes Oh as Gray antagonises Winter even more.


PG-“I have nurtured the seeds and they are starting to grow. And regardless of legal proceedings, board of directors and pieces of legal documents that you and the rest of the company throw, it’s now become inevitable. The light has been turned green….and war has been declared. You can’t avoid, you can’t negotiate with it and you are sure as the hell the main factor in it. Your blood is wanted and your blood will be shed.”


AW-“This little chat of yours isn’t working. Your mind games have failed you before, and will do again. Do you seriously think that you and Fox can get away with this little charade? I will do whatever I see fit to make you and Fox’s life a living hell!”


Gray laughs as he walks closer.


PG-“And I encourage you to do so….But think of it Winter. I have a legitimate alibi…Fox has a legitimate alibi….who do you think did it? War has been declared and the first chapter will be written….and we’re not alone. Have a good look for your fallen comrade.”


Gray laughs as he walks away. Winter gets so angry about Gray’s smugness he punches a concrete wall nearby. As he grits his teeth and wipes away the blood from his right hand, he sees marks on the floor. He looks around the markings to see that this is where the camera feed came from. Winter found the hiding spot, but he can’t see anything else that leads further into finding Lucian, and to who was behind it and helping Gray & Fox. He shakes his head. He looks up and see’s more writing on the concrete, which reads out




Winter when reading that soon accepts that war is on the front in TWO stars, sooner than he thinks.

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Proposition HD


the Personification of Perfection is standing studiously over looking some paperwork as his phone begins vibrating on the table.


HD: Hello? Wait a sec buddy I can't hear you, I'm gonna put you on speaker


HD taps his phone as he flips the pages on his paperwork,


???: Hello there Hayden, It's me again, I have tried to get In touch a few times but I haven't gotten through, would I be Okay to come over to your room? I have a proposition for you.


HD: What?! This a wind up?


???: Huh? OH, OH! No its me Paul Gray, I'm just wanting to talk over a proposal that will benefit us both greatly


HD: As long as Its clear that I aren't interested in you 'that' way you can yes.


PG: Okay well I'm not too far away now so i'll see you in a few seconds


HD Right


HD ends the call and places his paperwork into a drawer, he hears Paul knock on the door and beckons him in


HD: Come In


PG: Thanks for taking the time


Gray enters but is shortly followed by the innovator of suffering Dan Fox


DF: Paul, ive been trying to find you, what the hell are you doing with this prat?


Fox tenses up when he see's Dyas sitting at the other end of the room


HD: Maybe he wants to be in the presence of a successful athlete for a change? Just a thought Fox. Or maybe he just wanted 5 minutes away from you are your unhealthy obbssession with he elderly? Help us out Paul because im just throwing ideas round here!


DF: Careful Dyas, I arent quite as forgiving as little Frankie, I'll take one of your limbs home with me if i get you in the ring.


Dyas stands and slowly moves toward the unmoving Dan Fox


HD: That a fact, where do you keep Brain Dammaged's limbs then? Oh I just remembered his limbs are more than likely in the same place as your contract ON him.


PG: Now, now guys I have a lan that will make all our lives much easier, just hear me out Hayden, im sure you'll approve


HD: What and have the innovator of stuttering riding my coattails? no thanks, you and that dogs knob can sling your hook, Im happy enough as I am


PG: You're making a huge mistake Hayden....


DF: come on Paul, this idiot would be no help any way he's too busy looking in the mirror to be of any use, by the way thanks for keeping the belt warm for me, ill be sure to pick it up soon


Fox and Dyas stare at each other before Gray ushers Fox out,


PG: youhave my number Hayden.....


Dyas slams the door after them and looks to be lost in thought as he sits back down.


We cut to

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The message is clear


We cut to The locker room where Frankie Thomson is shooting the breeze with fellow Superstars Tony Young and Disco D


TY: yeah mon, I know exaaactly wotchya thinking and I appreciate it, dat boy was crazy thank you for having ma back


FT: Hey don't mention Tony, we're friends, I'm sure you'd do the same for me


Tony nods and puts out a hand for Frankie to shake, whilst doing this they both look to the left to see Disco D with over sized headphones in dancing away in the corner, they share a laugh as a phone can be heard ringing


FT: That would be me guys, I gotta take this..


Frankie makes his way over to the otherside of the locker room and answers the call


FT: Hey Mum, woah wait, calm down calm down, whats wrong?..........What? When?....You're joking, Is Dad there now?......Yeah I'll bet, Right I'll call you back


TY: Everything OK Frankie?


FT: It's Dyas, he crossed the line this time, I have to go take care of this!


TY: You need a hand mon?


FT: I can take care of Dyas on my own. Thanks Tony.


The two share a nod as frankie begins a run down the crridor with the camera man in hot pursuit


FT: DYAS!!.....DYAS!!......Where are you, you son of a bitch?!


Frankie reaches a door that reads World Champion: Hayden Dyas, he attempts to open the door but it appears to be locked


FT: Open the door Dyas! Dyas, open the damn door!!


Frankie takes a couple of steps back and kicks open the door, breaking the lock easily, he slowly assesses the area seeing if HD is lying in wait as he enters but it seems the room is empty


FT: Dyas?


A loud beep is heard and Dyas' voice can be heard from a phone resting on the desk addressing the former number one contender who lifts the phone up near his mouth


HD: Well hello there Frankie, I'm glad you decided to nip round and see me, now I'm guessing you're here to thank me for the gift I sent your old man? Yeah, I thought he'd want to remember his 3 seconds of fame and now he does, framed no less Ha ha ha!


FT/B]: I'm sure you think you're really funny Dyas, my Dad had to spend two nights in the hostpital because of your stunt! You'll pay for that!


HD: Woah, woah woah, Francis my boy, I didn't do anything to the old devil! You're the one who rammed your knobblies into his mush, he's got his head sewn up due to you being a reckless loser. NOT because of me.


FT: This little stunt you may fine funny Dyas but I'll be the only one laughing when I get my shot at you, you're goingto pay


HD: Your mouth keeps writing cheques that your ass can't cash francis, theres two reasons you won't beat me Frankie, one, you aren't smart enough and two you aren't tough enough, but I'm sure I'll be beating you again sometime but until then keep that photo of your dad clean for me!


The phone cuts off as Frankie stands seething with anger at the sheer arrogance of Dyas




Frankie throws the phone into the wall and smashes it

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You better be ready champ.




Wild and Young by American bang hits, signalling the imminent arrival of Frankie Thompson and resulting in a huge ovation from the Texas crowd.




Frankie appears on stage, dressed in his ring gear and looking far from pleased, thought he still has time to high five his fans in the front row who so loyally chant his name.


JR: It looks as if we're about to hear from Frankie Thompson Paul, the man who was involved in the main event at the last pay-per-view Dead End, and he doesn't look to be in the best of moods.


PH: I think what you meant to say JR, was the man who lost at the last pay-per-view, because that's what happened. And no wonder he's in a bad mood, he was found out for what he was, a loser!


JR: Paul, you know as well as I do that Hayden Dyas' victory was riddled with controversy.


PH: Be that as it may, there's only one TWOSTARS's World Heavyweight Title, and put it this way, I don't see young Mr Thompson carrying it.


Frankie is no standing focussed in the ring, and is handed a microphone. The crowd quietens, eager to hear what their man has to say. Despite the obvious anger within him, the Leith man does well to keep his voice steady.


FT: I thought it would be for the best, to come out here and address what happened at Dead End personally. And what it means for me going forward.


The first and foremost thing that I feel I need to say, is thank you. I've had endless texts, calls and messages since the Pay-Per-View asking how my father is doing, and wishing our family all the best. Not only that, but the support at the Dead End from the live crowd was simply incredible, so for all of that thank you.


I'm sure all of you saw what happened at the pay-per-view, so I won't go into to much detail, but as you can see, I'm not holding the World Heavyweight Title. Instead of celebrating with all of you guys, and all of my friends, and having a great big party like only Frankie Thompson can, I've spent every day since that night in the hospital with my father, who was put there as a direct result of Hayden Dyas's actions. Now my father is as tough as they come, and it'll take more than a concussion and a few stitches to keep him down for long, but that is not the point!


As Frankie utters the last few words of his speech, his voice begins to raise as he struggles to keep his temper under control. He takes a deep breath, controls himself and continues.


FT: I walked into Dead End, determined to get the job done yeah, but more than fully aware of the potential repercussions that I may have to face. I knew fine well the risks were high and injuries could occur, but the chance at the World Title meant them risks worth taking. Never for a second did I think that my father would be involved. That is not why I became a professional wrestler. I can take defeat, I can take getting beat up and I can take the aches, the pain and the bruises that comes with being in such high stakes matches. But I will not stand by and allow my family to be hurt as a result of my career. Hayden Dyas's, congratulations, you've made this personal, it might just be the biggest mistake of your life.


Another deep breath for the Edinburgh Enigma, still fighting to keep his emotions in check.


FT: To cap it all off, the result of the match was a sham, because I didn't even bleed! Dyas's managed to keep hold of that title in the only way the little rat could, and now I'm in a number one contenders match tonight against Gilmore and Dammage. Well that's just fine with me, the way I see it, it's just one more match to win and I get Hayden Dyas all to myself. Gilmore, Dammage, you two are two of the best guys in that locker room, and I have an awful lot of respect for both you, but I will win tonight. It just has to be to that way, failure is not an option I'm afraid.


And then it's on to you Dyas.


Frankie looks straight into the camera and smiles, almost manically in a way that has never really been seen from him before.


FT: It's on to you Dyas. I'm coming for you. And I tell you what, you better be ready when I do.


Frankie drops the mic as the crowd give his passionate speech a roaring cheer, and he rolls out of the ring and under the bottom rope, making his way back up the ramp.

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We watch Mr. Awesome KJ Woods makes his way into an office, where we see Alfonso, the large man associated with the anonymous GM, sits behind a dimly lit desk.


KW: Why was I called here?


No sound comes from the large man, but opens a barely visible laptop sitting on the desk. The screen is with gray static for seconds then the black silhouette figure known as The Anonymous GM appears on the screen.


AGM: How has it been?


KW: How has it been? Really gonna ask me that. I have had 3 matches, all losses; only one was a clean loss. So you tell me how its been!


(KJ remembers something else he wants to say and speaks)


KJ: And these two gms keep screwing me over. One want give me what I deserve and the other promised me something but I still haven't got it yet.


Silence falls over the room as KJ stares at the computer with a dangerous mixture of anger and determination.


AGM: And what are you gonna do bout it?


KW: Well......


KJ stops talking then a evil devilish smile spreads across his face.


KJ: This computer can disappear.


KJ leaps toward computer and starts slamming the computer on the desk like he's trying to hammer in a nail. The monitor falls off leaving KJ with just the keyboard in hand; he drops it to the floor then preceeds to stomp on it. He admires his work but jumps back remembering the giant man behind the desk. Though the giant man didn't move a muscle, still sitting motionless and emotionless.


KJ: I just destroyed your butt buddy and your not going to do anything bout that?


KJ gets no response but the intercom in the in room turns on. (The voice of the anonymous GM is heard through it).


AGM: I will ignore that comment, but he didn't attack because this was a como se dicé test.


KJ: A what?


AGM: A test. When you first arrived you came with spark and confidence; but, in these recent weeks you have been urinated on, sucker punched, and spitted on and have taken it and moved on. That's not the man that I made a deal with, now that your fire is back we can talk business again.


Alfonso gets up from his spot at the desk and makes his way menacingly towards the cameraman. The camera backs from the seen but Alfonso got a hold of the cameraand snatches it from the man. (Screen goes black)


Cut to

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Never Gonna' Stop hits the PA System as the crowd erupts again. He continues to ring, dressed to compete. The man is clearly not in a good mood with what has happened already tonight. He takes a run and slides into the ring. He gets up quickly, takes a microphone that is conveniently placed on the canvas for him and calls for his music to stop. He storms around the ring. The crowd reacts with a chant of their own...






The Unstoppable One stops in the centre of the ring as he pulls the microphone to his mouth.



Dammage: I appreciate that more than you'll ever know, but right now it's all about business. We'll have fun some other time, when the cameras stop rolling, but right now, right before I win the Number One Contendership in the Triple Threat, I have some incredibly serious business to take care of. See earlier tonight my friend Lucian L Jones was kidnapped and held hostage. Beaten and bruised he was thrown out of a van not 10 minutes ago. Now Lucians gonna be alright, he's being seen to by some of San Antonio's finest Doctors. But the one thing it has done, is light a fire inside of me and Lucian. We want to get to the bottom of who started this. We're gonna find those people and bring them to their knees, and then kick their teeth down their GOD-DAMNED THROATS...


So of course, our prime suspect, and the man I'm calling out now... no managers, no cronies or hired goons... hired goons? The man who has no contract, my sworn enemy... Dan Fox.



Dammage walks over to the side of the ring and speaks to the man with the headset. Fox appears on the stage to a deafening chorus of boos from the audience as he looks around at the stage area to see why his video and music aren't playing.



Dammage: Forget the music, you don't work here anymore, I have your contract. I told them not to let you have your grand entrance. Make your way to the damned ring, fast, before I make sure you can't even get a job at KFC cooking delicious chicken.



Fox continues toward the ring, he takes a microphone from the steel ring steps before he climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes.



Fox: Dammage look...


Dammage: Don't you damn well dare, don;t you dare. Admit you took Jones and we can get this over and dealt with quickly. I can cause you facial trauma with my fists and get this over and done with.


Fox: Are you really that stupid Bryan? Really? I mean, you saw the same as everyone else. Those people that took Jones, they don't want you to know who they are yet. You think having control of my contract means you can hold me to some kind of ransom, to blackmail me into admitting I orchestrated such a heinous plot? get real Dammage. How could I of commited such an act, holed up in your private bathroom cleaning your damned dirty toilet like some kind of scum?


This is the way you want to use my contract... to make me your bitch? I'd rather be on the streets than work for a nobody like you. Tear my contract up... do it... set me free damnit and I'll show you exactly what I think of you... DO IT... DOOO ITTTT!



Dan Fox throws his microphone at the chest of Bryan, it hits with the static crackle we're so used to before it drops to the mat. Dammage looks then moves his microphone back to his mouth.



Dammage: Making you my bitch or unemployed was never my intention you dumb son of a bitch. Up until tonight, my main problem with you was what a lawyered, loophole loving contact riding piece of shit you were. Trust me, Daniel... when... WHEN, I find out you;re behind this attack tonight... the problems between me and you, they step up a level, and I'll make you regret the very day you were born... but that's circumstancial until the evidence is presented.


See what I have planned for you, is giving you a contract back... no... no... not YOUR doctored beefed up contract. A standard TWOStars contract. No loopholes, no contractual obligations, just a standard contract. Back on the TWOStars roster, to do whatever you want... of course... there is one small stipulation to this. A match. Not winner gets the contract, but if you agree to this match, I'll give you a standard contract to continue here.





What's your answer FOX?



Dan picks up the microphone.



Fox: It's on.



Fox then swings to try to nail Dammage in the head with the microphone, but the Unstoppable One sees it and ducks underneath where the blow would of impacted. Fox quickly swings back round but is caught by Bryan... he hooks the arm, and delivers a powerful Can't Stop to Dan Fox, who quickly rolls out of the ring and to the floor as the Rob Zombie hits and the crowd erupt. Dammage celebrates in the ring as JR reminds us our Main Event is up next as Dammage will be in it.

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Eagles wins the right to enter Rumble last.


Eagles drops to his knees in shock that he has won the right to be the last man in the Rumble.


JR: Bah Gawd he did it. This could be the first step to finally being crown World Champion.


PH: I’m so happy for him.


KJ Wood rolls out of the ring as Dan Fox just shakes his head on the outside.


Re-Evolution stable-mates, Marc and Drew Wilkinson join him in the ring, once there, the big men lift him into the air on their shoulders as the crowd jeer and boo.


PH: Six long years it’s taken him to get a chance like this.


JR: Even thought Chris Eagles will be one of, if not the favorite to win, the last man in, doesn’t always win the match.


PH: Don’t put a down on his moment JR.


Having got off the shoulders, the Cancer of TWOstars climbs to the middle rope and moves both hands around his waist to show the world, that he is planning on winning the rumble and beating who ever is the Champion at Wrestlenova.


The camera fades with Eagles continuing to annoy the crowd and claim the title is his.

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While the match is still ongoing, the Cancer of TWOstars sees that Eric Donald is on the stage, once more putting posters up at the request of Chaos Dragon.


PH: Eric Donald is in trouble.


JR: Chaos Dragon is going to get that poor young man killed.


The newcomer stops and notices that he has a very pissed off looking Eagles making a beeline towards him and thinks the time is right to leave the area.


The former Television Champion bursts through the curtains and straight into Todd Grisham.


TG: Mr Eagles, a quick word.




The Cancer gets within inches of the interviewers face.


TG: I… I… I…


***Ding, Ding, Ding***


In the background the sound of the bell can be heard, by this time, no announcement or music can be heard as he’s walking around looking for Dragon and/or Donald.


TG: Mr Eagles, you’ve just missed out of the chance to be the last man in the rumble.


Eagles stops and grabs a hold of Grisham.


CRE: Get out of my way, or you’ll find out first hand what I’m about to do when I find the two stupid bastards.


Christopher Ryan Eagles shoves him out the way as he spots Eric Donald, yet again putting posters up.


CRE: Oi! You little f*cker come here.


Eagles gets within feet of him when suddenly a door opens and yellow liquid flies through the air, hitting the Cancer of TWOstars in the face. The shock causes him to fall to the ground. He stops moving for a couple of seconds, which is the time it must take him to guess what’s hit him and he begins to spit and choke.


CD: Now that takes the piss.


Dragon and Donald walk off as Chaos tells the newcomer he’s done well tonight.

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