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Looking for XPW, ECW, etc. Willing to trade or buy, Here is my tradelist

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Looking for: UNCUT, UNCENSORED - XPW, the Original ECW (with music etc in tact!), 3PW's "the Right to Remain Violent", pre-2007 TNA, any product with Homicide or Sabu or New Jack in it. Anything hardcore but NOT backyard stuff. Mid-Late 80's WWF TV. Any/ALL footage of the Gangstas in SMW. Any classic Hardcore vintage stuff from the 80s like UWF/NWA/AWA etc. Would love to see some vintage 80s Kevin Sullivan featuring the cult angles. just thought of it, used to love watching it on the Spanish channel in the 90s - Mexico's AAA (from the 90s) footage - shows, TV. Shoot interviews also would be interesting.Lastly, ROH I don't have especially the HD Net sets and Any kool indie's I don't have. Willing to pay money for my top wants. email - rookieaholic2nd@gmail.com


Website: http://ecwtapetrader.angelfire.com/

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