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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - January 18, 2013 from San Antonio, TX (#700)


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United States: Friday Night, January 18, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, January 18, at 10PM on SkySportsHD3



AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX


Confirmed Matches/Events


SmackDown's 700th Episode


Build to the Royal Rumble

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown - 700th Episode

Airing This Week


The show opened with a fiesta to celebrate Alberto Del Rio's World title win. This leads to Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Big Show coming out and yes, setting up another tag match.


WWE U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston.


WWE Tag Team champions Daniel Bryan & Kane & Randy Orton defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett & Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes. Orton got to Hug it out, which was funny.


The Miz defeated Primo with a figure four, so now the idea is Flair passed on his finisher to that shooter The Miz.


WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn defeated Aksana in her first title defense.


World champ Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show!

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Its official: I am falling back in love with my show.


Not that this was exceptionally great or anything, but I enjoyed sitting through it a lot, which is all I ever want and I have been missing that feeling lately. The Kofi/Cesaro finish was AWESOME. The 6-man was good and the HUG IT OUT was AWESOME. I feel like Orton will be a heel by Mania. Miz and Primo had a surprisingly good TV match three years after their first surprisingly good TV match. Kaitlyn and Aksana had a stone cold MIRACLE MATCH here when I was expecting a disaster of epic proportions. And Kaitlyn is keeping the spear, thank you Double Double E. Dean Ambrose talking.


The main event was great, all Dolph getting GERMAN'D ON HIS HEAD, Show and Sheamus brawling like mofos and Alberto showing so much fire. Finish was moronic on every level, but we cant have everything.


But the main takeaway from this entire show was LAYLA STARING AT THE DIVAS TITLE. YES! YES. YES. YES. KICK DAT BIATCH UPSIDE THE HEAD LAYLA! Suddenly my life has regained its purpose a little.

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Just as I predicted a great show, ADR fiesta was great fun:)


Cesaro/Kofi was good back and forth action. I was so right about Kofi's decline after losing the IC title he has no where to go now, I fear for him in 2013


Loved the 6 man as well, all the competitors worked so smoothly together it was great to watch. I predict a great year for all 6 of the men involved in this match, they make up some of the best talent in WWE.


Also loving the slow burning Orton heel turn, you can just see him growing tired of the faces offering him help and the hug outs after matches. Incan envisage him going heel crazy in the bear future.


Good main event with Show once again exhibiting his new found enthusiasm for wrestling, Dolph once again seems to be getting lost in the shuffle of actual main eventers. I see Dolphin becoming the man that the MITB forgot.


Another great SD episode, bears Raw hands down

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Kofi isnt Kofi's fault. He looked so good winning the IC Title and they did not lift a single finger for him since that moment. The way they treat him is f*cking infuriating.


They should have pulled the trigger in 08/09, could have been earlier maybe 07. During the feud with Orton there was the win at Survivor Series and then he lost in December on PPV. WWE had their chance and never took it

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The hug it out was the moment of the night. Orton is gonna go heel soon and he is gonna elevate his game again.


I don't see how this show is much better than raw. It had just as many bad moments as any raw. Khali/Tensai was ridiculous, Primo/Miz only highlight was Rosa mendez. I agree there are more matches but to me the quality of show top to bottom is just as good or bad depending on how you see things as any raw ever is.

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