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Drastic changes of opinion?

Jimmy Redman

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This was discussed in the RVD/Lynn thread but I feel like it is worth exploring.


What are examples of you having a drastic change of heart regarding a match/series/wrestler? As Belty said, not just that you like it less as time passes, but going from thinking something was genuinely great to thinking it was genuinely bad, or at least no longer even good.


I think most people would have to have something like that, our tastes are always changing, and we dont always love the same things we loved as a kid, or loved five, ten years ago.


As I already said an obvious one for me is Angle vs Shawn. I was marking out bro over it live and possibly called it the MOTN, but I havent been able to rewatch it since without thinking how sh*tty it is.


Anyway, what are yours?

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My biggest one is CM Punk.


Now, I still believe two things: he's not that good a wrestler, certainly not as good as he and everyone else thinks, and he's hard to like in some respects because some traits of his real personality seem to be quite c***ish.


However, he's a strong promo, has merch tshirts that I would not be ashamed to wear were they not promoting the idea that I'm a fan of him, has a similar ego to myself when it comes to work, shares the same ideology of drink and diet, is very loyal to his family which is a big thing for me, and we both share similar inspirations and kinships (Mike Patton, Henry Rollins, Axl Rose). So in many respects, it has become a lot harder not to begrudgingly think he's actually alright.

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I'd have said Velvet Sky was dragging the depths but there you go.


To get back on topic my biggest change of opinion has been Kane. There was a period after the mid 200s's where I thought Kane was done. They'd removed the mask, he'd had a couple of notable feuds, rehashed another feud with Taker and it seemed like every aspect had been played out. there were several threads on here about Kane and another title run and I was very much in the camp of "well, maybe a pity run before hanging up his boots".


Now I love the guy again and can see him working even longer than I thought.

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