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El Generico Signs For TN.... Wait, El Generico Signs For WWE?!


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El Generico, one of the best workers in the business, has signed with WWE. Generico has pulled himself from all indie bookings which made people first think he was going to be doing the TNA tapings on Saturday where a number of X Division performers are being brought in.




I've not seen as much El Generico as I should have but I know he's good, I fully expect him to be unmasked immediately but oh well.


EDIT: I just saw this in the Random News thread but this is LONE THREAD WORTHY surely?

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Has who ever El Generico is ever done anything other than El Generico? If not, there's a chance they might just repackage him as El Generico by Any Other Name, sort of like they did with Danielson and Cabana and Mistico, so, whist El Generico is clearly dead, the El Generico character might still be around, at least in a mutated, less indie, less potentially racist way.
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