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TNA last night

Dead Crow

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Well, D'lo Brown finally joined up and will get a World Title shot in due time. As D'lo came in as face (got a huge "D'lo" chant), and the champion is face, think D'lo will turn? Or maybe Jarrett will lose to a heel? Who knows. But all we know now is that D'lo is in, he's sick of the WWE politics and is ready to make his mark in TNA.


Also, the debut of *groan* Hacksaw Jim Duggan, took place as he beat Mike Sanders (why?). A wise move? Me thinks not.


Lollipop went topless for some reason. Obviously a Russo thing. He obviously had the idea that as he has no standards and practises, that he can go out and use the time that could be spent on a top notch feud to bring us toplessness that we can see on Private Blue or Red Hot for only £5 for 6 hours.


Halloween and Damien (take notice XPW fans) debuted against Jerry Lynn and David Young. Konnan's team again lost to Lynn.


And finally, in the top news for most guys here, Jonny Storm made his TNA PPV debut, getting pinned by reigning X-Division champion Kid Kash in a match also including American Red in a spot fest match.




So looking at the evidence, what do you think? D'lo's debut seems to have been handled well, but why Duggan? Why a naked dancer? I'm totally torn on this one.

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Cant really judge til I see it next week but it looks a fairly average show.


TNA need to get the X belt off Kash because he's probably the least talented in the division (except Jorge Estrada :sick ) His matches have zero heat (even last week's bout against Red) and he only has one move, the hurricanrana, which gets VERY old VERY fast. He was also half of the worst x-division match I've ever seen. Just him and Cross standing around waiting to pull off their spots...For 15 minutes...In silence.


They've also got to stop bringing in these names from the past. A fortnight ago it was Eric Watts (who noone recognised) last week it was Kevin Sullivan, who served no purpose in the Sandman/Raven match, they need a set roster.


They seem to be over booking everything too, I just watched last weeks show and apparently Russo's quit wrestling (I smell a swerve), Jarrets feuding with Flair, Watts and Lawler (not the legends but their useless offspring) and S.E.X *sigh* are falling apart. It's very confusing.


On the other hand Raven's promos are excellent, they're all worthy of being quoted in forum signatures. I'm liking Lynn and the Luchas (< that would be a great band name) though - Konnan is cool - and I'm looking forward to seeing D'lo being his old self.

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I've always thought D-Lo works best as a face, so it's good to see him getting over well on his first appearance.


Seeing as how we're all but guarenteed in seeing Raven Vs Styles Vs Jarrett for the title, I'd expect to see Raven pick up the gold. Seeing as how Raven and D-Lo made HeAt watchable a few months back during their feud, I expect to see them start a rivalry in NWA TNA.


Good to hear D-Lo's back on TV though.

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